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  1. 3 hours ago, Vader said:

    How do we limit this? Ball control. A game plan that will shock the world. Keep the ball in Bell’s hands for 80% of the offense, keep the clock running. Don’t get down by too much. Keep it close. A running game sometimes takes all game to 

    We have implemented this game plan on Monday night and scored 3 points. 

    3 hours ago, Vader said:

    if we can stay committed to a run game with an OL that has the best run blockers playing and in a game plan that is both straight ahead and creative, we can limit the Pats snaps and keep Brady cold.

    Not sure what you meant by best run blockers playing. Lev Bell leads in league in broken tackle % and still only is averaging 3 yards a carry. That’s because he is constantly breaking tackles behind the line of scrimmage. 


    3 hours ago, Vader said:

    Luke Falk knows the offense well. It’s always any given Sunday

    I would actually like to see more throws on first down in this game. The box is going to be stacked with 8 all day with the attention on Bell. Throwing on first downs with quickly times passes will open more holes for Bell on the shorter downs to distance. Face it, if we win Falk is going to have to sling it around a little. Putting him in long third downs against these corners is only going to make it worse. 

  2. 1 minute ago, naturalscience said:

    Gonna jump on this while it is just a discussion and not a maccagnan screwed us for all eternity thread. 

    I'm thinking I agree with you on this.  I really want to like Leo. He appears to be a good teammate, etc. However the production just isn't there. Especially considering the price tag. I think if you could squeeze a second and say a fourth or fifth, do it. Shoot, maybe even a third, if we're not gonna sign him anyway.  

    I loved Leo and really had high expectations but I can’t help but to agree at this point. Trade deadline stays open until week 7. They need to gameplan around him as much as they can to build up some interest in him, a 5th rounder after giving him 14 million this year would just be awful 

  3. A few positives  to look at is how bad the Browns actually played at home last week. 

    1. 18 penalties, 5 shy of the NFL record for most in a game. There starting LT Greg Robinson also got ejected in the second quarter for kicking a player in the face. Quite a few of the penalties also came on first downs(back to back false starts). 
    2. 4th quarter collapse. The Browns defense was just horrible giving up 3 touchdowns while the offense scored 0 points. A 21-0 4th quarter at home while only trailing by 2 is just hard to do. 
    3. Team offensive stats
      1. 1/10 on 3rd down, 0/2 on 4th down
      2.  14 drives
        • 5 punts
        • 3 turnovers, 1 pick 6
        • 2 turnover on downs
        • 1 Safety 
        • 1 time ran out 
        • 2 touchdowns

    I know with Darnold out it will be difficult. However, it looks like the Browns just might beat them selves in this one. If Siemian can win the turnover battle and be mistake free, Gase might be able to change the playbook around to be able to at least move the ball. Siemian is 13-11 as a starter, feed Bell/Montgomery(Bell's MRI is only for caution and will be starting) and play hard nose defense like the first 3 quarters of the Bills game. 

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  4. 28 minutes ago, JetNation said:

    What about some reps as an H-back?  Entirely possible with Chris Herndon unavailable for the next several weeks.  It’s also worth noting is that Quincy Enunwa has done some of his best work as an H-back and out of the slot and could be shifted back inside if Adam Gase decides he wants to keep Thomas where he’s most comfortable, which is on the boundary.

    Wishing we picked him up 2 weeks ago in FA but who knows, maybe DT wanted the Pats instead of any other team. At the time, we were still looking for a WR4 so it is a little strange it happened now. At the same time, if he can help, I don’t mind giving up a 6th round pick in 2021 draft. Seems so far that JD doesn’t mind parting away late round picks for players who he think can contribute now in a weakness area.

    After watching week1 and seeing the jets opposing corners that they have to go up against, it’s going to get pretty tuff. Robby Anderson won’t get a favorable match up until week 10.(Ward, Gilmore x2, Darby, Jones, Ramsey, Howard) it’s not until the Giants game when Anderson will play a corner he should smoke in Jenkins.

    Against Buffalo we desperately needed another guy who can just run an experienced route for a couple first downs. Enunwa was blanketed all game, when that happens we can’t target Crowder 17 times in one game. 

    Thomas is coming off an ACL and now lingering hamstring issues and could be the reason he is here in the first place, but if he can move the chains once or twice Monday night in difficult situations, maybe 3rd down or 2nd and long, then it should be a good move for the Jets. If the guy can’t even get on the field until halfway down to the season, they I will start to scratch my head a little bit on this one. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, TNJet said:

    No no, we have a probowl CB #1 and a good #2. Plus 2 great safeties to help.

    Sheesh I love your optimism with the corners on our team 

    Trumaine Johnson was an alternate in the pro bowl in 2017, he wasn’t selected. 

    Roberts has never played even a half of a year as the starting number 2 

    Marcus Maye’s biggest goal this year is to just complete his first full season. 

    With that being said, I don’t think Tru will be as bad as it’s been talked about this offseason. I expect better then what he did last year but not nearly enough to live up to that huge contract. His guaranteed money runs out at the end of this year and his contract is so bad even if he earned a pro bowl spot, he will most likely will be cut. Roberts contract is set up pretty nice. If he under preforms you can cut him this year, if he plays well we only have to pay him 6 million to be our starting #2 corner. 

  6. 2 hours ago, JetNation said:

    Sam Darnold vs Bills Secondary: Buffalo has one of the top secondaries in the NFL and didn’t allow more than 210 yards passing in 10 of their final 11 games last season according to NFL.com.  Bills safety Micah Hyde will move all around the Bills defense and can be  a difference maker against the run and the pass while Levi Wallace and Tre’Davious white look to clamp down on Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson.

    RB Le’Veon Bell vs MLB Tremaine Edwards: This could turn out to be the biggest match-up of the day.  If Darnold struggles to get the ball moving through the air against Buffalo’s secondary, he could lean heavily on Bell who is one of the premiere pass catching backs in the NFL with one of the league’s most athletic linebackers in Edwards trying to keep him in check.  The two also figure to meet from time to time when the Jets look to get Bell moving as a runner.

    S Jamal Adams vs QB Josh Allen: At this point in time, it may not be a stretch to say that Josh Allen is a bigger threat as a runner than a passer.  After completing 53% of his passes last season, Allen may have to rely on his legs once again if he continues to struggle in hitting his target.  If and when that happens, expect Adams, who should spend a fair amount of time around the line of scrimmage, to give chase.  Containing Allen on the ground will be key to stopping Buffalo from stealing a win, and Adams should be the one leading the charge when the game plan calls for it.

    CB Brian Poole vs WR Cole Beasley: Bills quarterback Josh Allen is among the least accurate in the NFL so look for him to seek out Cole Beasley underneath quite a bit to get some “gimme” completions.  Beasley is  a quick slot guy who could pose some challenges for Poole.

    LT Kelvin Beachum vs DE/OLB Jerry Hughes: Hughes can be a terror off the edge and spends most of his time coming from the blind side.  If Beachum isn’t able to keep him at bay for much of the day, the Jets offense will have a hard time establishing a rhythm.

    K Kaare Vedvik vs K Kaare Vedvik: Vedvik has never kicked in an NFL game and only hurt himself after being traded to the Minnesota Vikings to displace Dan Bailey.  Following the trade, Vedvik promptly missing 3 of his next 4 field goal attempts and was cut loose.  Will the confidence be there for Vedvik to make a big kick in what should be a tight contest, or will the mental hangover from being cut be a distraction?

    Sam Darnold vs Bills Secondary: 190 yards passing, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception. 

    The Jets are going to have to rely on there running game to open up the passing game and get some separation from a top ranked pass defensive group from last year. Expect Montgomery to get extra touches in Herndon's absence and the attention Bell is going to be receiving from Buffalo's front 7. 

    RB Le’Veon Bell vs MLB Tremaine Edwards: This could turn out to be the biggest match-up of the day.

    Most of Edmunds tackles come inside the numbers with not a lot of his tackles being made outside. A weakness Edmunds had in 2018 was getting off his original blocks. We need some multiple tight end packages or plays designed to roll a guard out and get a block on this kid. If Bell gets any sort of time on Sunday, he is going to make the correct read and burst.  

    S Jamal Adams vs QB Josh Allen: Josh Allen Deep Ball 

    If these corners give up a 40+ play or two early, expect a safety or maybe 2 dropping back in coverage to help these below average corners out. GW is known for putting a safety a million yards deep, who will most likely be Maye, if Adams is playing spy role most of the game, we will see one on one coverage a lot with players like Brown/Beasley. Heavy pass rush or these corners need to hold up, either way its asking a lot from this group.

    CB Brian Poole vs WR Cole Beasley: Cover 2/ Tampa Coverage

    These are the plays that make me nervous with a player like Beasley. We can't blitz or disguise all the time, if Allen is improved and can read when we are in these cover zone defenses, its going to be a long day.  

    LT Kelvin Beachum vs DE/OLB Jerry Hughes: Jerry Hughes - 1 sack, 2 TFL, 3 tackles

    Chuck Pagano will be moving all of his OLB all round. I expect Beachum to give up only 1 sack in what should be a very difficult match up for him. Some of these TFL maybe coming off of stacked boxes and our offensive line not being in tune just yet in only week 1. 

    K Kaare Vedvik vs K Kaare Vedvik: No comment lol 

    40 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

    Allen has Cannon for an arm so he can go over the top to Brown or Foster. They only need to connect on one or two and it will change the game. 

    Greg Williams is going to have Marcus Maye so far back on an island they will have to expand the camera view to get him in the shot before the play. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, JiF said:

    You know you suck, when your biggest threat as a QB is your feet, yet you cant effectively execute a play action. 

    I agree. Most of Allen's runs will come off of broken plays, gets a feel for a blitz and just takes off opposed to Darnold who is scrambling to throw or using play action/roll outs. 

    It felt like Allen ran for 500 yards on us last year when he broke for 100 yards on 9 carries 🤦‍♂️

    Bowles is also the King of not making in game adjustments and just standing there with a confused quit angry face. I would expect GW to have a in game adjust for when Allen gets a couple of these runs on us early. 

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  8. Cool stats found on Josh Allen on playerprofiler.com 



    1. #13th Deep Ball Attempts 
    2. #1 in rushing yards per game (52) and rushing touchdowns (8)
    3. #8 Production Premium 
      • Production Premium compares the outcome of all pass attempts, carries, and targets to league-average outcome in those same game situations (yard line, down, and distance) Production Premium also takes into account time remaining and game score to account for non standard situations such as 2 minute drills, clock-milking, and garbage time. 


    1. #32 Passing yard per game and passing touchdown (10)
    2. #35 True Completion %
      • Completion % factoring out unpressured throwaways and drop passes 
    3. #22 Play Action Completion %


  9. 16 million dollar 1 year rental after giving up pick(s), players or both. Would also demand a 💰 next year. 

    After learning about the contract details I would pass but I’m no GM just some bum from Jersey on a Jets message board. 

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  10. Clowney’s current contract situation is too suspect. Whoever trades for him this year can’t negotiate a long term deal until next season. You would have to give up draft capital, and Clowney would have to sign his franchise tag after agreeing to being traded, which makes him a 16 million dollar one year rental. Then convince him next year to stay, and probably pay him even more than 16+ per on his new deal  

    I wasn’t aware of how horrible his contract mess was until hearing Pete Schrager call the game tonight and talk about it  


  11. Someone should find Peter King and Rich Cimini dad's, put them in the same room, and kick them straight in the balls. The sh*t that they put out is such trash. Like this "great note" that Cimini retweets. 


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  12. 15 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    st trio to have as your top 3. Just look at the starting CBs for teams like the Raiders, Niners, Panthers, Saints, Lions. All of these teams have no depth and are probably worse off that the Jets when it comes to their top 3. 

    Really hoping for this threads sake that raiderholic doesn’t see this 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. 7 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    Just a reminder they traded 3 second round picks for Darnold. which is great and all but that's where the starting CBs come from. 

    meanwhile this franchise passes Christian Hackenberg off as a 2nd round pick and this bum Polite who went 3 rounds early... thats why the roster still stinks. Other teams actually hit on more than one draft pick per year 

    Teams usually give up way more when trading up for a franchise quarterback. I think both teams at the time won in that deal. I am sure if the colts would go back they would considering the Andrew Luck news but that was just bad timing. 

    All of that happened under Mac’s watch. Will be different under JD

  14. 46 minutes ago, rldev said:

    The problem is that next year's receiving class is probably one of the best ever. Money matters.

    Amari Cooper ? Who will probably get a deal any day now. The next big WR free agent is Aj Green who is exciting but at this time too old and injury prone. Tyreek Hill will be a FA but let’s not even get into that. 

    If we end up with a top WR in the league next year it will be through the trade market as next years class of wide receivers are slim pickings. 


  15. 44 minutes ago, Ghost420 said:

    Ya why would vikings deal either of them? They have a small window to win right now with cousins. 

    Free up cap space. Can still be effective with just one of them and the other receivers ? 

    There have been reports stating a top WR will be traded and the name will be a surprising one. 

    Figured I would play the guessing game until then 🤷🏻‍♂️


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