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  1. 13 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Enunwa is literally a walking egg shell...didnt love his extension.  Hope he can stay healthy.

    I feel like we have so much invested time in Anderson and Enunwa that for some reason I just want to see them on the team long term. I just feel like over the years they have been asked to do "too much". If they played on a team that had a true #1 or even 2 receiver in front of them, they could be special instead of being the number 1 or 2 option on the team. 

    Quincy Enunwa's contract is structured pretty good. At first, 4 years 36 million and you kind of start to scratch your head. It's really a 2 year 16 million deal with an potential out in the contract in 2021. This year he is only a 2.8 cap hit as well after giving him a 9 million signing bonus. 

     He comes in at about 8 million per. I think what we have planed for him this year that is a steal, only concern is the one you stated, dude is a walking egg. 

  2. 22 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Gase literally creams himself about the entire team.  He loves these dudes but he has been extra complimentary about just how smart Ty is and how great he is in the locker room too...who knows if it's just fluff but it's encouraging nonetheless. 

    lol to only think a year ago our running backs were getting endorsement deals from toilet paper companies due to end zone celebrations 😂


  3. 29 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Meh, pretty much the same dude.  Powell more explosive from what I've seen.  Splitting hairs really.  Glad to have them both.

    It's like you almost need another version of Powell due to his durability issues over the last few years.

    From what it sounds like from listening to bell is that Ty is super smart and a big value in the RB film room. Another added value to these 2 running backs is the ability to pass block. It rare to have 3 rb''s who all for the most part are above average in pass blocking. 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Hopefully Darnold has the power to switch to the optimal play because it seems like something that could be really exploitable having these two RB's.

    No more Bates sh*t... He also had a great line "He is not a quarterback you are trying to protect, you are kind of looking to turn him loose."



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  5. 18 minutes ago, flgreen said:

    Don't know why everyone is assuming depth.  I think this guy started like 10 games last year.  Winters is far from a lock

    Yah but do to his injury history it would be wise to take it slow with him. We have Tom Compton and even Harrison who can play both guard spots or back up center. 

    The condition is if he makes the 53 man roster, which you have to love in my opinion. Sounds like a guy who can compete in camp and if healthy can push your depth guys. If not, simply cut and move on. 

    Basically depth for your depth players.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Stark said:

    sign Eric Berry if he's healthy... Maye, i had been giving some slack, but my lord its just too much waiting now.


    Not a bad idea if he can come in cheap. We just need bodies for depth at the DB position, safety and corner. 

    Bring some veterans corners into camp on veteran contracts. Players like

    • Coty Sensabaugh
    • Sam Shields
    • David Amerson 

    One of these players can come in and compete with D.Jones or Nickerson for the 4 or 5 spot. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Bungaman said:

    And we might have to let Leo walk after this season

    Why would we have to let Leo walk? We are in a good position at the moment. If he under preforms you can let him walk with out paying him a big contract and potentially collect a comp pick. He plays well this year, you can franchise him for the year, tag and trade, or give him a big contract. 

    We don’t have that many contracts rolling over next year and only 2 real major players being in contract years, with Robby Anderson and Leo being the second. 

    Currently if we don’t make any more moves we will be also rolling about 15 million to next years cap. The only way  Leo walks is if he has a really big down year as we should be flush again in cap next year. 

  8. 11 minutes ago, TNJet said:

    Agreed. And we have decent depth. Roberts, Jones, Nickerson, Brown, Meander, and Even Austin when healthy can play. Am I the only one who thinks we gave up on J. Burris too soon? I thought that kid was decent just playing for the worst coordinators and eyes for talent in the NFL at the time.

    This is where I start to disagree. I do think Tru will bounce back being coached the correct way and finally and hopefully being healthy. 

    I don’t think we need to bring in a splash signing and throw even more money at the CB position this year. However, we do need to bring in if not 1 but 2 quality depth guys that can help this team. There are just too many injuries to defensive backs to think we have enough at the moment. I mean Daryl Roberts played safety last year for crying out loud. There will be an injury in the CB room this year no doubt. Weather it’s Tru, Roberts, Poole or Nickerson and that’s when our real depth will be tested. 

    Burris was a JAG who played occasionally good man to man defense but not nearly as consistent to say we gave up on him. 

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  9. 13 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    Kalil and Osemele are two guys in the twilight of their careers who are physically past their primes but are mentally the EXACT types of dudes we need on the line this year.   I'd put Beachum, an average player, in a similar category of experience even if he's much less talented.  But we need this right now for Sam.  These guys are the right kind of "hold the fort" players until Douglas can work some offseason magic via FA and the Draft next Spring.  There will be an infusion of youthful talent come 2020 with Joey D in charge....but I like these moves right now.

    I don't think I'd go after Trent Williams unless the price was cheap (think a 3rd round pick or later).  I know depth is a concern but I'd hate to burn a Day 1 or 2 pick on yet another stopgap, even if he has maybe 3 years left.  We need our next D'Brick or Jason Fabini at LT.  A young talented guy who we can keep for a decade.

    It'll only be good for a year or two but I'm stoked on Kalil and Osemele here.  Having those two together in the middle of the line could really pay some dividends.  It's unrealistic but I have visions of Mawae and Brandon Moore playing next to each other and how great that was.

    Well said. Did you just drop a Jason Fabini reference there ? I see you 👀 lol 


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  10. 16 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    We currently have $21M invested in 2 LBs. Not the best use of resources. I like him and he has value. It's not like we are giving him away. 

    Every team invest differently and at certain points of your roster you can get away with overpaying in a particular position. Yes, I agree with you 21 million for inside linebackers is high. 

    However, if you draft well or develop your players constantly, you can afford to make moves like the Mosley move. Our front 7 is stout, if we finish with a top 10 defense against the run, and get added pressure from guys like Henry Anderson, Brandon Copeland, and even Polite then we would be more than ok with how our resources were used.

    Williamson was an absolute monster for us last year, moving him to weak side linebacker to pair with Mosley is exciting. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

    I wonder if sometimes these things are planned out? Like maybe Beecham really isn't hurt, they just want to see if the next-man-up is ready and paying attention? It's probably far-fetched but I know they are trying to have everybody ready for in game situations. Just a thought. I just find it strange that Williamson suddenly got hurt and trumaine Johnson is kneeling down by his helmet on the sidelines. They also have to plan for injuries right? Here's hoping for the best LOL

    Not really sure players are planning nagging injuries after practicing almost everyday for 6 weeks straight. 

    • From the tweets on the Beachum injury it seemed to be he was in actual pain. Having to drop down to the floor and be looked at by trainers.
    • Williamson confirmed he just got the wind knocked out of him. However, I think in GW defense you will see a lot of different looks and players like Cashman will get some legit time with the ones in certain packages. 
    • Trumaine Johnson was dealing with a sore groin almost all of 2018. He missed 4 games due to that I believe. 

    Other than inside linebacker, you are correct we are thin at depth in both corner and OL. Hoping for the best seems like a good plan 😉

  12. 2 hours ago, RichardTodd27 said:

    I don't think people are being realistic here. Trent Williams is a proven (and elite) LT that has a fairly reasonble contract for the next 2 years.

    Have to give up more than a 4th.

    I'm willing to trade a 3rd, 6th & Beachum. I know it's a risk, but worth it.


    25 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    It's pretty likely that Williams won't be playing under his current contract if he's traded.  The new team will have to tear it up and write a new one that is market-value.  That drives the trade price down.  Where it lands, I can't tell.  It only takes one truly desperate team to make the offer WAS wants but sometimes it's just not there.  

    With about 15 million in cap left this year, and next year only having to shell out a couple big contracts. Leo and Robby are 2 players who are in a contract years who we might have to retain considering how they play this year. Below are the top cap hits for 2020. 

    1. Mosley : 17.5
    2. Bell : 15
    3. Johnson 15 (we will be cutting him after this year)
    4. Osemele : 11

    These are the years to do these moves before having to pay Darnold 30 per year. Bring him in and draft heavy in OL the next 2 years. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, Maxman said:

    Center was the scariest weakness on the team before this move. CB is scary but you can scheme your way around Daryl Roberts.

    If Sam Darnold gets hurt because they didn't address the offensive line, you can scheme your way to the unemployment line.

    Could you imagine if we go and get Trent Williams all in one weekend ?!? 

    The left side of the line 🔥. Williams, KO, Kalil

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  14. 30 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

    Look,  I'm all for this....I guess.  I think we're so brainwashed into thinking that Center was going to be a complete dumpster fire, that signing an older, injury prone player out of retirement sounds like a great idea.

    But the concept that Harrison was going to be a complete dumpster fire was totally overblown.

    You know those last four games of the season that everyone was so hyped about Darnold's performance in?

    Harrison was the center for 100% of those offensive snaps.

    Lol come on man,

    You are telling me you have no faith in a man who has played the position, failed but fought like hell to be a scout(handing out resumes), built his way up to get a GM position and on the way collected 3 super bowl rings and learned from a hall of fame GM and up coming GM in Philly. 

    It looks just like what it is. He came in, saw Harrison for what he is, average at best, and made a risk move where he immediately upgrades the center position pending a physical with 8 million a year with a team who still has a lot of cap room. 

    This front office is stacked. Not sure how you can sit back and knock any move they make. I wouldn’t even be shocked if Tom Compton beats out Winters and we cut him for a cap saving of 6.5 million. 

    Its not a dumpster fire but if you think Harrison is better then this older injury prone vet, and Douglas and this FO didn’t do any homework before making his first real bit move then that is a dumpster fire. 

    Put Harrison against any other 31 starting centers and I bet he is the least experienced or talented. 

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  15. 1 minute ago, joewilly12 said:

    We have been ignoring the OL for far too long so expect to overpay. 

    Would you mind if we over payed? 

    I don't think Douglas is going to get fleeced but I wouldn't mind considering the point you just made about the OL being ignored for so long.  

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