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  1. Rsherman28

    Jets Waive Leggett

    I agree with him not being a starter, but for a depth position for a 3rd spot in a tight end room, Eric Tomlinson fits that role. He is an above average outside blocker in the run game. Adding him in on run downs in 2/3 tight end packages is an advantage on the run blocking side (we are going to have to get as creative as possible this year with our OL) There is a chance Sterling beats him out and we carry 3 tight ends, either way I would move him to PS barring any injury to your back up tight ends
  2. Rsherman28

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Herndon/Wesco/Sterling/Tomlinson Talks in free agency Gase wanted Darren Fells who signed with Houston. Leggett was never making the team, I am sure we will go into camp with probably another 2 or 3 bodies that will end up on the PS
  3. Rsherman28

    Jets Waive Leggett

    weeks 12,13,14 and 15 he averaged 1 reception a game. The most yards he had in a game was 24 on 2 catches, and he is a receiving tight end that doesn't block. Kind of mind blowing the last 3 years we used a 4th or 5th pick on a tight end (love the Herndon pick) If Lee's return was a late 6th I am not surprised by the cut, just funny it happened while Gase was coach.
  4. Rsherman28

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Interesting considering one of his arguments with Mac was over not landing Darren Fells in free agency. Herndon/Wesco/Tomlinson is good with me. Leggett seems like a good practice squad guy
  5. Rsherman28

    Mac fired!

    I just don't see that being an issue but who knows what really pushed Mac out the door. I just think it it was something between Gase and Mac, with all of Mac's history and the face that Gase can bring potential to Darnold's progress, CJ made the right choice. I am not sure what you mean about everything being off or bizarre since Gase has been here. Only thing odd was the article regarding Gase not wanting to overpay for Bell and CJ Mosley, which I actually like both the deals, think they are going to be good moves. Either way probably just something the media is blowing up on a day we fire the GM. Sure Gase and Bell won't even bring it up.
  6. Rsherman28

    Mac fired!

    Your worry is that Mac hired Gase, and then CJ told Mac to fire him after not coaching a single game, and then Mac couldn't do it? Sorry I just didn't follow that part. What gives you any sense that CJ the owner is getting irritable with Gase's personality? How much time do you think the owner spends at the facility with the coaching staff? it has to be minimal?
  7. Rsherman28

    R e l a x

    I agree with you on the point of I want the natural process. GM is hired, GM picks the coach, coach puts together coaching staff. Although the next GM is coming into a good spot. 20 million to roll over to next year's free agency Quarterback in place Edge rusher or number 1 CB away from solid defense Repair the offensive line and find a number 1 wide receiver and the Jets can be competing in the playoffs come 2020. Bringing in a guy like Eagles VP Joe Douglas I think would be a good move, he has a history with offensive line and scouting, should be the right man for the job in finding OL talent and depth.
  8. Rsherman28

    Offensive Line, Gase

    How it ended in Green Bay probably steered the Jets away from this hire. I wouldn't have minded McCarthy, I just think for play calling purposes, Gase maybe a better option. Not sure if Greg Williams is on board if we go the McCarthy route either. I think that is why I am on board with Gase/Williams, both will act head coach like on opposite sides of the ball. Poor offensive line play / QB killed Gase's offense in Miami. Which is almost laughable with the lack of improvement on the line this offseason. However, Darnold is a huge jump over Tannehill and his back ups. But if you look back at his time in Denver and even with Chicago (16th ranked line, 5th in run blocking), with a good offensive line and strong QB, most of Gase's play calling is very smart. Herndon should benefit maybe the most from the scheme change. Gase ran a ton of double TE sets to get Julius Thomas open, 3 wide outs on one side of the field and one TE on the opposite side to find man coverage. Thomas had back to back 12 touch down campaigns with over 75 catches in each year. Bennett/Miller campaign was lethal with the Bears as well in 2015.
  9. Rsherman28

    Mac fired!

    Super backwards. Here are some GM's currently out there now. Jeff Ireland – assistant general manager – New Orleans Saints Reggie McKenzie – former general manager – previously Oakland Raiders Scott Pioli – assistant general manager – Atlanta Falcons Brian Xanders – senior personnel executive – Los Angeles Rams Candidates with multiple 2017 or 2018 interviews: Scott Fitterer – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks Known interviews: 2017: SF / IND / KC Trent Kirchner – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks Known interviews: 2015: NYJ / 2017:SF, IND George Paton – vice president of player personnel/assistant gm – Minnesota Vikings Known interviews: 2012: STL / 2013: CAR / 2017: SF, IND Jimmy Raye III – senior personnel executive – Detroit Lions Known interviews: 2009: KC / 2010: SEA / 2012: CHI / 2013: SD / 2017: SF, IND / 2018: HST, CAR Louis Riddick – nfl analyst – ESPN Known interviews: 2010: PHI / 2017: SF, NYG Eliot Wolf – assistant general manager – Cleveland Browns Known interviews: 2017: SF, IND / 2018: GB
  10. Rsherman28

    Mac fired!

    Love the move, odd timing. I wonder if Schefter is referring to bringing in Bell, Cj Mosley, Crowder. Also, I am hoping we make a preseason or training camp move to revamp some of the line or bring in another corner, I feel like this further sets that back, unless we get bring in a GM making willing to make bold moves right away.
  11. Out of the 973 yards for the year. His last 5 games stats .... Week 16 - 14 / 64 / 0 touchdowns Week 12 - 15 / 60 / 2 Week 11 - 13 / 53 / 0 Week 10 - 9 / 25 / 0 Week 9 - 13 / 65 / 1 The steelers missed the playoffs by one game. You can argue if Bell is starting, his last 5 games are almost double these stats which could have altered the outcome of 1 game and got them into the playoffs. So yes, James Connor's stats prove nothing.
  12. Rsherman28

    Options for Edoga: Starter or Depth?

    lmao I am a little surprised we weren't more aggressive with trading up for a center. I like the cashman pick, but I would give up him and the 6th round CB to move up for a potential starter. A later 3rd, 5th, 6th round pick has to be enough to get into the end of the second round.
  13. Rsherman28

    Options for Edoga: Starter or Depth?

    All good points. I am not sure Darnold had part of the pre-draft process with drafting Edoga. I believe the Jets were under the impression Connor McGovern was going to fall to them before the Cowboys jumped in and scooped him. Edoga was more of an impulse pick with what was left on the board and our needs. I don't see him starting this year but more as good competition in camp and a potential year 2 starter or depth for injury, which happens a lot for our offensive line. No matter what expect the Jets to draft a OL day 1 or first pick day 2 next year.
  14. Rsherman28

    Reality Check

    Not the case at all, I just can't read another thread on here complaining about GM/OL.
  15. Rsherman28

    Wisniewski signs...with the Eagles

    I agree with you. However, at times you are forced to go against your philosophy. If he even had one, Darnold fell to him, if after this year Mac is still here, I can see him making a big move or 2 on the offensive line. With the lack of need, if opportunity comes up, he almost has too.

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