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    Other then the Jets and the NFL:Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, horse racing and NASCAR.

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    Decker's catch in OT vs the Pats
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    Losing to Buffalo in week 17 to knock us out of the playoffs and watching annoying Steelers fans celebrate as our loss put them in.
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  1. Sad to see Staal go but it was time. A great Ranger and a guy I would take on my team any day. Unfortunately that era of Rangers hockey is coming to an end. Those were some great years.
  2. Pretty pumped for the Army game at 3:30. I always love when Army, Navy or Air Force is ranked.
  3. Now I’m back to being frustrated. CAN WE GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE?!?!?!?
  4. That was awful but those kind of games happen almost every week with Gase. Games are always over before halftime and it’s not even a surprise. At least with Bowles complete blowouts weren’t as common.
  5. Exactly. He's a crap HC I'd rather have. At least the Jets were somewhat competitive most weeks with Todd.
  6. Gotta get hot again before the playoffs.
  7. They don't really have a set plan yet. I'm pretty sure they just came out and said that the season could start as late as January.

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