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  1. I was lobbying for Peterson before someone in another thread pointed out the suspension. To brutal of a first 6 games and age make me want to pass on this deal. If we were one piece away like some of these contending team, it might be worth it. Love the Rasul Douglas trade, 2020 4th rounder gets it done? Or do we have to potentially move a 3rd? Any other year other than 2014 I would say to stay away from David Amerson knowing what he is, this year, bring him int to compete, why not? Waiting and being patient probably the smart move, its New York though, Tru goes down Monday and we expect someone in here by Monday night Please don't **** with Jamal lol
  2. I too was rooting for Jones due to his size and speed and our need for man to man corners. Sometimes you just have to trust that the coaching staff who is around him during practice. It seems like he couldn’t get any playing time due to poor practice play. With Bowles he couldn’t get off the bench til week 16 on a garbage year. Now I tend to believe to just throw him in anyway and see what he can do. But even in that year, it wasn’t like he was flashing in practice. This new GM/coach has zero ties to Jones so it was important for him to have an impressive camp and preseason. He flashed in previous preseasons but again I think this player has poor work ethic or something in that range to have Greg Williams pull the cord on him after just one pretty bad preseason game. I’m hoping this position is like the center one. Every day we thought JD had no plan to address that position and just to roll the dice. He ended up having a plan. We are third on the waiver wire and the guy has some contacts in this league. I see an overhaul at this position to make it competitive. Not sure we are going to see a great player come out of no where or retirement but we sit third on the wire and teams haven’t really even started making major moves.
  3. This makes sense as well due to the lack of depth at DL for the cardinals and the depth they have at corner. They would have to throw a bag at Leo this year though. No way you give up Patrick Peterson, play this season and try to pitch Leo not to go somewhere else in FA.
  4. What ever team looking at Leo knows he is on the last year of his deal. He is basically a one year rental, or a trade and sign kind of player. Not sure how many teams still have that kind of cap in need of a player like Williams. That means you have to give up draft capital for a guy who can potentially leave in FA next year. All off season depth has been a concern at corner, its no surprise we are in this mess with Johnson's injury history last year. I don't think because Tru goes down you react with trading away a team captain. I understand there is a need for corner and you might have to give a pick up a pick in next year's draft for a stop gap vet for this year, but unless its a player like Ramsey, which is highly unlikely, roll the dice with Leo this year with this coaching staff.
  5. With this being Leo's last year on his contract, you would basically be giving up draft capital for a one year rental on a player that you are going to have to pay big now or next year to avoid losing him in FA. Henry Anderson maybe ? lol
  6. I agree we should have held on to Lee longer but not until camp. It would have been nice to see what JD could have done with him. Not sure what corner on the trade block would make Lee perfect trade bait but who knows? how much more than a 6th we would have gotten, just sucks its the chiefs, basically makes it a 7th. Yes Gase can act irrational at times and might be a nut for the smelling salts (which for some odd reason I love) but he was put in a rare or unique situation with the GM getting fired at the time he did and became the interm GM, which we saw in MIA, isn't his best quality. With JD in place and the front office we built around him, Gase should just basically be just coaching up Sam and the offense while being good at in game time management and roster decisions. 2 late round picks for 2 jags < Joe Douglas and Front office. Take it for what it is, without Gase, not sure JD is here today.
  7. Ok cool yah I just found that article about the appeal. Thanks ! It’s saying they gave him 4 instead of 2 because the woman at the scene claimed bodily harm due to the crash. If he can return week 3 for the patriots and then follow that up with our week 4 bye, that would feel way less crushing.
  8. For him to do that Herndon would have to schedule a meeting with the NFL to hear his request for a reduced suspension. I haven’t heard or read of any meeting being scheduled. The crash and wreckage is actually really bad but I feel like he doesn’t do that bad on his field sobriety but I guess once there is video evidence not sure what he can argue or leverage for a reduced suspension
  9. 1. I have no idea on how to tag usernames using my iPhone into a thread. Please advise. 2. Will someone please tag Raiderholic on this sh*t the only thing more entertaining or comical then this article might be his reaction to it.
  10. For only adding a couple installs we looked on top of it play calling wise. We even went up tempo using a no huddle approach on the third and 2 touchdown. Not only is it no huddle, but they do a designed roll out with Darnold to the right and Crowder was wide open. I found my self day dreaming about Bell being in there as well while watching the game but man, Ty Montgomery is going to have a huge role in this offense. There will be a lot of packages where you will see him and Bell on the field at the same time. From the pass defensive side of it, that has to be frustrating. It will be easy for Darnold to see the weak linebacker coverage and exploit it.
  11. That plan sounds insane to me lol Would be cool to see a coach come in the league and just say **** it, anything 4th and 5 and under and we are going for it and live or die by that.
  12. I am on board with wanting Jason Myers back just not at 4 million a year. I don't see it as the jets "cheaping out". Assuming we bring in one of these veteran kickers any day now, I don't think the drop off will be significant if Jason Myers were in there from that veteran kicker. Sure you cant attempt as many 50+ yard kicks as if Myers were in, lets hope we don't have to even do that this year. Bring in a guy who can consistently hit PAT's and 40 yard kicks. Pay him 1 million per year, the drop off from Myers to that kicker shouldn't be huge if used correctly. Saving 3 million with walking from Myers and another 3 million from Roberts is a smart move. Replacing them with Chandler Catanzaro not so much.
  13. Winters gets pushed back far on this play. Shell gets beat on the edge but when his guy breaks free he runs into Brian Winters and his mess lol. Dude is blocking by just being i the way . In all seriousness though Darnold has great feel to when to move in the pocket. This is just another great example on how he feels pressure from his right side and steps up at the perfect time to make the play. Really gonna miss Herndon these first 4 games. Guy just has great awareness against cover defense and knows exactly how to find the open spot. Runs up the middle and just keeps falling back about 10 yards until the linebacker stays in his zone and leaves him. He just does it so naturally and on third down. He is a perfect fit for Darnold on extended and scrambling plays, keeping his eyes with the quarterback and moves in what ever direction Sam scrambles.
  14. Replay this and look at KO number 70. He comes off his guy and destroys the next dude!
  15. Is Alex Lewis playing tonight? I thought he was inactive due to lack of practice time. I feel like Luvu might even lose a roster spot to Cashman. Does he play outside lb? Is there a 0% chance Trent Cannon gets a roster spot. My guess is we cut him, does have great speed though. Maybe a PS player this year.
  16. I expect a very vanilla approach with the offense only installing a few installs at this stage. However, a play action bomb to Robby Anderson would be fun to watch on the first preseason game! Almost would be worth the three and out lol
  17. You think they give him 2? I could see us getting the ball first and giving Darnold one drive for this game and that’s it. With Bell out, the rb position will be interesting to watch. Who gets more touches, Cannon or Eli ? Jachai Polite coming out party ? Tom Compton, Edoga, Harrison. Really hoping we can see come great play from the back ups this preseason. Rontez Miles with the ones ?!? Sheeeesh is Cashman the real deal?
  18. Lol it almost like saying week 1 is a "must win game" which its not, but I do agree it's huge being a divisional game at home. The first 6 games are difficult but there are definitely some pros to the way the schedule is set up for it. 4/6 are home games Both away games (NE and PHI) are very close to home. Bye week in week 4, giving us extra time to prepare for Philly 3 out of 6 of our game are divisional games, we are used to playing these teams and should play better
  19. I had to google it, that is how funny I thought it was ...
  20. You think this might entice JD to bring in maybe ... Michael Crabtree Pierre Garcon Mike Wallace Or take a shot on a guy like Martavis Bryant?
  21. Sign Bilal, Bring Eli to the PS
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