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  1. I just want to make sure we cover all our bases before the game ends. I will vote southpark but I want to see what Barry has to say. No need to rush.
  2. @Barry McCockinner I know it's probably southpark but before I vote him are we 100% sure jif isn't playing us like a fiddle right now?
  3. It's gotta be southpark, he knows how this works he's just been playing dumb this whole time lol.
  4. I mean I would think it has to be Barry. It’s plausible that it’s southpark and they just told him to shut up in the QT in an attempt to slip through the cracks or something. I’ll go look at Barry’s posts at some point tonight and see what I come up with.
  5. I wouldn't think it makes sense. Lynching 80 probably has the highest probability of working.
  6. Has JC as his #2 scum and then votes him which makes sense. Then he votes jif for voting for JC and says he's been trying to set it up. Kind of felt to me like 80 was setting it up. He votes me which was funny at first. Haha kill me again but he then doubles down on it so I guess he wasn't joking. Why did you want to keep your vote on me? Ik I'm not great at this stuff but that's just what I noticed when reading through his posts.
  7. I guess I read it slightly wrong while skimming through the last 15 pages or so while reading it today but I got enough of the gist. My vote will stand. JETS revenge tour is full steam ahead. The scum that orchestrated my deaths will be brought to justice.
  8. I think that’s bull tbh, if you visit someone at night and find out they’re scum a town player would be all over that. Sorry if I’m wrong spoot as it seems you’ve been a supporter of the JETS revenge tour.
  9. Mostly because I don’t believe that he just forgot to vote for jvill.
  10. Ok I just did a re-read of all the pages I missed and right now I’m feeling like spoot is scum but I’ll hold off on voting for now. See what everyone has to say.
  11. Players are getting out of control. If they don't get their way they cry and ask to be traded. You're the QB Deshaun, you do your job and let the GM do his.
  12. What pisses me off the most is that big sloppy will probably get in like first ballot even though he was also OBVIOUSLY using oh and not to mention that the 2004 red sux were running an astros style sign stealing scheme.
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