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    Other then the Jets and the NFL:Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, horse racing and NASCAR.

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    Decker's catch in OT vs the Pats
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    Losing to Buffalo in week 17 to knock us out of the playoffs and watching annoying Steelers fans celebrate as our loss put them in.
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  1. Let me guess... You got pinned by a girl!
  2. Running them out of the Garden into Penn Station and onto the LIRR sending them back where they came from! Finish the job.
  3. What the hell is Quinn doing with the lines tonight? I’m getting fed up with this guy.
  4. Laf looks good but I’m sorry, Miller looks like sh*t, although his last shift was better.
  5. I have been watching and you're right it has been fun, I'd love to see this team get in the playoffs. That last statement you made is incorrect haha.
  6. Maybe a little too good. Made Father question his profession.
  7. I hear you man. It’s hard not to be excited about this team. So much potential. And The Garden really is beautiful too. I can’t wait for the day we’re all back in there watching these young stars.
  8. Rural areas do have opportunities and jobs it’s just different types of jobs.

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