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  1. 16 minutes ago, ElBarrioJets said:

    Harrison was probably our best option.

    I’m not knocking Harrison at all but best option might not be the most accurate way to describe him. First, it’s not like if you brought any other guy in you would have to move Harrison, he is used to being a back up and is cheap. 

    Im happy we didn’t make Morse the top paid center in the NFL and after this move it looks to be the smart one. 

    Rolling with Harrison is definitely a high risk move that we will see pays off or not. I personally don’t think he is as bad as people may think, but even at best he is an average lineman to me. Paradis or even Morse when healthy are one of the best centers in the league, pairing them with KO could have been game changing. But I’m optimistic about this year regardless, probably because I have no choice 😬

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  2.  I really thought we missed out on Matt Paradis. 9 million a year for a center who PFF has ranked top 3 in the last 2 years. He was also in NY and apparently we didn't even send him an offer. 

    A cover up story comes out that he didn't want to leave the country and he was only in NY for an interview. If felt more like we were linked to him heavy before free agency and surprisingly with all the cap room and need for OL we don't even make an offer?  

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  3. 23 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:
    • WR - Quincy Enunwa / Deonte Thompson 
    • WR - Robby Anderson / Quadree Henderson (Josh Bellamy)

    Wow we are thin at depth for the outside receivers. Even with some of the up tempo plays we have been using in camp, I can see players like Thompson/Henderson/Bellamy getting targets during real games. Interesting to see if JD brings in a guy like Crabtree or another veteran receiver to compete for the back up outside receiver spot. 

    23 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

    CB - Trumaine Johnson / Parry Nickerson

    I was always under the impression Nickerson plays in the slot and would be backing up Poole?

  4. 13 hours ago, Thai Jet said:

    Whoa, Ease up man. Let's not forget he WASN'T writing the article only for Jets fans. Fans of other teams don't know the Jets as well as we do. I'm sure it was of interest to them. And there are 31 other teams out there with non Jet fans.

    I understand that he writes for the whole NFL and is not just a Jets writer but analysts and people from the NFL network come in and just do a better job. Even if you are not a Jets fan and I told you that Bell is behind a different line, Bell will be limited in practice, Darnold misses Josh, and Vitt and Williams had a falling out in 2009, that would still be useless information for people who don’t follow the Jets. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, KRL said:

    Jamison Crowder continues to demonstrate his chemistry with Sam Darnold.  As
    he had multiple catches in traffic for first downs and one 30+ yarder for
    a TD

    New York Jets free-agent acquisition Jamison Crowder is dealing with a foot injury once again.

    Crowder left the practice field Monday after injuring his foot -- reporters on the scene indicated it appeared to be his left foot. Coach Adam Gase said after practice that the receiver is being evaluated and will undergo an MRI.

    The 26-year-old wideout missed seven games in 2018 while dealing with a right ankle injury with the Washington Redskins.

    The Jets signed the veteran slot receiver to provide playmaking for quarterback Sam Darnold.

    "Everyone knows how quick he is, but man, he's fast too. And I think he can hit another gear," Darnold said Monday of Crowder.

    If the training camp injury turns up minor, Crowder projects as one of Darnold's top targets in Gase's offense.


    Any update on how serious it looked or what type of play or contact it happened on? 

  6. 5 minutes ago, jack48 said:

    my sense is that Bell makes his blockers look better because he waits and takes any hole he finds

    I mean he is not wrong, if you compare our line to the Steelers, they are substantially better. I also agree that Bell can make an OL look better than they are if everyone is on the same page scheme wise.

    I just think its a non story unless Bell is a bust for us and you are looking for reasons why. Until then I fully expect him to come in and ball. 

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  7. Has to be one of the laziest articles that you can take away from the first day of  camp. Why not talk about position battles for back up saftey, #3 and 4 spots for the WR/CB's, suspended Herndon, Willamson switching to weak side, players on contract years. Just so many other stories if you actually follow the team or do the work. 

    I know it's only the first day of camp but **** lol, from 1 to 4 is complete sh*t. 

    1. Bell playing behind weaker line - No sh*t
    2. Gase "interesting" plan to limit Bell - Dude hasn't played in over a year, wtf you expect him to do. 
    3. The most biggest non story about our coaches you can write - They are legit old men, not sure they care about what happened over 10 years ago. 
    4. Darnold is good and likes Mccown - We get it
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  8. 49 minutes ago, Joe Jets fan said:

    Kelechi Osemele is going to be a great help to the ol. I really think it’s going to be a good unit. 


    35 minutes ago, flgreen said:


    Think KO was the Jets best off season get.  The inside of  OL really sucked last season until Harrison took over at C,  Then it improved.  Still had problems at LG, which it appears that KO has healed.

    Plus it seems like they have a coach who has actually coached them up.


    It’s encouraging to hear about the OL playing good. I think at best this unit has the potential to be average, which might be enough. The key to this line playing to its potential has to be the depth, due inconsistent play or injury, we should see Compton or Edoga get a shot at starting this year. 

    I think we finished anywhere from 25th and up last season in offensive line rankings , wouldn’t be shocked if we finish the year 16th or 17th with the addition of KO and subtracting Spencer Long. 

  9. 1 hour ago, PepPep said:

    You have Robby, Burnett and Dortch (assuming he carves his way into the backup slot WR role) as your WRs. You can use Herndon, Bell and Montgomery as guys who can catch the ball in non-WR roles.

    Burnett and Dortch are to raw to be depth guys this year. 

    Herndon,Bell,Montgomery and even Wesco are all players who fit that gadget type role. 

    Really hoping Dortch can come in and take over on ST kick return. I agree with not giving a returner and not receiver 4 to 5 million a year. But then to go out and sign Bellamy for 3 million kind of makes you scratch your head.  

  10. 51 minutes ago, KRL said:


    - Inaccuracy of the backup QB's

    - Offense didn't function well when Darnold wasn't under center

    How did safety Doug Middleton look? Miles seems more fit for ST and occasional blitz or run packages. Hope this kid is in good shape after being on the injury reserved list for all of 2017 and the second half of the 2018 season. 

  11. 3 hours ago, JiF said:

    Did you see how he arrived to camp?  



    At least we can move on from Johnson's horrible contract after this year.

    Who cares though about his want for a big contract, pay this man, give up a pick(s) , and pair him with Jamal Adams.... Sheesh that would be fun to watch!

    Never happening though, wonder if he is trying to get moved. 

  12. Dbrickshaw and Calvin Pace are joining camp as well.

    Chuma Edoga was an above average pass blocker in USC who can potentially make the move to LT next year depending on his development. He should benefit from a guy like Brick, I always took him as a real quit guy who keeps to him self. It will be interesting to see him coach or whatever role he will be in. 


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  13. 32 minutes ago, JiF said:

    The D has the potential of 2 studs at every level.  The Williams kids, Mosely/Williamson, Adams/Maye.  The only glaring weakness is pass rush and CB.  That said, they're first 2 picks of the draft had pass rush on the forefront, though it's still a ton to ask 2 rookies to fill the gap.

    The offense is 100% predicated on Sam Darnold's development and Gase doesnt have any excuses.  Mac delivered him a damn near perfect offseason to run this system with the addition of Bell, Crowder, Montgomery,Osemele and Compton.  Coupled with Anderson, Q and Herndon.  There is no, "weaponz" excuse for Gase.  And no "his QB has no talent" excuse either.  He's either a QB guru/offensive genius or he's the dude that oversaw the worst offense in the league last season.

    That said, I'll pick the D.



    Good mention with Tom Compton. Solid back up plan for either Winters or Harrison. If Douglas can make a move not giving up a lot of draft capital for another lineman that may show up on the trade block that would make me a little more at ease with the OL.

    Trent Williams? 

    Jamon Brown? 

  14. 8 hours ago, WayneChrebet80 said:

    I wasn’t a fan of the Quinnen Williams pick, but it’s a possibility he contributes as well.

    On offense I just don’t see it. Bad OL, Malcontent RB, young mistake prone QB, and a bad play caller

    Other than trade back who would you have picked over Q?

    With Bell getting paid and the off season vids he has been posting of his workouts show he is coming back with a vengeance, the work out vids are intense.  I follow most of the players on there social media accounts to see what they are up too. Bell grinds in the off-season, I fully expect him to come in and take right where he left off. The last 2 running backs to break 1000 yards a season for the Jets are Shonn Greene and Chris Ivory.... Bell is a huge upgrade. 

    Expect a huge leap from Darnold. Small sample size but I don’t know how you don’t watch full game highlights of the last 4 games of the season where Darnold is 6-0 in touchdowns vs interceptions, just seems so improved on bone head decisions and very poised. 

    Bad play caller ..... have you seen some of the last Jets offensive play callers? That is bad play calling. There are things you can take from Gase’s past that are good and bad, but he is for sure our best play caller and QB coach we have had in a while. 

    To OL is bad lol no way around that. . The addition of KO at left guard will be another piece to build on in the running game. But some serious ?’s in Harrison at center and Shell at right tackle after coming off a knee injury. 

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  15. 3 minutes ago, flgreen said:

    If there is a falling out with the team, and the player is cut, the off set language could mean millions to a player, not just $100,000

    The 100K is referenced to Quinnen Williams case not Darnolds. Seeing how Darnold's start of his career is going it seems likely he will be finishing his rookie contract, it seemed likely he wasn't going to bust when drafted. 

    Still, offset language for the No. 1 overall pick or No. 3 pick (as Darnold was) seems somewhat silly, doesn't it? (Yes, it does, for a couple reasons.)

    First, a refresher on what offset language is. In the final year of a contract, a team will include it as a form of protection. Darnold's fourth-year salary is expected to be $4.604 million. But say the Jets got $2 million of offset language in the deal. If they cut Darnold after Year 3 of the contract -- which seems unlikely -- and he signs elsewhere for $2 million, that money would come off what the Jets owe Darnold and also wouldn't count against the Jets' salary cap.

    Here's the thing, though: If Darnold is so bad that the Jets cut him after his contract's third year -- again, a release at that point seems unlikely -- he probably is going to get just the minimum salary for 2021 anyway, with his new team.

    And even if the Jets are able to recoup $2 million, you're talking about $2 million in a $30 million deal. More likely, you're talking about $750,000 (Darnold's potential 2021 minimum salary) in a $30 million deal. Doesn't that seem like a rather small point to battle over?

    Maccagnan on Monday explained why he considers offset language worth fighting for -- and his rationale mainly involves contracts that will come after Darnold's deal.

    But sometimes, it's all a moot point. The Jets drafted cornerback Dee Milliner -- a future all-time bust -- ninth overall in 2013. He had offset language in his fully guaranteed $12.66 million contract. It wound up not mattering. He was so bad that the Jets cut him before the 2016 season. He never landed with another NFL team, and the Jets paid out his entire contract.


  16. We need depth in this position badly. With having 2 injury prone receivers for the next couple years (Enunwa/Crowder) it wouldn't shocks me if these guys miss even just a couple games. If both of these guys end up hurt on one game, are starting lineup could look something like this....

    1. Robby Anderson
    2. Josh Bellamy
    3. Deontay Burnett
    4. Quadree Henderson
    5. Cheone Peake
    6. Greg Dortch?


    Having a guy we can put on the shelf while going through injury with some potential he could start this year could be worth a roster spot on this year's 53. 

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  17. 26 minutes ago, Fantasy Island said:

    Wow, I agree with the Jets on this one.

    I kind of see both sides of it but its a little more confusing on the Jets side to me. The argument is virtually over 100K that Q would be losing if he takes the deal the Jets are offering him today due to him not being a resident in NJ yet.

    I get the Jets stance in the case of the kid is getting a 21 million dollar signing bonus this year, and try and save as much as you can on contracts.

    But Q is a 21 year old kid and he should get as much money with there being a high risk of injury in the NFL.On the Jets side, what is 100K to them? Kind of odd. For me just get the deal done and get him to practice when camp starts.

    Although, it shows you that even the front office knows it really is not a big deal missing a couple days of camp or OTA's, 100% overblown by the media (hint L.Bell). I do not even remember the Darnold hold out and his was the most stupidest sh*t, a hold out over off set language. I remember Mac's dumb ass stupid quote " well you know these things are a process and take time".

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