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  1. Man can you imagine if this big time wide receiver that is on the trade block is Stefon Diggs or Adam Thielen? I know everyone is going to freak and say a 1st round pick is just way too much to give up for a player on the trade block. But sh*t, that changes everything for Darnold. Put Diggs on this offense with Anderson,Enunwa,Crowder, and Bell and that is just explosive. Almost makes you forget about all the sh*t we been hearing about the OL and corner
  2. I do think it would be odd if the phins traded with us, especially with a position as important as protecting your franchise quarterbacks blind side. Tunsil does have worth and that’s why we are finding him on the trade block. The dolphins OL last year gave up 52 sacks and ranked 31 out of 32 teams. Tunsil only gave up 1 of those 52 sacks which is impressive given everyone around him are horrible. Yes, corner and pass rush are our biggest needs regarding the roster. I do not think it’s the biggest need to building a winning football team in today’s NFL. Go get a great LT for Darnold and whatever else this kid needs to develop into a great quarterback. Right now while we have Darnold on his rookie contract, the biggest needs are protection and play makers on offense.
  3. I think Washington’s replacement for Trent Williams is already on there team. They picked up veteran Donald Penn to fill in at LT for 1 year as a stop gap kind of move, which would give them a year to decide what to do at LT. Im not sure it would be smart to receive draft capital for a player to turn around and hand out half of your earnings for a player who after this year you will have to pay 10 million + per year. Trade Williams, Penn start for 2019, draft or free agency next year for a tackle. If Douglas can get Williams in here that would really take this line to the next level. Beachum isn’t our weakest lineman, but it isn’t even comparable in talent from Beachum to Williams. We can always slide him over to RT for the year or even trade him if there is a market for him.
  4. I do think his strong personalty rubs some players the wrong way, especially when he is losing like we saw with a few players in Miami. But man you are right, his interviews are great and his prospective on the team and football in general really is fun to watch or listen too. Too soon to tell but it's almost like when you leave a bad girlfriend, the next few girls seem so great until things get real.
  5. It's filthy, He has a good instinct to keep running when the original route is over and Darnold is on the move scrambling. Obviously the big play from Buffalo in the end zone comes to mind but he does it again in the video where he is mic'd up. Herndon is phenomenal at it, he has a great knack for finding the open spots in cover defense while being in the same direction Darnold is scrambling.
  6. The back shoulder throw in Atlanta last week was pretty nice, Darnold is throwing the ball before Anderson is even turned around. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/highlight-sam-darnold-to-robby-anderson-for-21-yards-along-the-sideline
  7. You are spot on, after watching this whole video this kid is super athletic and can run the ball with good vision. I was worried before watching this video due to him torching us last year with his running ability. You can find those highlights in this video from 1:54 - 2:39. Some points on what I saw from him against us : Multiple times you find our DL trying to arm tackle him down (Leo maybe 3 times). He is to athletic and it is important to stay in your gaps, any room and this guy is breaking 10 yards. Jordan Jenkins and Hewitt will have trouble keeping up with him, as displayed in this video from last year. With that being said, I did see him running the ball with one hand almost every other play. I am hoping GW exposes this and someone just punches the sh*t out of his arm on one of these runs. There is also a lot of film of him running and it should be more difficult for him to break these big gains like last year. But most of these runs are coming from broken plays where he just takes off, its hard to game plan for that.
  8. Anderson's last 4 games : 23 receptions 336 yards 3 touchdowns
  9. lol we could have 12 men on the field every play and the corner issues would concern me
  10. Brian Poole's first job is going to be a handful with Beasly getting most of his dirty work in the slot. I know Poole and Crowder have been going at it all camp, hopefully that can prepare Poole for the week 1 battle that is coming to MetLIfe. Great points with Buffalo's pass defense and depth. I think there will be little separation for these receivers. Gase will need to use the uptempo and no huddle offense at times in personal packages that are exposing a particular defensive back or linebacker. There will need to be someone on offense outside of the big 3 (Anderson,Crowder,Enunwa) who can step up and get plays at times when needed. Greg Dortch? Ryan Griffen? Donte Burnett? With the lack of practice time with this offensive line, there can be a potential slow start in the run game. I am expecting Bell to get more catches then runs in the first quarter and him finishing the game pounding the rock a little more. Someone previously stated 12 carries and 4 catches for Bell in this game, somewhere around those numbers sounds about right from listening to Gase and Bell not playing in the preseason. Putting a spy on Josh Allen may not be as easy as it sounds with the lack of pass rush this defense has. We really do need every linebacker we got either blitzing or falling back in coverage. Josh Allen will be running the ball on us and Buffalo will be throwing the deep ball consistently. Not only does Allen have the arm for it(dude can sling the rock far), these corners are awful and will be tested all year with the deep ball. Having Marcus Maye back can reduce some of this, that safety can just flat out cover.
  11. Another thread ruined due to trolling. Rinse, dry, Repeat
  12. Awesome to see this guy putting in some work. Last year I felt like he fell behind a lot last year but he is definitely flashing in this year's camp. The best part about GW defense is we even got to see him take some snaps with the ones on run down packages. I don't know if it's because he is wearing Kony Ealy's old number, but I want to see this kid start pass deflecting passes at the line of scrimmage!
  13. Imagine rotating those 2 with Clowney/Jenkins on the other side and using Polite in different packages.
  14. I agree with this but I am sure what ever agent he has explained to him that this is going to be a long road to becoming an NFL starting running back or to even dress for a game. I know the goal is to make the 53, but realistically it might take more than 1 year, which is okay. Reminds me when we over looked Danny Woodhead in his preseason for the Jets. Obviously the 2 have very different up comings, but would love to see what he can do with the 2's if he gets the shot.
  15. They had a pretty good piece on him on One Jets Drive last night. I am rooting for the kid. By now everyone knows about his rugby background but he flashed just a little in the Giants game. It will be really interesting to see how many touches he gets in this next game in Atlanta tomorrow and if he can build off his first outing. Holmes might not have enough to beat out a vet like Powell who can run block, a shifty guy like Eli who flashed like twice last year , or a ST stud like Cannon who can really play the gunner role well. This kid can really can catch the ball. He played the wing position in rugby, which is basically a wide receiver who sits on the outside edge of the field. Valentine fits right in with guys like Ty Montgomery or Bell with his ability to run and catch but the true test will be in run blocking and ability to learn the offense. He brings an Australian following with him. It was cool to find a video of his highlights against the Giants from rug bee analyst.
  16. I know its preseason but it was nice to see the offense of the first drive go down and score a touchdown. I can't even remember how many times we did that last year, lol maybe twice
  17. The offense will have to average 25+ points per game to stay close in these games but I think some of these moves gives you hope that it is going towards that direction. Leveon Bell - play making running back who can catch out of the backfield. Jamison Crowder - Second best slot WR in FA this year KO/Kalil - 2 starting interior OL Enunwa/Montgomery/Wesco - gadget like players who can be role players this year to help you move the chains Lewis/Compton/Harrison - much needed depth for the OL Adam Gase - Aggressive play calling QB coach for Darnold
  18. Why does everyone want to trade Leo so badly. I’m sure a 4th without Leo will do. Whoever takes Clowney is going to have to pay him. We still have about 13 million in cap this year to work with. Clowney would instantly add some outside pass rush to what should be a dominant front 7
  19. Well, it looks like Jadeveon Clowney has probably played his last game in a Texans uniform. According to Michael Lombardi, the Texans are shopping him in talks around the league. Lombardi added that the Texans trade demands for Clowney “will be reasonable” and “won’t be hard to solve.” The only issue the Texans have in the trade talks will be the kind of money Clowney is looking for in a long-term deal. The Texans applied the franchise tag to Clowney during the offseason, but he has yet to sign it, along with him skipping offseason program, training camp and the first preseason game so far. Clowney will have to sign that franchise tender in order to be traded.
  20. Well that got out of hand quickly. I mean ... Brick killed a guy
  21. Well needed depth singing Pros : Drafted 7th round, cut by 9ners before the season starts. Picked up by the Cheifs off waivers and balls in 6 starts 3 interceptions, 18 pass deflections, 44 tackles 2016 stats 4 picks, 11 pass deflections, 1 touchdown, 63 solo tackles on 13 games started. Solid year 6'2 196 pounds Cons : Inconsistency after strong rookie season in 2014, loses his job and doesn't play well until 2016 2017 signs a 3 year 16 million deal with the Bears and get injured in week 6 for the year due to a back injury. Cut by bears and Lions in 2018 and 2019
  22. Some of these little guys give you that feeling right? Seems to me though like the kid has no fear of hitting the middle of the field. Any slot guy with quickness that has no fear of the middle should thrive in Gase's offense. Reminds me a lot of Crowder. Its funny because NFL.com has his NFL comparison as Jamison Crowder. Analysis By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Draft Projection Priority free agent NFL Comparison Jamison Crowder Overview Smooth, fluid slot receiver whose smallish build is overshadowed by his toughness in the middle of the field and talent as a return man. Dortch is productive, but has issues finishing contested catches and will need to run his routes with greater focus and urgency in order to maximize separation from defenders. He has the hands and quickness to become a future starting slot, but there will be teams who scratch him from their board due to his lack of size. Strengths Responsible for 39 percent of team catches and 36.6 percent of total receiving yards Toughness cannot be questioned Finished a 2017 game against Louisville after puncturing small intestine Plays with fluid movement skills Adequate quickness to separate from breaks Leverages and snaps off route to open a catch box Fights back against contact at route stem Catches without fear with safeties bearing down on him Able to drop and rescue low throws Good elusiveness after the catch Talented downhill returner on both punts and kick Weaknesses Can be too nonchalant with elements of his routes Lacks consistent push in the drive phase Needs to get in and out of breaks with consistent quickness Drifts from the turn at the top of the route Frame too small for contested catches Waits for throws to get to him Very limited catch radius Leisurely finding space against zone vs Boston College Relies on athleticism over technique to uncover Sources Tell Us "Our philosophy values production and roster versatility. When you look at his per game production during his career against what we consider quality competition and then add his return value, it pushes him up probably a good round." - NFC director of college scout
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