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  1. I find this is common with basically anywhere that's not the NY area. Once had a guy tell me he was from St. Louis and I said where in St. Louis and his response was "well about a half hour outside of St. Louis." I grew up on Long Island and would never tell anyone I was from NYC just because I was a short train ride away.
  2. I was only referencing Darnold's rookie year. Yes he did and I thought that Darnold broke that record. Looks like he was on track to but didn't so I was wrong.
  3. Sanchez was not more turnover prone. I believe Sam broke the rookie INT record.
  4. Have to go Rex/Sanchez. They're the only duo on the poll that has been there and won big games together.
  5. Can’t even make a joke these days. Sad.
  6. It’s not your job to tell me how to feel as a fan but thanks for the input. I’ll be sure not to take it into consideration.
  7. They point is sticking around to hopefully see it payoff (it probably won’t)
  8. Of course not but I’m not exactly celebrating other. I can’t get excited about beating one of the only teams worse than us when the season is already over.
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