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    Other then the Jets and the NFL:Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, NASCAR. College sports such as hockey, lax, bball,wrestling and football-LETS GO RED(Cornell). Hey at least were good in in hockey, lax, and wrestling!

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    New York

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    Decker's catch in OT vs the Pats (Haven't been alive long enough to see much else)
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    Losing to Buffalo in week 17 to knock us out of the playoffs and watching annoying Steelers fans celebrate as our loss put them in.
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  1. Yeah screw Lonzo and the rest of his family. They’re a bunch of clowns.
  2. And the problem with this is MLB says they want the games to move faster but the fastest game is a game where the pitchers get outs but the MLB wants more offense and they really can’t have both. Baseball is in big trouble unfortunately.
  3. Not to mention the balls are juiced and all the players swing for the fences.
  4. Show some respect Woody. Those brave men had to run onto a beach where death was almost certain and you can't even stay off of your phone for a few minutes.
  5. Seeing Clint make those errors was hard to watch.
  6. No Aikman on the list huh? He's top 5 imo and 3 SB's don't lie.
  7. Waking up the next day after beating the sox is so refreshing. I would love to sweep them.
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