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    Decker's catch in OT vs the Pats
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    Losing to Buffalo in week 17 to knock us out of the playoffs and watching annoying Steelers fans celebrate as our loss put them in.
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  1. Yea but that’s the difference in your season. Winning games you shouldn’t and in our casing losing games we should win.
  2. Nice little catch made by Barry and there’s not much on anyone else so I’ll unvote vote jc.
  3. I mean it seems to be the only evidence we have on anyone so far. I’d be ok with changing my vote and making JC the day 1 lynch.
  4. I wanted to know because jif didn’t specify and I’ve been in games where the majority gets lynched or no one gets lynched at all. I thought it was a fair question and if I wanted to appear more active I would’ve joined in with the all the cuck conversation.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.lohud.com/amp/3143034001 basically says Kakko should be able to play.
  6. If we don’t achieve a lynch by 4 does the person with the most votes get lynched or no lynch at all?
  7. The real question is how long will the mint last?
  8. Our roster appears to have improved but not enough to turn a 7-9 team with an incredibly weak schedule into an 8-8 team with a way more difficult schedule.
  9. Yea it’s over. Congrats MLB, you’ve killed your sport!
  10. I heard Don La Greca on TMKS last week make a really good point which was basically that horse racing and boxing were once the most popular sports in America and now nowhere near the top. If it can happen to these sports it can happen to baseball who isn’t invincible despite what the players and owners seem to think. Now I love horse racing and watch it every single day but even I can’t deny that it’s glory days are long gone. Too many people that watch/bet 3 races a year. Anyway you get the point, horse racing and boxing are the example of what could happen to baseball.
  11. How dare you utter The Godfather and the Jets in the same sentence. Ok Peter Griffin.
  12. I’m in if it’s not too late.

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