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  1. Ground and pound is most certainly not dead. It's only dead in NY because the Jets OL is terrible. It also probably doesn't make sense given the fact that we have a budding star at QB. The form it would take for the Jets is to have an OL capable of dominating games. In other words, basically all of the working parts of a ground and pound but with a much more balanced play selection. 50% run, 50% pass straight through the season. The 2009 Jets ran something silly like 59% of the time. GONE are those days because they don't need to compensate for a terrible QB. With that said, the ground and pound is still a very viable approach to winning football games. It would be a great thing to utilize when the playoffs start in cold December games when the wind has severely limited the opportunity to pass the football. A football team capable of taking the onus off the QB is a truly great team in every sense of the word.
  2. Any turn around the Jets might make is 100% based on DRAFTING. The drafting has been so bad for so long that no HC right now could possibly have success in NY. If the Jets miraculously improve their drafting skills while keeping the same GM that's the only way this team can improve.
  3. 3 issues? What are they? I thought it was just him hitting a woman in a hotel?
  4. First of all, I don't know enough about Leveon Bell to do an honest, side by side, card stacking comparison between Bell and Hunt. What I do know is Bell's asking price is extremely high. I hear he's worth it and I know the Jets are in desperate need of offensive talent. Except at a potential going rate of 16 or 17 million per, that would decimate Mac's "war chest" he has accumulated. Kareem Hunt, on the other hand, is a very young but still ascending tremendous talent albeit with the worst reputation this side of Aaron Hernandez and Ray Rice. Mac gets to sign this kid on the cheap. Totally incentive based contract providing the kid with an opportunity to improve his reputation. The key here is ASCENDING? We don't know how good this kid can become. He may not be as good as Bell but he's a very desirable talent for a team like the Jets. A player that could, and I emphasized COULD, end up being an equal to Bell? I also look at how many needs the Jets have and I'm honestly not sure they have enough money to fulfill all of them? The key is being a smart shopper. Kareem Hunt is a smart move IMO? The thing is he's never had a problem being a teammate and he's a very talented individual. His problems are exclusively tied a sole moment IGNORANCE. I'll tell you honestly I think he's a scumbag but everyone knows some team is going to sign him. The biggest issue I see with this is him being in a very progressive women's rights march kind of place. This could be a PR nightmare for the Jets especially if he hits another woman? So honestly I look at the pluses and minuses of acquiring Kareem Hunt and I think it would be a good risk with enormous upside.
  5. The Jets had the number one defense in 2009. The number 2 defense in 2010. So all due respect, that defense was everything it was supposed for a few years.
  6. All true... Good post. EXCEPT, I believe 2017 was an excellent job by Bowles? Really his only good coaching job in NY.
  7. I'd bet the main thing he would do differently is...... WORK FOR A DIFFERENT GM Now I realize that was not in his control. He'd been hired by Woody as I recall and McCagnan came afterward, but I'd bet his biggest regret was working under McCagnan? Reason being...... He never had any TALENT to work with. Mac stripped this team down to almost nothing after 2016 and he's done a terrible job rebuilding the team. A HC is limited to what he's given to work with. Bowles never had the talent necessary to win enough games to even give the appearance that they were going to make the playoffs. I can't remember the exact article from the NY Post (I really like the New York Post. I wonder if you do also? It seems to be a decent source for real news and not that fake nonsense you get from the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC?) Anyway, that article gave some very telling stats about Mac's drafting prowess. Something like 20% of his draft choices in rounds 2-5 are actually even still playing in the NFL? You just CANNOT win that way. Now, in no way am I trying to defend Bowles or make it sound like he wasn't to blame. No halftime adjustments, consistently undisciplined play (especially when the game was on the line), no locker room discipline, etc. Todd Bowles had no one to blame besides Todd Bowles for losing his job. With that said, I still think Todd Bowles did his best coaching job in 2017? That team was virtually a barren landscape in regards to talent and Bowles still managed to win 5 games when I think most fans felt that team might win 1 or 2 games.
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