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  1. This. Being in NY I know a lot of people that just don’t want to make the trip every Sunday especially after how easy Shea was. Factor in the team sucks and there’s not a lot of incentive to go to games.
  2. My thought process is that of verbal shoots he most likely kills a VT. Not a huge hit, but if we hit someone who’s scum then great. I’m willing to take the risk of him shooting a town member or a member of the mob.
  3. I read a little bit I’m inexperienced and I liked what some of the pro shoot people were saying so that’s how I voted.
  4. Are we going by GATAs poll or by smash’s count because they’re contradicting each other.
  5. Dak is insane. He needs the Cowboys WAY more than the Cowboys need him. Dallas should trade him and a first to whoever gets Tua, sign Brady for a year while you rehab Tua, bada bing bada boom another dynasty for the Cowboys.
  6. Probably a dumb question but if he takes the shot does it hit a random person or does Verbal have a choice?
  7. I voted for CTM and I def have some learning to do but come on, the guy wanted to lynch somebody who was a confirmed part of the town.
  8. Same goes for him. Good player but hasn’t shown me he’s clutch. In order to be clutch you have to come up big in big games. Adams hasn’t played a single big game in his NFL career.
  9. How could a player that’s been in nothing but mostly meaningless regular season games be clutch?
  10. The Rangers aren't going to buy him. They're going to let him finish out the contract and Georgiev will be traded unfortunately.

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