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  1. This doesn't surprise me. He's one of the very best up and coming players in the league. So happy he slid to the Jets and Mac wasn't dumb enough to pass.
  2. Good post, but let me ask you.... You don't think Gase being stuck with a lack of talent and a QB that number 1) couldn't stay healthy and 2) even when he was healthy he was a terrible QB, was a big part of why he failed? Because I have to tell you, both of us have seen numerous coaches go down in flames because they simply did not have the necessary talent to win with. We all think Bowles is a terrible HC (and he is), but is their any way to quantify how Mac's drafting blunders affected Bowles ability to succeed? The way I see it Mac thought that the 2017 5-11 campaign was wildly successful. He thinks 5-11 is truly doing his job and making him deserving of pay raises and extensions. Didn't both of them get extensions after the 2017 season? So in 2018, his only concern was insuring that the team went 5-11 again. The Jets lost Demario Davis so they replaced him with a comparable linebacker. However, the defense was ranked 24th in total defense and his only attempt to make the team better was to pay an absurd amount of money for a highly overrated and character questionable corner? On offense, he attempted to pay a Neil O'Donnell clone 100 million dollars. All I can say is THANK GOD he didn't succeed in signing Cousins. Vikings probably feel the same way about Cousins right about now. I digressed but my point is Bowles and Gase were victimized by poor drafting.
  3. This I can't understand? The Johnson's are guilty of poor hires, that's for certain, but this idea that they are the beginning of everything wrong with the Jets is 100% speculation. No one truly knows how complicit the Johnson's are in the poor decisions made by the front office. It calls for people to make accusations that could turn out to be patently ridiculous. Why can't it just be their poor hires making dumb decisions?
  4. Well, it's certainly cause for concern. Although, as the walls deteriorated from the partnership of Mac and Bowles it started to be mentioned how often Mac accommodated his coaching staff via the draft? Ardarius Stewart was drafted as a favor to Jeremy Bates apparently? There were many other examples listed where Mac "bent over backwards" to support the wants/needs of the coaching staff. It also mentioned MAC, and MAC alone, was responsible for Christian Hackenberg and Darrin Lee? Not to mention if Mac knows Stewart is a disaster pick them he had every opportunity to speak up. He didn't and that's rather telling. So is it as bad as everyone is making it out to be when it comes to Mac? Or is it that now without any "bad" people persuading him to make poor choices he'll start shooting aces? It remains to be seen.
  5. I agree with this but I think it should be clarified by saying, "It'll be a good hire because Darnold is naturally gonna get better and make talented players look better than they actually are"
  6. So you must also believe Mac's drafting is going to get MUCH better than it's been?
  7. What's being missed in all of this is how often good coaches get screwed over by bad drafting. Your HC is only as good as the talent he has to work with. This is a very real cause for concern when it comes to the Jets. Look at how hamstrung Rex had to have been in the late part of Tanny's regime for example. How far can you reasonably expect your offense to go with Mark Sanchez, Stephen Hill, and Vladimir Ducasse as starters? The ONLY way this thing works out is for Mac to start justifying his job.
  8. That's far too cynical an outlook
  9. Pondering the long term ramifications of the Jets new coaching staff, how do you think this ultimately works out? Is this just another Herm Edwards or Todd Bowles move that ultimately ends in failure or this finally the first act of an entirely different narrative? Does Mac finally start drafting well and all of us critics are forced to eat crow as the Jets win a SB? For me, I like the Adam Gase hire. I think he's a perfectly good HC that fell victim to poor drafting like so many do. For me, you cannot win without talent and the Jets haven't had any since about 2008, Adams and Darnold being exceptions to the rule.
  10. Parcels and Rex are the two best coaches the Jets have had in modern times.
  11. This is an attack on the NYJ. There's so many news media sources that never have anything good to say about the NYJ. There's NO way Barkley does not go in the top 5. If the Jets had actually taken Josh Allen they'd be looking for another QB in two years. That's why they have Allen redrafted by us.
  12. Rebuilding the left side of the line for me is job 1
  13. Cautiously optimistic is how I would put it. The Jets achieved their objective. They wanted an experienced coach with an offensive background. Gase fits that bill. There also wasn't any Bill Parcells type guys. Apparently and most importantly, Darnold and Adams approve of the hire.
  14. If the guy isn't hurt and doesn't sue him I think it's GREAT.
  15. I don't think CJ did enough interviewing for the job, but I like the hire out of the group he brought in.
  16. I doubt very seriously the plaintiff has a legal leg to stand on, but that was one of the most severely egregious missed calls that any fan base should have to suffer through. I DO think Goodell should have acted, but there's really nothing that can be done now.
  17. They have a LONG way to go before they'll ever compete with the patsies. Right now they're nothing better than doormats.
  18. Rex Ryan is an outstanding candidate for that job. That team has a ton of talent and Rex will certainly bring it out of them
  19. That's exactly my point. I was defending the ground and pound as a viable to offense, but not for us. We just need to have that ability if the need arises.
  20. Besides Brandon Shell I figure the rest of the OL could easily be changed out for more talented players. The Jets OL right now is a joke. Mac's neglect of the OL should've gotten him fired already.
  21. Agree to disagree then. However, it's common knowledge that a ground and pound offense can be so dominating that they: 1) By the time the opposing offense gets the ball back their offense if off balance, out of sync because they've been waiting on the sidelines for far too long. 2) As a huge benefit of the ground and pound it is obviously time consuming. There won't be a whole lot of time for those opposing offenses to score when they get the ball back. It is in particular an invaluable tool when it comes to games where strong winds prevent frequent passes. A strong running game is the key to winning December games. Now as I already mentioned, it doesn't make sense to run the ball 60% of the time when you have a valuable, young , talented QB. But it still a very useful approach to winning football games.
  22. Darrin Lee is a terrible player and a wasted draft choice as far as I'm concerned. But I must say the probable switch to a 4-3 will be a good thing for the little guy? If there's any talent in Darron Lee besides smoking hippie lettuce, Greg Williams will draw it out of him. As it is, Darron Lee is on his last legs in NY. He's severely disappointed since being selected and tends to be an idiot off the field to boot. My guess would have been if the Jets had stuck with the 3-4, Darron Lee would dealt/traded/cut this offseason. But given the change in defensive philosophy, the Jets may hang on to him to see if he can finally pay dividends.
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