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  1. Would have been a lot easier to read if you waited til the end to piece together your hard to read notes separated into 5 post half written and posted it in one easy to read post with maybe some bulletin points.
  2. That Miami play was not his best but Jenkins has had good value for where he was drafted. Being drafted in the third out of Georgia the same year we took a MLB in the first round. Jenkins I think has done a good job fitting into his role and not doing too much extra so expectations don’t get un realistic. He is also been through a couple different linebacker coaches and all of them rave about the way he practices and what he brings to meetings. Jenkins has great durability as his starting stats were mentioned above. Each year he also raises his sack total from the year before. Average outside line backer as of now is about right but labeling him at best might be taking away from him a little. PFF is accurate, but they can’t grade a play were Jenkins kills his guy and gets extra attention and someone else gets the play. Being on the outside, if he set the outside correctly and the offense notices, the play will move to the inside and someone else may get a tackler for a loss or sack and boost there PFF grade. However that won’t show for Jenkins in that play. If he can keep developing he will get his contact on some NFL team or maybe here
  3. If gets 7 sacks again this year I would not bring him in for 8 million annually. I understand he might get that in FA but teams overpay in free agency all of the time. With this teams overalls needs and Leo being in a contract year, I just can’t see us dishing out this contract unless he is the long waited answer as at pass rusher we desperately need. For him to be that, kid has to break double digit sacks and be around 15-20 QB hits. Also, if Tru underperforms again and Roberts doesn’t play up to his new contract, Douglas may be forced to dump even more money into the corner position just to get a reliable #1 corner. The way these contracts stand, we are stuck with Tru for the rest of the year and would take a small hit on Roberts if we move from him.
  4. Anderson - 8 million L.Williams - 14 million Cj Mosley - 17 million Williomson - 7.5 million We are paying way to much for run stopping defensive players who flash in pass rushing abilities. Paying for a linebacker who doesn’t have true pass rushing talent or proven consistent track record, would not be such a good idea. I think it’s a good idea to pay Jenkins under 1 million this year for the potential 7 to 10 sacks he might bring and worry about his contract next year
  5. You would have to sign him to somewhere near Henry Anderson’s contact. Both finishing with 7 sacks in blitzing situations last year. 3 years 25 million. 8.4 annually Really like Jenkins and his development coming out of the third round. Each year he seems to get better and is easily coached. However, Jenkins would have to have a monster year and go to the pro bowl for us to give him any where near 8.4 million and up after this year. He is set to make under 1 million this year. Would make no sense to extend him and pay him almost 7 times as more than we would this year on the risk of us losing him in free agency next year
  6. I agree with all of the upgrades. Avery Williamson has a very quit efficient year last year as far as tackling and run stopping. Pairing him with Mosley is going to be a huge upgrade. Personally, I don’t see the need to always take your roster and compare it to “what would Brady do”. He is the GOAT for a reason. Other people can’t do what he can do, some people are just the best, I think looking at our offensive roster and saying, “well Brady can sling it to these guys” is a little cheap. sh*t Brady can make you and I look good out there before we drop the ball and get killed by someone 3 times our size. Sam Darnold’s development will have to consist of quick timing throws and a heavy run game for this offense to be good, the offensive line is just not built to sit back in the gun and sling it, “like Brady does” lol
  7. I’m not knocking our 3rd round picks. The kid out of USC is a great pass blocker which can make him a candidate for Beachums replacement at LT next year if he plays well in a limited roll this year. Polite’s tape screams edge rusher and you are correct I don’t watch much SEC lol ILB 5th pick Cashman (broke mans Darren Lee) CB 6th pick Austin (won’t play due to injury this year) Package a 3rd,5th,6th might have been enough to move into the back end of second / high 3rd In the third were still quality centers Jordan/Gaillard/McGroven
  8. The problem with the OL this year is depth. That is where the Tom Compton most underrated singing will come into play. He will play this year due to injury and or poor play. Having Beachum at LT, playing on the last year of his contract with no back up plan what so ever for the year is dangerous at his age. Brandon Shell at his best is a below average start/quality back up. He also had a major knee injury at the end of last year. Brian Winters is homegrown talent with not nearly enough to be a legit guard combo to build around Jonothan Harrison is a back up from indy who we really have no idea can start or not consistently I think asking KO to come in and return back to pro bowl form is a hard ask. Which makes me worry a little with Bell. We will see if Gase's play calling and Darnold's abilities in the passing game can take some guys out of the box for Bell. As for Crowder the player, what is there not to like other than injury prone? The only knock on bringing him in was at the price Mac did it in. I do believe though an importance for a slot guy in Gase system is a necessity. Probably the reason we now have Q and Crowder both signed for at least the next 3 years.
  9. All Good! KO has a lot to prove this year. He was an absolute beast in 2016 and 17, making the pro bowl in both years. 2018, he only plays 11 games due to injury and gets moved to us. If he can get back to where he was in 16/17, he would be more better labeled as a steal rather than overlooked. Most likely because we need so much help on the OL, it really is hard to label any one overlooked in this position. sh*t I think I have asked my mail man if he can play center!
  10. Not sure if you mean the title wasn't mentioned or the player. The player wasn't mentioned considering he was picked up via trade not through free agency. The title is mentioned in second sentence.
  11. The title of the thread... The most overlooked off season acquisitions
  12. I see this too, 67 catches on 99 targets is the career high. With all the players mentioned it would be tough for him to get over 100 targets, let alone 100 catches.
  13. Back up QB is a little more than being ready for when your number is called. What he can bring in a meeting room, on the sideline he can see certain things to bring to Gase/Darnold for in game adjustments. Take a look at Mccown last year. I think when he played with out checking the stats, he finished I believe 1-3. Off the field though, what he brings to the QB room can hold value. I am not saying that Siemian is that guy, but he does have experience as a starter and seems to be hard working and smart. I feel like without overpaying for a back up QB, this was a good under the radar signing. This player will benefit a lot from being in Williams system, who is known for blitzing with a nickel corner in different packages. Playing with Maye for 3 years in college is another unique aspect Maybe not under the radar, but can be a low risk, high reward move.
  14. I didn't mind Q going 3rd so much because the market for a trade back seemed slim. I found my self screaming when all of the good OL/CB went off the board in the second round. There was no reason we couldn't package together some picks to move up in the back end of round 2. It would be cool if someone can post some stuff put on pre-draft on the Jets potentially drafting Polite. To be honest I never heard of him until his name was called on draft day.
  15. I agree, I am also sure the question was most likely a set up question knowing our media. Maybe something like this... "So CJ, Do you think that people all around the league are sleeping on the Jets? " "Cj, talk around the league is the Jets are going to be the laughing stock of the NFL, what do you say to those comments?" "After how this team has played over the last couple of years, is it safe to say same old Jets?" Probably all in that order before he said what he said. Either way I am all for talk, just has to be from players who make the pro bowl every year.
  16. I think that is what made me have a second look on what he says. Rarely do you hear Mosley talking sh*t or talking cheap. I think it shows you how that locker room and the guys in that locker room feel. I think every player feels this way, but for Mosley to come out and show it other than Adams just makes it feel a little different I dunno. I can also just be bored at work most of these days lol.
  17. I mean I guess, I think comparing the Mosley brothers to the McCourty brothers might be a little bit of a stretch. I am pretty sure they are identical twin brothers...
  18. Watching some of the practices and having some of these new players around with the new coaching staff kind of reminds me of the first 2 years with bringing Rex in. A new coaching staff who instills confidence in there players. One of Rex's first move was bringing his QB of his defense with in in Bart Scott. We have a way better version in Mosley. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2019/07/02/cj-mosley-nfl-sleeping-on-jets/ “Now that we’ve got a new little mix-up, got some new people around and some new faces, we’re all eager and we’re all ready,” Mosley toldthe team’s website recently. “We know the whole NFL is sleeping on the Jets, so we’re ready to prove them wrong. “I think we’re eager,” Mosley said. “Definitely young, and we know that. But as a group and collectively, we already know the people that have been here, the coaches that have been here and all they’ve heard since they’ve been here is we’ll lose.” Mosley will play a major role in driving that ideology this season. A five-year veteran of the Baltimore Ravens — one of the more well-run organizations in football — Mosley should bring his leadership experience on and off the field to a young defensive core featuring Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Leonard Williams and 2019 first-round pick Quinnen Williams. Having come from a team like the Ravens, Mosley should also inspire confidence for the Jets. If he truly believes the Jets will be better than expected, there likely is a reason for that. There remains a lot of unknowns as the team marches toward training camp, but Mosley’s confident any questions surrounding the ability of this Jets team will be answered quickly.
  19. Yes, Tru was hurt last year. This year will be a prove it year for him, either way we can't cut him for the next 2 years due to guaranteed money. My opinion, he comes back to something close to his 2016 form under Williams. Watching him on the practice field, he is always competing and talking sh*t with Adams. He is also an absolute beast in the weight room, his work out vids are insane. Maye won't play 16 games. The ? is how many games will he miss. I really think you are going to see Gase try and limit Q as much as he can. He has already came out publicly stating he has told Q to just go down in certain situations to avoid injury. Keep your fingers crossed with the OLINE. I have no comment for that lol When evaluating Sheppard take where he got drafted out of your mind. He most likely is a JAG. You are not ready to throw the towel in just yet due to where he was drafted, nothing else. **** Chase Winovich, I think Polite is gonna be a steal
  20. Rooting for him, would be a cool story having 2 brother's on the same team. My guess, a good PS player for this team. Not enough depth at current positions to dress a linebacker who doesn't blitz the QB
  21. He also did this at his annually children's event in his local community. Seem's like a guy who comes from a troubled up coming trying to make something of him self. Yes, he has idiot moves. Getting kicked out of Temple for academic eligibility issues His arrest and his dumb comments Run a 40 yard dash for one of his mentors growing up in Chad Ochocinco But returning to Temple for his final year after completing a year at a community college in FL and being undrafted and a walk-on for the Jets shows incredible hard work and determination.
  22. That is a good point, this is almost 2 months old. Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan told reporters he’s open to re-signing free agent cornerback Morris Claiborne after the NFL draft, but he will have to act fast if he wishes to act on those words. If New York does not re-sign Claiborne by May 7, the risk he signs elsewhere increases. Beginning on the seventh, teams can sign free agents without having them count toward the compensatory pick formula. Without a compensatory pick attached to him, Claiborne’s market will certainly heat up. The seven-year pro is currently rehabbing an undisclosed injury, but that shouldn’t keep teams away come May 7. Even though the Jets claim they’re comfortable rolling with Darryl Roberts as their No. 2 corner, they still need depth at the position. Re-signing Claiborne would give New York a reliable, familiar face to help solidify the secondary. Maccagnan not taking a cornerback until the sixth round of the draft may indicate he is leaning toward bringing back Claiborne for his third season with the Jets. Rutgers product Blessuan Austin has potential, but is rehabbing a second torn ACL and will likely open 2019 on the PUP list. Either way, it would behoove New York to bring back Claiborne. With the team primed to take the next step in 2019, solid cornerback play is imperative. 2018 was an up and down season for Claiborne, but he proved what he’s capable of throughout 2017. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/01/new-york-jets-mike-maccagnan-re-sign-morris-claiborne/
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