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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA When Brassard took the penalty with about 50 seconds left I had a good feeling we’d score. Another gutsy win for this NYR team.
  2. Nike ruined the classic Jets uni. They looked so much better when Reebok made them.
  3. Man nothing gets the blood pumping like a good SAR v.s. joewilly PSL back and forth on JetNation! I will sit back relax and continue to read.
  4. Idk about Hinch but I think Luhnow might bounce back in a few years. He did build a pretty good roster regardless of the cheating.
  5. He also had to watch his family members get launched in the HR derby.
  6. Wild card round was unbelievable however the divisional round has been a dud.
  7. Lamar definitely didn’t play that well last night but stop with the Darnold sh*t. Take off your green and white colored glasses for 2 minutes and look at the stats. They’re not even close, Sam has a ton of work to do to even be compared to Lamar.
  8. Not to long ago the Yankees had 4 in 5 years and it looks like another dynasty might be underway. I’m not impressed.
  9. I’ll just send you this and the point is every team has had players on roids, not every team has been caught stealing signs by using replay and banging garbage cans. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/175226-the-majority-of-boston-red-sox-used-steroids
  10. So does everyone else. I take it you’re checking yourself out of this discussion.
  11. 1. You can’t just call out Giambi and then when other players are named say everybody did it. Do you have a problem with steroids or not? 2. There’s no comparison for the astros and sox cheating to steroids if everyone did it. Not everybody is stealing signs like this or they’d be caught including the Yankees. This isn’t even close to all the players on steroids because these are only two teams that got caught in WS winning seasons.
  12. I love a good FB run for 1-2 yards to pick up a first down or stuff it in for a score.

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