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  1. Our off season has officially begun. Time for Drury and company to turn the Rangers into a Stanley Cup champion. What I’m watching Colorado do right now is what I want to see our guys doing next year. Let’s Go Rangers.
  2. Trevino should be starting every postseason game so unless he’s injured we shouldn’t have to worry about Higashioka. I do believe it’s inevitable that Gallo will come up in the postseason where he absolutely must get on and strikeout. Hope I’m wrong.
  3. I feel like every year our guys say stuff like this and then we win 2 games. Enough talk and more action. Instead of talking about making the playoffs, do it.
  4. Trevino picking that guy off at 3rd was beautiful. Fat Gary would never.
  5. Saving up to voluntarily buy yourself or other people something nice is a fine and normal thing to do. Being an NFL vet millionaire and making a rookie pay a ridiculously expensive bill makes you an ass. Like others have said, let these kids learn to be smart with their money and if they have to spend it make it be for a good cause. Dinner for a bunch of guys who have no problem getting good food is a waste.
  6. Well deserved for Shesterkin but I couldn’t care less about any award not named the Stanley Cup.
  7. I’m a casual golf fan so sometimes I find it funny when it’s creative. I appreciated the guy who yelled “Rangers in 6!” after beating the canes in game 3.
  8. Yea taking the Jets over the steelers is a rough one. **** them though you’re on the right side.
  9. If you don’t mind me asking, how does one become a Jets and Celtics fan? NY and boston is an interesting combo.
  10. You got two of the three nice job. Hope you had played a 6,3 exacta.
  11. I was between We The People and Mo Donegal as my top choice and I went with WTP. I liked that he runs on the lead, his Peter Pan win and his Tapit pedigree. At the end of the day he didn’t have the class and Mo Donegal was the best horse there. Really good look for the Wood Memorial which produced the Preakness and Belmont winners. Hopefully it starts getting the respect that race deserves.
  12. This is exactly how I feel. Once you’re this close you have to seal the deal because getting back isn’t a guarantee, it’s actually more likely you won’t get back. I wasn’t alive in 1994, I am sick of hearing about next year and bright futures I just want to see the Rangers lift the cup. **** man.
  13. Disappointing end to a solid season but at the end of the day we’re one of 31 teams who don’t win the last game of the season.
  14. We’re finished. Horrible for 4 straight games.
  15. I’m all for shaking up the lines but scratching Kakko is just stupid and the second line still being intact is also stupid. They’ve sucked.
  16. Yea in 2014 we lost to the Kings in the final. 2015 we lost to the lightning in 7 games with game 7 at MSG. I meant that I can’t go through that again.
  17. All I’m saying is if the Rangers win tonight they better win game 7. I can’t have 2015 all over again.
  18. Bad feeling Copp or Vatrano will get big deals that end up killing us.
  19. Panarin hasn't been very good these playoffs but I'll hand it to him tonight he was great. No help unfortunately.
  20. I can. I'll watch because it's my duty as a fan but I don't see it going well.
  21. He never does. Hope we don't bring him back next year.
  22. Season over. We'll get smacked in game 6.
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