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  1. Wtf is a raiderp? Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Can only imagine how good this linebacker trio will be when Jarrad Davis gets back from injury Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. He had 297 yards passing... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Yes he played. Saw him on the field in the first half. Hopefully as the season progresses they'll work him into a starter Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Minnesota and Pittsburgh are perrenial playoff teams. It's a no brainer to want their rosters of we could have them....
  6. They need to figure out a way to work him in. He's too talented for the Jets to simply give up only 4 games into his rookie season
  7. First win of many this season IMO. I'm thinking the Jets beat Atlanta, NE, and Indy in the coming weeks
  8. NYJ1

    2 in a row?

    Like a cheap suit buddy!!:)
  9. NYJ1

    2 in a row?

    3- Get after Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan is a stiff. He looks awful trying to run the ball. Pretty much exclusively a pocket passer. Force Ryan off his spot, make him throw on the run? knock him down, sack him, etc. Jets win.
  10. NYJ1

    2 in a row?

    Objectively speaking, an argument could be made to say they go on a 4 game winning streak. Atlanta, NE, and Indy all suck. The Jets have a legit shot at beating all of them. Cincy is 3-1, but honestly does their record scare anyone? So honestly, I can see the Jets completing a 5 game tear? 5-3 at the half way point?
  11. What a stupid post. As if a rookie in his 4th game as a pro is supposed to play mistakes free football. Yeah whatever Monday morning QB....
  12. However, they're CLICKING now. They had CHEMISTRY today. It was as if a light bulb came on at 3rd & 10 in the 2nd quarter. I also don't think it's unreasonable to wonder if they can go on a winning streak. The Jets have Atlanta and NE after the bye. Those are all winnable games for the Jets.....
  13. Corey Davis was every bit the f%&$ing BEAST today. He started off rather rough, but he definitely made up for it. There's NO way we win today without Davis....
  14. Got to give a big thumbs up to the Jets DL. John Franklin-Myers was a BEAST today.....
  15. I really do think that's silly. Guys like Nasirildeen and Sherwood cannot set the edge. I'm sorry, but it's silly to think they're going to. The Jets signed Jarred Davis through FA and he's the real deal in regards to size. I just don't understand why they don't at least add Blake Cashman?
  16. No Johnny, you're not alone. I'm right there with you. I'm really thinking that things turn for the better soon....
  17. You're right unfortunately. Just like they ruined Sammy....
  18. I disagree. I'd much rather be a part of the growing pains, trials, and tribulations. If some day this team truly does build into a contender, like I think, the spoils will be that much sweeter.....
  19. Thanks Mom..... I really needed you to teach me the ways of the world
  20. I just want to see the whole team put together a valiant effort. I want to see all 3 phases of the game be on their game. No unforced errors. If they do that? I don't care if they win. For me, this team is so bad I just want to see a very mild step in the right direction. Right now, the very simplest of things would make me happy.
  21. You say it's 100% understandable, I say you're an idiot..... You CANNOT pile on the Jets offensive ineptitude on Robert Saleh. This offense is simply the conditions he inherited. He can't control the past. That's silly. So whether the fan base sees it or not, they might just have to go F*CK themselves. This is a new regime. If the Jets flounder they won't torture the Jets CS any worse than they already have. If they turn things around? It'll all be cupcakes and beautiful sunsets........
  22. I spend all my time sh*tting on my team. I actively criticize and get angry at every seemingly dumb move the Jets make. Denzel Mims is probably the latest bumbling doofus move that drew my ire. With that said, I've found that just about everything JD does is a breath of fresh air. He's made all of the right moves in regards to drafting, FA, and overall salary cap management. The results of the Jets becoming a team that has a steady stream of talent developing behind quality starters is coming. The results certainly haven't looked great thus far, but I'm happy with the direction the team is headed in. It simply hasn't been enough time for all the newbies, including the Jets CS, to realize a good enough game plan in combination with the players realizing what they're capable of. However, I'm confident in saying that wins will start coming. Anything, I've normally thought about this team normally comes true. That's always been negative things though. This is my first attempt at predicting something positive. So I don't care what everyone else thinks about my predictions but here they are..... I think the Jets will win between 6 and 8 games this season. My prediction is their record will be 7-10. Toward the end of this season, when the playoff implications are long gone, this team will go on a small winning streak. Not because the teams they play have nothing to play for, but because the Jets beat them fair and square. So count me OUT of your b*tching thread. I support JD and I believe Woody and Chris have finally made a quality hire.......
  23. Denzel must have hired Johnny Cochran. That's the guy I know that gets wrongly accused black men free....
  24. I think Corey Davis is a superior athlete. However, at this point I'm wondering just how reliable he is? The drops are really starting to pile up. If he wants to be a number 1 h he's got to start playing like one.
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