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  1. I understand not hammering him just yet and keeping him at like L-2 but he shouldn’t be cleared just yet. I want to keep some pressure on him.
  2. Vick sucks as a person but I voted Favre as my least favorite as a player. Brett must be the most overrated athlete in sports history.
  3. Vote los He’s been one of my top scum reads for a while now.
  4. Every man has to have a hill they’re willing to die on. For this guy, it’s his nest. I have nothing but for respect for this gentleman.
  5. Went back and ISOd Dice. Just because I’m a newbie doesn’t mean I can’t read the words town mason. You’re reaching. vote dice
  6. Vote los I don’t think we should let him off that easy but I am willing to move my vote.
  7. I’m still good with my vote on los. I’ll most likely keep it there unless something big happens.
  8. Sorry everyone had a busy day yesterday. Reading up now.
  9. I’d get my face beat in and you wouldn’t even touch the puck. We’d do equally as bad.
  10. Why don’t you put on skates and grab a hockey stick? You probably couldn’t take two strides before falling on your face. No offense but you’re clearly biased towards martial arts and surfing. Not that I’m saying they aren’t extremely difficult because I know they are. Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else because you like surfing and martial arts. Bottom line is that you have be insanely good at any sport to be a pro or an Olympian and we can argue all day about what sports are hardest.
  11. Speaking of great sports accomplishments my friends and I talk to this day about something I did in gym during sophomore year of HS. So we were playing volleyball a sport most don’t play and I was on a team with one of my friends and one of our opponents was definitely the best athlete in our school. Star in baseball, football and basketball. I’m playing close to the net and he gets set up for a huge spike. Suddenly new found athletic ability overcame me and I jumped higher than ever before. I reached my hand up and stuffed this kid at the net forcing to fall on their side scoring us a point. I proceeded to celebrate by running into the locker room with my finger in the air like Broadway Joe after Super Bowl 3. People were going insane and it still makes us laugh.
  12. But you don’t even know what fake outrage they’re talking about so how can you vote based on that?
  13. Are you saying jif had fake outrage? I believe they were talking about smc. vote los
  14. My dad played lacrosse in college so that’s I got into it. I really enjoyed it for a while but for some reason I started to lose my love for the game and stopped playing around my sophomore year of high school. I’ve regained that love of the sport though and regularly watch college lax.
  15. I played a bunch of different sports. Baseball and ice hockey were my two favorite. I played basketball casually. I played lacrosse and wrestled too. My mother only let me play football for like a year but she was completely fine with me getting my head bashed in on ice or glass lol.
  16. Fair enough. I’ll unvote but someone can still counter, it hasn’t been that long since your reveal.
  17. I’m saying you were pressured to reveal and you couldn’t use your own character so you picked one that would probably be town. And you still haven’t revealed your role, let’s hear it.
  18. I don’t watch the show but I looked it up and she’s a main character.

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