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  1. As optimistic and confident as I've been in JD, I'm beginning to be a little exasperated. I can't believe how truly bad this team has been. Shocked actually. I'm still patient right now but I think this team should be competitive by the end of the season.
  2. I can only wonder what game PFF is actually looking at? The Jets running game sucks and it's not helping Zach succeed in any way. The OL in general has been horrid.
  3. Joe Douglas has a 6 year contract of which he's barely through 2 years of it. Despite what you think, JD is not going anywhere soon..... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. I honestly didn't think it could possibly get any worse than the last two years? Remember the injury situation was so bad in 2019, we lost ALL of our starting linebackers. Late in the season Mac was signing linebackers off the street and starting then that weekend. Last season, the injury situation was so bad with WR that Braxton Berrios was the only healthy WR on the roster.
  5. Yeah OK snowflake. Go tell Mommy I insulted you.....
  6. I THOUGHT this team was pretty talented. Pretty improved? Well, I hope I turn out to be right but it APPEARS that this team is actually potentially one of the least talented in history? If that's the case? There are no answers. No solutions. Just a whole lot more green slime.....
  7. To be SACKED 85 times this season. Just saw that on YouTube. Has there ever been a QB sacked that many times in a season? It bears mentioning that JD MUST do something about the OL. If that keeps up? Our franchise QB will be mangled? Maimed? For the rest of his life and he'll never reach his potential. He'll probably be reduced to an invalid walking around in a stupor with a few marbles rolling around in his head......
  8. Objectively, I think this is a WORSE performance than opening day. The OL is as bad today as on opening day. Zach is very clearly worse than opening day. The defense has given up more points than last week. And ST is disgustingly BAD today. Is there anything we could speak well of?
  9. Berrios presents a QB friendly target, but this is about an inability on the part of the offense to create chemistry with much more talented players. As time goes on Berrios will become an afterthought.
  10. OK SAR, just to make you happy I'm going to show poor Mark some respect...... Although Mark Sanchez sucked A$$ as a QB, he's managed to stay quite relevant as a prime example of a QB that had the very best situation for anyone to develop under. He's out of the league today because he completely SUCKED as a QB. So congratulations to Sanchez for being a failure under the very BEST of circumstances....
  11. It was as much about resetting the QB clock as it was financial. Based on badly Jets management handled Sammy, they really weren't sure if they should pay him or trade him.
  12. WTF are you talking about Nostradamus? How arrogant can you be to actually have the audacity to say Sam is never winning the SB. How the hell do you know what kind of team Carolina management will put around Sammy? What a DUMB proclamation. Lol
  13. Well, then we define "soon" differently. I'm saying the Jets are going to win this week or next. Their roster has not shown what they're capable of, however their abilities won't be secret for much longer....
  14. I don't think it's going to happen today, but I'm telling you this team's first win is coming very soon. The first two games just aren't representative of the talent this team has. Don't get me started on the Denzel Mims fiasco, but other than that I think this coaching staff is quite reactive. The OL sucked opening day and the CS fixed it. I really did not think it would get fixed that quickly? Zach sucked against NE. I really think we'll see a Zach that's in much better control today..... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. Yes, we would have. During the regular season we smoke the dirty birds 27-0. Granted, the Falcons had Steve Deberg their backup QB starting in that game. Chris Chandler was injured but the Jets smoked them and it wasn't even close. Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Posting this is cruel and unusual punishment for Jets fans Mr. Shane..... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. So really what I'm gathering from Jets fans on this site is the following leading up to today: 1) Sammy sucks, has clearly regressed and MUST be traded. 2) JD MUST draft Wilson or he'll lose his job. 3) There's NO way holding on to Sammy can work with the Jets. 4) Sammy will languish as a 2nd or 3rd stringer on another team. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NONE of the above is true so far. In fact, the complete opposite has been the case. Sammy has suddenly found a fountain of youth. He's resurrected his very beleaguered career in short order. This comes as a result of playing with a talented, complimentary supporting cast. Now although it's important to note, Sammy did NOT have anything resembling a talented, complimentary supporting cast in NY. If the Jets had stuck with Sammy they certainly would have accumulated a first rate supporting cast for him this season. The Jets current team is what Sammy, more than likely, would have gotten. There's NO doubt Sammy would have been much more successful at least so far with this team. With the numbers he's produced, more than likely the Jets would be sitting at 1-1 right now. Sammy would have guided the Jets to victory in Carolina.
  18. I just can't see a good ending coming out of this. This appears to be a situation that's being handled so poorly that it makes you question the competence of the CS. All I can see is an excellent WR that's languishing in a sea of stupidity brought on by DUMB, under qualified coaches. Honestly, this is something ADAM GASE should be doing. No one in their right F$%&ing mind wastes a talent like that except for legendarily BAD coaches. I just don't understand this AT ALL....
  19. Yeah whatever Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  20. This is probably going to sound pretty dumb as I really don't have any tangible evidence to back my claim.... I believe in this roster too much to summarily dismiss them. I'm well aware this team still is sorely lacking in talent. I'm well aware this entire front office is completely unproven. I'm well aware this CS, especially the OC, has not looked very impressive thus far. I don't care. This team is going to win many more games than last season. I said they would win 7 games before the season. I still think they're right on the correct path to win 6 or 7 games. Joe Douglas has put together a nice team. A competitive one. Robert Saleh had the exact right thing to say about Zach and his performance last Sunday. He told Zach it's OK to play boring football. I think, just like Saleh, Zach knew he had underneath routes open. Zach was trying to play hero. He was trying to step right into Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, shoes in just his second game. It was a dumb rookie mistake. He wants to be a hero and what 22 year old doesn't want to be a hero? I think the CS definitely saw how horrible the OL was against Carolina. Against the patsies, that OL played way better than I think anyone thought possible. So it's important to know this CS, while young and inexperienced, sees, recognizes, and addresses problems. So while the Jets first win most likely will not happen tomorrow, it's important to know they're going about things the right way. The Jets first win is coming very soon. Specifically because they address the problems as they happen. During the Carolina game, they made adjustments during halftime and played much better in the 2nd half. This team, this front office, gives me a better feeling about their future than I've had in probably a decade. So while it's a fun thing to bitch, piss, and moan about how bad this team looks right now, be just as willing to point out the positives when they start winning, and that's coming much sooner than later.....
  21. I disagree with the idea that somehow Todd Bowles is responsible for how poorly Sammy played for us. Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, you name the HC. Show me a team that sucks at DRAFTING and retaining talent and I'll show you a HC on the hot seat. It's an overwhelming FACT. You can only win as much as the talent base allows. The Jets had an incompetent idiot in Mac. That's the guy you need to blame. His draft choices were sh*t from start to finish. He gave Bowles NOTHING to work with and therefore Bowles gave the fans NOTHING to be proud of. It's a direct cause and effect scenario....
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