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    Decker's catch in OT vs the Pats
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    Losing to Buffalo in week 17 to knock us out of the playoffs and watching annoying Steelers fans celebrate as our loss put them in.
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  1. The refs screwed the Jets from the beginning...by allowing this game to get underway. Those bastards should be tried for being an acquaintance to murder.
  2. I mean who the hell are these people? Jeff Smith? This is a minor league team.
  3. This may get the worst rating in TNF history. What neutral fan would bother tuning in to this.
  4. I’m definitely one of those people in the middle of this. I like Darnold and think he can be good but he’s got a lot to prove. I think I’ve bashed him and praised him on this board and it’s I believe deserved.
  5. I thought it was great. Plus anything is better than the beat down that's going to occur on TNF.
  6. But you could probably get away with moving down with all the empty seats so if you think about it you can be wherever you want for free. 😎
  7. This is obviously a gigantic contract but a few World Series championships and him being a key part of them will make it all worth it.
  8. I love to see this, it shows me Hal and the rest of the organization is seriously all in. Let’s go out and get 28 next year!
  9. Idk but I’m pretty sure the New York Rangers and Texas Rangers have. Lundqvist and Darvish are good friends from Yu’s days in Texas.
  10. For me one or two games per year is enough(I actually went yesterday). To make the trip from LI anymore than that to watch an awful team is a waste of my time and money. If you want to spend your time and money on games that’s fine, that’s your choice but don’t criticize fans who would rather get work done or relax and not spend their money when the team is 5-8.
  11. Well obviously but I wasn’t alive. I was just talking about the past few years.

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