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  1. This season has sucked to watch. Igor kept us in that thing last night anyway.
  2. I watch a little bit of college lacrosse and most Cornell games. It sucks that the Ivy’s cancelled the season. Really bad look for them. Same for the hockey season.
  3. That’s funny but probably not too far from the truth. I’d be very concerned about my family that’s still there if I were him.
  4. Yea this is pretty obviously a bunch of bull. Hopefully everything works out ok and he’s back on the ice for us soon.
  5. Blackwell has been one of the few players I’ve liked this season.
  6. Please close this out and get the win.
  7. It wasn’t much but the last few games I played last year I didn’t do much so I actually wanted to make some contributions in this one. Very fun game and thanks to drums for letting me in 3 times.
  8. That really means a lot to me. Hopefully you’re at the next one too.
  9. Unfortunate that the JETS revenge tour fell short today. Too bad scum also walks away with a win.
  10. Alright I'm going to end it. JETS revenge tour is going to emerge victorious. vote southpark
  11. I just want to make sure we cover all our bases before the game ends. I will vote southpark but I want to see what Barry has to say. No need to rush.
  12. @Barry McCockinner I know it's probably southpark but before I vote him are we 100% sure jif isn't playing us like a fiddle right now?
  13. It's gotta be southpark, he knows how this works he's just been playing dumb this whole time lol.
  14. I mean I would think it has to be Barry. It’s plausible that it’s southpark and they just told him to shut up in the QT in an attempt to slip through the cracks or something. I’ll go look at Barry’s posts at some point tonight and see what I come up with.
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