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  1. 8 minutes ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

    Trading Skeji for a 1st would be huge, we need to free up the cap space, and are loaded with D prospects.

    No way we come even close to getting a first for Skjei. He’s terrible and his contract sucks. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

     There is nothing like a heavyweight championship title fight!!!

     I give this one an 8 for excitement.

     I give it a 2 for actual boxing... mostly cause they were wearing gloves.

    Sloppy....unskilled... dare I say embarrassing?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Tyson announced he was making a comeback and challenging Fury for the titles. Tyson, Holyfield, and Lewis at their age right now would take either of these guys out in one round. They all must have been frothing-at-the-mouth at ringside. I feel embarrassed for them.

    Listen I know these guys were definitely in a real fight but did they even train? They both came in 30 lbs heavier than the last fight. Deontay Wilder has absolutely no head movement At all! Can't move his feet can't get in rhythm. Tyson Fury looks like a wrestler ..pretending to be a boxer..like WWE.

    SMH... is this really the best they can offer!?  Go check out Tyson vs Ruddock 1 and 2... Go check out the Bowe vs Holyfield trilogy.. anybody ever heard of Ali vs Frazier!? I...II...III?

    Sorry guys I know it was a heavyweight championship fight but to me these guys looked like f****** amateurs. But props to the dude that told me about the Stream. I enjoyed watching it I just wish there was better boxing these days ... and by the way I called Fury by knockout in the 8th. Damn I was close LOL

    Well to be fair I think part of the reason it was so sloppy was because after the first time Wilder got knocked down he pretty much stumbles around the ring clutching to Fury who let him do that. If I were Fury I would’ve pushed Wilder off me and then popped him. 

  3. 2 hours ago, section314 said:

    Today, a starter in a 5 man rotation gets about 32 starts/year, a top end 1or 2 maybe 35. That works out to about 6 inn/start. The problem is these kids don't throw enough coming up through their various systems. Seaver, Cone, Darling all have said, numerous times over their many years as broadcasters, that the key to their success and longevity was throwing a lot. Teams today are training guys to run 6 furlongs, and then are shocked when they can't run a mile and a 1/4. Kids today are bigger and stronger than ever before, take better care of their bodies, etc. Teams have to stop babying these guys, and let them throw. Trust me, they can all do it.

    The horse racing analogy is perfect. Great way to put it. 

  4. 15 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    Unfortunately the Yankees probably won’t have a choice.  The Stanton and Cole contracts are going to strap them


    I think Judge is under control til ‘23 so we have at least 2 more years til the Yankees will be forced to shop him for prospects


    No way the Yankees ever trade Judge as long as he keeps up a high level of play. He’s pretty much the next Jeter already as far as the fans and organization view him. The Yankees put in the Judges chamber already, they’re all in on this guy. 

    If anyone is getting traded it’ll be Stanton and the Yankees will just have to eat like half the contract. 

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