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  1. Initially I liked the Bruce signing, I figured that's not a bad guy to have playing first every once in a while. Veteran presence. Watching him every day has been UNBEARABLE.
  2. 4 years ago they were a young, exciting team that was a game away from the World Series against a team that knew what pitches were coming. We won't get close to that this season.
  3. I agree. This guy has zero fire and is simply a best friend to the players. We have to get someone in here who has a sense of urgency and who won't be Cashman's puppet. A manager who will bring a spark to the clubhouse. Boone isn't the only problem though there's a lot wrong with this team that can't be fixed by firing the manager. You can not win the World Series with the pitching staff we have. The only guy capable of putting up a decent start is Cole and I have my doubts about Severino when he returns. You also can't expect to win when you have this HR or bust mentality. I don't care
  4. Yea I saw that. Unfortunately it looks like we're headed for another summer of "peaceful protests".
  5. “Places free of discrimination” lol. What a joke. Why does every single corporation/business feel the need to give in for this BS?
  6. Like I already said I wouldn’t allow him to smoke but you might have an even worse problem with him watching all that porn. It’s totally normal for him to do and I’m not saying he can’t masturbate but pornography has some really bad effects especially for kids. You should do your own research on it and maybe talk to him about laying off of it.
  7. When people want to “dap me up”. Just shake my hand or give me a fist bump or anything else. It feels so unmanly.
  8. I would not let him but maybe you should ask him why he wants to smoke. Maybe he's depressed, wants to escape reality/problems or possibly his friends do it and he wants to fit in. I'm just throwing things out there but I would ask him why he wants to and then explain to him that he doesn't have to turn to getting high if he's having issues.
  9. When the Rangers are playing their best we can also beat any team in the league ourselves. This stretch against NJ is certainly a test though and you're right. There's only so many games left, if the Rangers are going to make a big push it has to come now.
  10. I'm definitely good with the Rangers staying quiet at the deadline this year. No reason to force anything. We're still developing/building this team, the wins will start to come in the next few years.
  11. DJLM grounding into way too many double plays for my liking.
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