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  1. I believe it’s 20+ yards and that would be a cool breakdown to see. For me it is probably a combination of a few things to take into consideration : As you mentioned, receivers being able to track the ball Poor offensive line play Play caller only running out routes with RA, instead of play actions and roll outs Being out of games and just having to throw it up all 4th quarter I was scratching my head when the new madden rating came out and his arm strength is only an 88. I am guessing this stat had something to do with considering it’s probably just a bunch of
  2. Chuma won’t even get a shot at guard. Tom Compton is the Brian Winters back up plan. Chuma will play a limited role at back up right tackle and make the move to LT next year if all goes well. Even then I still see us drafting a tackle in the first 2 rounds. Nickerson is simply a depth player in the slot role drafted in the 6th round.Poole is on a 1 year team friendly deal worth 3 million, won’t even be on the team next year unless he out preforms expectations. MCClendon value is more in the locker room and being a team leader. Guy has tremendous work ethic and shows in practice, gre
  3. Cool post, Noticed at the end of the second vid he is asked what is the hardest throw to make? Accuracy on the deep ball Darnold had a hard time last year with this, finishing with a league low in completion % on the deep ball.
  4. Good points with missing there TE for the week 3 game. We will also be missing our TE as well and will be coming off a short week with playing on Monday night the week before. @ Gillette stadium is always tough, I would love to see Adams give Edelman the business again in this game.
  5. Sure. The schedule never goes as predicted. We will lose to teams that we “should” beat and we will beat teams that are highly favored to win over us.
  6. The Jets have lost to Miami the last 3 games. I expect to win both as well but you gotta keep that sh*t to your self till it happens with those stats. I just don’t understand the logic behind winning the first 2 games and your in ?
  7. I’m not sure our key games this year are the first game of the year at home against Buffalo and then follow it up with another home game against the Browns. We can easily go 2-0 and then follow that up with a loss to New England on the road, then to lose to Philly on the road again the next week. The next 3 games after that are the Cowboys,Patriots, and Jaguars which can be difficult. This is honestly why it’s way to early to tell though, if our offense is actually sustaining, it’s going to be a fun year Its more realistic we start off 2-4/3-3 and finish the season off stron
  8. Speaking of rosters spots on offense. Interesting to see after handing out 2 big contracts to injury prone receivers (Enunwa/Crowder) that we didn't bring more veteran guys in to compete for a spot. Josh Bellamy basically got a 3 million, can be 4 after incentives. I see him more a a ST player but Gase seems to love him. Say you have Q and Crowder injured at the same time for a game or 2, which is realistic based on there injury history. Robby Anderson Josh Bellamy Deontay Burnett Greg Dortch? Quandree Henderson? Charone Peak? That line up
  9. You are correct. If you asked me today would I rather have D.Lee/Leggett/Sterling or a late 6th rounder in the next draft, I would pick option 1 and see if JD can make some moves. Although Sterling should really think about changing his style of play, or potentially giving up football for a while, 3 concussions in under 2 years.
  10. I was a little surprised when I saw the move as well. I am not sure how much value you would actually get back from Legget. Teams wanting you off the waiver is different then giving up assets in the future, maybe a 7th? Or you can find another Mac out there who makes a trade for a guy like Rashard Robinson and gives up a 5th I do believe we bring another body in to compete for the 4 game start while Herndon is out. At that point then we can judge if this is a bad move or not. My guess is there are probably more effective veteran tight ends still in FA then what Legget will produ
  11. Basically if Leo got one more sack last year you would then be ok extended him? QB hits don’t sounds as great, but they are an important stat to look at when the sack totals are depleted. PFF and stats also don’t show plays where Leo gets attention or disruption and someone else benefits. It’s really easy to say he is expendable if Q plays well. Then Q is all alone next year taking on double teams and he becomes expendable after one good year (sounds familiar with Leo making the probowl in 16 and us then rebuilding the next 2 years and it’s hard for him to get sacks) I agree more wi
  12. Great stat, I always think fans are to hard on this player because of where he was picked in the draft. If you go back and look at that year, without reaching, that would still be my pick in the top 10 of the draft. After making the pro bowl in 2016, pass rushing stats have seemed to take a dip. He has also been part of a rebuild with not much help in the edge rushing department to take some pressure of him. Someone posted another cool post with all of Henry Anderson’s blow up plays last year. On 5 out of 7 of Anderson’s sacks came against a single blocker while Leo would be double
  13. I think a defense with major holes falls to the worst top 10 defense's in the league. If we are truly a pass rusher away or an upgrade away in the CB position, then you are saying we are close. It would be a disappointment if this years defense doesn't finish in the top 10.
  14. I went to the Thursday night game in Cleveland last year when Baker killed us after taking Tyron Taylor out of the game with a concussion (god dammit Steve Mcclendon) Stadium was crazy packed, all of the bars were giving out 1 free Bud light due to the team not winning a home game in like 500 or 700 days I am not sure how many Browns fans ran up to us screaming "Dilly Dilly!" Ahhhh fun times being a Jets fan ...
  15. The second I started reading your post I knew there was going to be a case for the raiders lol You are correct though, the weak point of this defense is going to be outside the numbers at corner and the ability to rush the quarterback consistently. I am hoping with addition to the defensive line and inside the middle at linebacker, it helps one of these edge rushers get some numbers. Jachai Polite with the mixture of Copeland/Jenkins can make Tru Johnson and Daryl Roberts look a whole lot better this year if we can get some pressure from the edge.
  16. A brief breakdown of what you mean? You can basically look at his play calling in Denver and say well he had Peynton. You can basically look at his play calling in Miami and say well he had Tannehill and a group of back ups. Seems to be a coach that molds to what his Quarterback is good at. If Darnold is the real deal, the play book will be wide open
  17. The X factor of the defense this year is Tru Johnson. If he plays like last year it is going to be a long year against the pass with this teams depth at the CB position. If he can live up to his contract and show last years slow play was due to injury, then this defense can make some serious noice. Right now to exploit our defense, just throw outside the numbers to one of these corners and see if they can cover. Add a shut down corner to the mix and your number 2 or 3 corner who usually gets picked on can have some safety help.
  18. The addition of CJ Mosley was huge but it’s even better for Williamson, who quietly had a very impressive year in tackling and run stopping. Moving him to the weak side line backer position and plugging in Mosley who should be even me more of a force, is going to be elite. Our front 7 alone consist of guys like Leo,Q,McClendon, Anderson, Jenkins, Williamson, Mosley or another OLB like Polite or Copeland. For the most part all of these guys can run stop. Oh yah, did I mention Kacey Rodgers is no longer coaching our defensive line ??!!??
  19. A lot of good praise, cool post! The 92% catch rating being the highest by any tight end is the most stand out stat to me.
  20. I really like Baldy's breakdowns on the Jets. Has a lot of excitement and always breaks down good plays. This video makes me think how much we are going to miss this guy the first 4 games. Gotta get that suspension down to 2 games! http://www.nfl.com/m/share?p=%2Fvideos%2Fbaldys-breakdowns%2F0ap3000001035591%2FWhy-Chris-Herndon-is-the-NFL-s-most-underrated-TE-Baldy-s-Breakdowns
  21. The Steelers still have a top 5 offensive line with John Connor healthy and Big Ben, they were one game out of the playoffs with all of those distractions, they will be back this year. Regardless of who plays wide receiver this year the Ravens had the number 1 defense last year. I expect a drop off with some missing pieces , but not much Eagles had basically if not the best, a top 3 OL last year and Carson Wentz will be healthy. With Jackson back there they are going to sling the ball around. I am excited for this season and I see a turn around as well, I just don't see a m
  22. Frank Pollack has seen some talented OL work while beings the offensive line coach in Dallas. We have lacked creative offensive play calling since we had a small hint of it with Brian Schottenheimer who was not even that great IMO. The defense has not been the same since having a fire head coach/DC type like we saw in Rex. Excitement for new coaching is an understatement lol
  23. With playing the Steelers, Ravens, Cowboys, Eagles and Patriots twice. Also being swept by the phins last year and breaking even with the Bills in wins and losses 1-1, I am not sure I can agree with this. We also play 2 potential teams who weren't playoff teams last year, who have the potential to be really good this year. (Raiders/Browns)
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