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  1. Who cares how much money they make? This team ******* sucks!
  2. I don't get it. Did Boone and Cashman think that the Rays were going to take out all their starters because Happ came in? WTF?
  3. They'll be back in front of the TV like the rest of us.
  4. Why the **** did we get so cute with the pitching staff? It’s not like Garcia got shelled he let up 1 run, let him settle in maybe he goes 6 strong.
  5. If we can't comeback and win tonight then tomorrow is another must win because game 4 is going to be dicey. I seriously doubt this teams ability to go all the way this year.
  6. Very happy he crushed me like that. Maybe I woke him up lol.
  7. Stanton coming up small in a big spot. Some things never change I guess, backwards K is so typical of him there.
  8. George Carlin Microsoft or Sony?
  9. Miracle whip Sedan or SUV?
  10. Caramel sauce Whipped cream or cool whip?
  11. Chocolate soft or hard ice cream?
  12. Diarrhea Pepper jack Flying or driving?
  13. Live in person classes McDonalds or Burger King?
  14. Star Wars TV series or movies?
  15. Fold The Godfather or Goodfellas?
  16. Obviously the Jets mishandled this and I understand Becton's mother being upset but she needs to stay quiet now. She's showed her frustration and that's as far as it should go because this team really can't afford to have a distraction like this.
  17. But everyone told me Desir was going to be a solid addition our CB problem.
  18. And that’s bullsh*t, this game needs get tough again Darnold was going to get rocked like that holding it that long.

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