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  1. What happens in this night phase could be very telling and could probably clear some things up a bit.
  2. I really liked the whole draft but I’d be lying if I said the kicker wasn’t my favorite pick. For whatever reason it got me excited.
  3. Sorry I haven’t been active today guys. I woke up very sick this morning but I should be back here more tomorrow.
  4. It’s been a really fun year for me on this site. Here’s to many more, thanks max.
  5. I’m not at all concerned about the regular season. Of course nothing is guaranteed but let’s get everybody back healthy and not rushed because we have the depth to survive. It’s a long season and the goal is a World Series championship.
  6. I think you might as well just vote spoot at this point because I think it’s inevitable he’s going to get lynched. I doubt you’re going to flip people to pdx. Let’s get those last two votes and move on the next scum.
  7. The Guardians definitely need to go ground and pound next week before they get into a hole. Even with 2 backups on the line I thought the running game actually looked pretty good. Oh and it would help if Mcgloin could play like week 1 again.
  8. I don’t think I’m buying this whole doc thing. I believe it’s just a last ditch effort by spoot to stay in the game or like jvill said to out the real doc.
  9. I don’t know why it can’t just work like that. The game be over already and majorly would be happy.
  10. Of course but if we can prioritize a vet over a new guy I think we should pretty obviously get the more experienced player first since he’d mostly likely be more dangerous to town.
  11. I’m also pretty suspicious of pdx but I think we should leave him for now since he’s another noob. Let’s try to take out some vets first and then maybe take out pdx tomorrow or in a few days.
  12. Spoots outburst at an accusation makes me suspicious. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how smash reacted so... Vote spoot
  13. Guardians need to start running the ball more.
  14. Why would anyone wake up and feel the need to tweet that you don’t owe anybody anything? Guess what Jamal, nobody ******* cares.
  15. Just so you know NY vs DC is at 2.
  16. All I said was that crusher voted to holster on smash and you’ve now taken over his role so it’s a little suspicious. I didn’t say that it automatically makes you scum.
  17. I believe crusher was voting to holster which would make CTM a suspect.

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