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  1. Quite possibly. Remember this is a new group of young players that in this case has very little, if any chemistry amongst them. The ding dongs claiming I'm comparing two coaches are just that. I see a slightly more talented team than for the last 5 years. When this team finally gets going like they're capable of, it'll be because Salehs CS is finally getting the players to understand their responsibilities. They clearly do not right now.
  2. Mary Jane is a gorgeous stewardess I know. She likes to come and spend the night at my house whenever she's in Portland. It's been a while since she came to visit. Perhaps I should call and ask her?
  3. I also forgot to mention this is GREAT news. That injury could have been much worse....
  4. I'm happy he'll be able to come back this season. He stunk opening day and I'm sure he wants to make up for that. I figure the rest of the OL will get on the same page while he's gone. So when he comes back it'll be an easier transition for everyone involved.
  5. Most of those sacks came as a result of a rusher coming in completely unblocked. Someone had no idea what their job was. Holding would only make things worse Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Obviously, you're speaking to the wrong person. I'm not one of those HC blamers. If you have read my posts of the past you'd know I've been the first to defend Bowles and Rex. Not Gase for obvious reasons, but the other two I have defended saying if they had more talent they would have won more. I've been blaming Poor drafting for years. I've called Tanny, Idzik, and Mac everything but white men for their piss poor drafting. I'm not saying anything about Douglas specifically because I believe the Jets have finally hired a winner. I believe in JD. We'll just have to see how well he does developing this team's talent base, but I already think he's on the right path. I also think after this offseason that talent gap is NOT as wide as it's typically been. I think they have should have played better last Sunday. I knew they'd lose I just thought they would look a lot better than they did. It was kind of shocking how bad they were. JMO Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. That's certainly part of it. There is a talent gap between the Jets and just about every team in the NFL.
  8. Thank you and really that's all I'm saying...
  9. If you think this is humorous, perhaps you should resign from this thread....
  10. Fair enough, but I also don't think it's unfair to point out where our HC needs to improve. Everyone had to start somewhere and I get that. I just think it's important to know that this team is still so caught up on basic responsibility that actual strategy is out the window.
  11. Well Saul, if it isn't Saleh and the CS that is to blame for not having the Jets prepared to play on Sunday, then who is? Is it Joe Douglas? Is it Woody Johnson? Maybe it's the Easter Bunny? it is 100% the CS fault for not having them ready to play on Sunday. And I'm not being a prick about this, just saying there's a lot of room for improvement. That's fair.
  12. Well, that's your prerogative. But make no mistake, the differences right now and how quickly Saleh can close that gap are huge as time goes on. In fact, I'm not even really being critical here.....
  13. First of all, I must admit how hard it is for me to be saying this. My hope is this thread sheds light on Saleh and what he needs to be a better HC. Also, some may feel this is premature or unfair of me to say. If so, my hope is our HC can prove my criticisms untrue. Everyone saw what this young Jets team had to offer last Sunday. It wasn't much. Honestly, it looked like many of the positional groups, especially OL, had not ever worked together. It was obvious to me as I was watching that most of the OL has no idea what their responsibilities were? There were so many times where rushers came in unblocked. It appeared as though nobody had ever told them, " This is your job. These are your responsibilities". Meanwhile, the patsies have a lot of new faces on their roster and while most of them are experienced veterans, the one thing that was abundantly clear to me while I was watching the patsies lose to the Dolphins, was how much more ready they were to play than the Jets. This is what I see as the big difference Saleh and Bellichick. You can rest assured on Sunday the patsies will be ready to play, rookie and all. The Jets are a sloppy, raw, unfinished mess and who knows when they will actually get their act together? Will they EVER get their act together with this current compliment of players? Saleh and the coaching staff could put so much more focus on strategizing to beat teams if only the players had a clear, concise laid out job descriptions. Now, sure some of this definitely had to do with what little time this new group had to work together. Becton and AVT were both injured during TC and never got the opportunity to work together extensively. But even still when BB is faced with the same problem the transition is always much smoother.......
  14. It's not about rewarding a player who they claim is not playing well, it's about WINNING. It's absurd that the CS isn't smart enough to find a way to utilize Mims on more than 3 plays. They say he's not playing well. The only problem with that is he passes the eye test with flying colors. Every time Mims gets a play he looks like the same excellent prospect we've always known him to be. Good coaches place players in position to do what they do best. Robert Saleh is NOT doing that. Instead, he's trying to get a good football player to conform to other jobs, which wouldn't necessarily EVER be his normal responsibility. Mims has excellent talent on go routes. It's for the a$$hole CS to expand their horizons so they can win a game.
  15. Well, the CS isn't necessarily right this time. Mims may not know enough about the Z, F, and X options but he still offers an enormous talent with go routes. You're trying to tell me the Jets CS couldn't utilize Mims more than 3 times? They couldn't just design more go routes and install Mims as part of those plays??
  16. Crowder is a goner after this season. Mims has an opportunity to take the number 2 job....
  17. Any true Jets fan already knows the defensive Game plan NE will bring. We've already seen it so many times. BB's plan is ALWAYS to take away your top 2 weapons on offense. BB has the Carolina tape to look at and he now knows that as of this moment the Jets top two weapons are Corey Davis and the running game. So the NE plan is to stack the box and shut down the Jets running game. Furthermore, they will bracket Corey Davis with a corner high and Safety low. Essentially, that means the challenge is for Zach Wilson to utilize the Jets OTHER WR's such as Mims, Moore, Crowder, etc. and MAKE the patsies break their game plan in order to stop that passing offense. I doubt seriously that Davis will be a major contributor this weekend. So I ask you can Zach exploit the patsy defense given the limitations he will surely face and make the Jets winners? Anytime in the last 5 years besides this season I would say NO. The Jets have simply never had enough talent to even face a defensive plan like this. However, this Jets team is much more talented than we've seen in recent years. Although you didn't see it in the Carolina game, the Jets have a decent OL and some pretty good WR's past Corey Davis. IF, and this is a big if, if the Jets offense can play up to their capabilities, they can exploit the patsy defense. What do you think?
  18. Exactly. It all boils down to the OL doing their job.
  19. No. She goes crunchy all the way. I'm talking a big old ball of hair in her armpits. A big, nasty uncontrolled BUSH between her legs and ZERO use of freshening up products. Almost forgot, she's got more hair on her legs than most dudes.
  20. I'm not really upset about the loss. I just wish they would have played better. The OL was 100% unacceptable and was the root cause of us losing. The blocking sucked and honestly I don't think there's much of an excuse for it.
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