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  1. I remember that vividly. My whole family was so embarrassed.
  2. And the worst part about it is it's such a slow and painful death. You have to sit and watch your defense getting picked apart knowing that the pats will score but for some reason you can't look away. It's just an absolute horror.
  3. Unvote vote pac Keeps bragging about how he's such a good scum hunter. Sounds like someone trying pretty badly to convince us he's town.
  4. Say what you want about some of the guys on this team but these guys do not quit. Another HUGE win.
  5. I originally voted for him because there were two competing trains that looked to be running away with it so I voted for who I thought was more likely scum. I didn’t want to waste a vote by being the only one voting for someone.
  6. I don't have any real reads on anyone yet as it's still day 1 but stark and pac are two guys I'm looking at. And obviously verbal.
  7. It seems you and JiF are about to have an epic battle for that title. I look forward to watching it go down.
  8. Stanton is made of glass. This guy has done nothing but disgust me since he’s got here.
  9. Expect these guys to show up at your door any minute now.
  10. No surprised. They’ve been going with the hot hand all season.
  11. For at least a few weeks though Georgiev and Hank are going to have to step up big time. Lundqvist is 38 he may as well just leave it all out on the ice for this playoff push.
  12. We have so many games against metro teams coming up so we can make up a ton of ground. Have to win these games.
  13. Two of the most satisfying wins of the season have come at the mausoleum.
  14. 1. I meant to say bails 2. I’m mostly just messing around right now but you seem pretty defensive 3. I’m not doubting you have work
  15. And she bails as soon as a little pressure is applied. Interesting, very interesting.

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