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  1. Yankees are going to be so bad this year, buckle up.
  2. I've seen/heard some people talking badly about that 4th line, especially Goodrow. I think they will come in handy come playoff time.
  3. Support. We have a good team and can win now. No Super Bowl in 50+ years it's time that comes to an end.
  4. I want to test him out on the road for playoff games.
  5. Wentz is washed, he'd be a complete disaster here.
  6. He has a history with Kane but it hasn’t worked here. Separate them and see what happens.
  7. Definitely a lot of talent on this team I just don’t like the way we’ve been playing lately. Even the last couple of games we won I don’t think the Rangers have been playing at a high enough level.
  8. They need to be broken up immediately there will be no production if they keep forcing it to each other like this. Panarin was giving the puck away against Boston like it was Halloween candy. I've also noticed some of the more positive posters are very quiet lately in this thread. Can't accept the fact that this team actually isn't that good and going all in with Kane and Tarasenko will more than likely still result in an early exit. Don't give me any bullsh*t about playing down men, no excuses.
  9. Patrick Kane and Panarin suck together. SUCK.
  10. We desperately miss Lindgren that was a terrible effort from the Rangers tonight. This will be a very short playoffs for us.
  11. I like the pitch clock. Baseball purists should too because games didn’t used to take 5 hours. my only problem is I hate the thought of a big game being decided by it.
  12. Yes. Also correct but I guess these are the things you have to do (post in the Rangers thread) when you have no fans.
  13. Rangers are cooked. Kane coming here is a waste first round exit incoming.
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