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  1. Me thinks Brown just wanna be the talk of Vegas.. records and championships are out the window if his preferred destination is the Raiders.
  2. If it is Oakland, surely it won't be the 4th pick.. Or would it?
  3. I feel like Anthony Barr really wants to sign with a west coast team. If he signed with NYJ it would bolster the LB corp for sure. After watching him in Minnesota the last 4 years, I think a change of scenery would be good for both teams. He's frustrating in pass coverage, but I don't believe he has even peaked yet. Greg Williams can coach him up and he could turn out to be elite in my opinion.
  4. I thought it was all for the camera honestly. Nobody is watching pro bowl footage, so what better way to spice things up (WWE style) than have Adam's toss the fragile mascot around. It's a big fat fail by the Pro Bowl executives if this was all for show because more people are discussing this topic than actual game coming up.
  5. Good morning everyone! I've been a lurker for a while, but decided to join the board. I am a long life Vikings fan, but also consider myself a Jets lifer (I just didn't see many Jets games after moving away), but they stayed in my heart. Haha. Since I bought the Sunday ticket years ago, I have been watching them at my leisure. So, I decided to join to be a part of the family (this board) due to the fresh start within the franchise. I am excited about the future. I look forward to great convos with all of yous. Peace and love.
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