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  1. I agree, I am not sure how bad Rosen is but if Fitz is noticeably better in practice each week and they are consistently losing games due to bad QB play, in order to not lose the locker room on your coaches first year, you almost will be forced to start Fitz. Exactly how the Jets were force too due to how bad Hack was in practice.
  2. are you trying to say it would be a Winter miracle ...
  3. Winters an 82 Robby coming in at 82 was a little surprising coming off of 76 last year. Expecting a big year from him
  4. https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2019/06/05/Ryan-Fitzpatrick-outplays-Josh-Rosen-at-Miami-Dolphins-minicamp/2391559762845/ Its to early to tell but following Fitzpatrick last few stops, he is going to beat out someone in camp or play due to injury. My guess is if Rosen starts, its a move coming from the GM and not the coach. Coach trying to win games, GM trying to get a top 5 draft pick type situation, you know basically the Jets the last 20 years.
  5. Good news would be for Winters to preform well this year and keep his job. Realistically Tom Compton will be playing RG after our week 4 bye or when the schedule softens after week 7. Chuma is an above average pass blocker and below average run blocker. Basically fits right in lol. I see him being a potential starter at LT in 2020 depending on how his camps go. I can also see him playing limited time at RT this year as depth behind Shell who is coming off a major knee surgery. Next year expect to have 4 potential new starters on the line, it would be a surprise if Beachum, Shell, Harrison, or Winters played any better then a fill in role this year.
  6. Even with social media breaks every 20 minutes ? lol
  7. I think they are going to go with Fitz this season and shut him down once they are completely out of the playoff race officially. I can see Rosen starting the last 4 to 6 games. Miami has fully bought into the rebuild plan and will be looking to draft a QB top 5 regardless of how Rosen turns out. The plan might be to start Rosen but Fitz noticeably beat out Rosen in the off season. I am guessing it happens again in camp and Fitz pulls off some Fitzmajic and plays the phins out of the top 5 in next years draft.
  8. I am hoping the same with an appeal to knock it down to 2. I am sure the arrest video that is now viral of Herndon blowing a .14 isn't going to help his case with the NFL, I am expecting him to get the full 4 Interesting to see if Douglas brings anyone new into camp to compete for the starting job or is Gase going to use Enunwa in that role. Wesco/Montgomery/Enunwa can all be used as "gadgets' players in this offense. Lining up Bell at rb on one side, with Ty in the Hback spot and Q filling in as tight end, Gase can now get creative against potential linebacker match ups when Robby and Crowder get some extra attention.
  9. It all starts up front I think with our safeties and a new DC, who will put Roberts/Johnson in press coverage with a safety over the top or linebacker help in the middle, will help reduce the amount of quick pass plays we will give up. Our weakness is going to be depth at corner. Elite quarterbacks are going to target and pick on our number 3 and 4 corners. Reminds me a few years back when we had to put Antonio Allen from safety to corner. Brady killed him all game long. Who we will be playing twice before week 7.
  10. I haven’t heard or read any of that. From this video he has all the tools to play 3 downs considering he has the ability to blow a running play up and pass rush. I still think we see N.Shepperd taking some of his snaps if Nate has a good camp. Cool post, Interesting to see how Anderson does in single coverage. Almost ever sack on this video Leo is doubled or the QB is moving away from pressure from Leo and finds Anderson. People love to post stats on how much Leo was doubled last year, I think Anderson might have even been doubled more, but it’s the plays that happen when Leo is doubled. About 5 of the 7 sacks Anderson gets is in single coverage while the line shifts to Leo. Without looking I am sure Jenkins sacks on film are similar. Thats not taking anything away from Anderson. He gets off the ball very fast for his size making him look faster then he is. High motor, rarely giving up on plays. This year Q can get more single coverage up the middle if Anderson can build on last years sack totals. Or he can find him self in more single coverage when The Williams get all the attention.
  11. Same. 4 is a little steep considering what players get for 4 games
  12. I thought it would be 2 games. No suppose on the suspension, kind of a shock it was 4 games.
  13. Good talk on Powell potentially getting beat out by McGuire. I would believe we dress 3 running backs a game meaning there should be a position battle between Powell/McGuire/Cannon for the 3 spot. Personally I am not a fan of Cannon and should be a potential camp cut and PS player. Eli has all the tools to be a good back up rb like Powell has been for us over the last couple of years. He is also younger, cheaper, and not coming off a serious neck injury. With this offensive style I can also see us dressing 4 running backs on game days.
  14. Man last year was tough to watch the OL. With the addition of Bell we should see a lot more play action and designed roll outs throwing outside of the numbers.
  15. Reminds me of the famous touchdown he had against Buffalo, scrambling right then back left and hitting Anderson for the touchdown. The placement on that ball was outstanding and to think Darnold made the adjustment throw on the run is even more impressive.
  16. If you are tuning in to catch his post as they come live with the interview, why not just watch the interview? Thats the best part about a message forum on the internet, people like me who can’t string a sentence together and people who have user names like the claw get a chance to voice there opinions. Figure it out
  17. One of Tannehill's biggest flaw's are his inalienability to read defensive plays and pick the correct read. Huge reason I think Darnold should be a huge upgrade in this offensive system.
  18. Always hurt, guy has a great catch % You can argue the phins offense has no play makers to put up crazy stats. When Landry was there, he put up killer numbers and made the pro bowl all 3 years.
  19. Gase loves throwing outside of the numbers. Most of his passes that are not the deep routes will be towards the sidelines. Gase also is known for throwing quick passes. Expect to see a lot of immediate passes which can actually benefit this year's offense due to poor offensive line play. Bell is another player who is going to benefit from Gase's play calling. Bell's power run scheme might not have been the best fit as far as for running the ball but Bell the receiver is could not have been a more better fit. Gase will maybe 2 to 3 times a game pull his running back out wide in a spread formation. Bell is also great at getting open in with check downs, something Gase runs a ton of.
  20. Utilizing the Sideline Gase loves throwing outside the numbers. The Dolphins threw to the left or right 1,172 times since he took over in 2016. Whether it’s a check-down flat route, an out route, a flag route, or a comeback route, you can expect a good amount of it from Gase. Checkdowns Yeah, this sounds pretty lame. Gase likes using underneath routes. You’ll see a lot of screens, flat routes, short out routes, and slant routes in his offense. The Dolphins have ran the fourth least deep passing plays since 2016. They average 6.41 yards/play on short passes under his coaching, which ranks 13th in the NFL over that time span. Take this drive for example. He marched all the way down the field into field goal range to open up a game. The furthest Ryan Tannehill threw the ball was five yards to Devante Parker on a slant route. He still managed to get into field goal range before the drive got killed by a sack. But wait! There’s an exciting factor to this. Look at this drive later in the first half. He called checkdown after checkdown after checkdown, along with a couple of runs in the mix, and got into striking distance. Then, the defense grew impatient, stacked the box, and Gase capitalized quickly. This was perfect execution by Gase and his offense. Textbook play calling. Late Game Play Calling The Chargers and Dolphins were battling it out in this game, and it came down to the end. The Dolphins defense secured an interception while the Chargers were just two yards out of the endzone to give Miami the football back with the lead in the fourth quarter. Gase’s offensive response? Shaky at best. He started the drive off with a run call, where Jay Ajayi tripped over his own lineman’s foot. Gase dumped the run, and went into shotgun on 2nd and 11. He tried getting a receiver open on an out route right along the sideline. You have to keep the clock running in this situation. With the lead in a tight game, your number one priority has to be giving the Chargers offense as little time as possible. Gase went back into passing formation on 3rd and 11 and tried a halfback screen. The play got blown up, and Tannehill very nearly got picked. The Dolphins went backwards one yard, and failed to even take two minutes off the clock. We’ve seen enough atrocious game management from Todd Bowles. This can’t happen in New York. Sending Running Backs Out Wide This is something that Gase likes to pull out of his sleeve two or three times a game. Against the Chargers, he sent Damien WIlliams out wide multiple times in a spread formation. Gase uses tries to create mismatches on the perimeter, which worked very well that game. He got the mismatch he wanted, and Miami scored a touchdown on a pass Williams. He beat the Chargers linebacker and secured the touchdown for the Fins. Recap Gase’s offense may not be the most exciting offense we’ll get to see next year, but it has proven to be productive when he’s given weapons to work with. He knows when to lay back, and when to attack. It might not be as explosive as Jets fans hope it’ll be, but it’ll be one of the more productive schemes we’ve seen in New York in recent memory. Time will tell if Sam Darnold and co. benefit from Gase’s presence. https://fullpresscoverage.com/2019/01/11/jets-film-breakdown-adam-gases-play-calling/
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