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  1. What time will the stream be on Thursday? I am looking forward to watching and hoping the Jets surprise me in a good way for once.
  2. Brutal loss to the Tigers tonight. Offense disappeared and if I am honest I'm not a big Chapman fan. In my eyes he has been a disappointment and frustrates me once more letting up 2 in the ninth. Oh well gotta bounce back and play game 3.
  3. Unfortunately Cornell's season came to an end last night after a 4-0 loss. It was a tough season riddled with injuries but managed to be one game away from the Frozen Four. A great senior class is leaving but I am very excited for next year. LGR
  4. Well Cornell dominated Northeastern last night in a convincing 5-1 win. Now we have to play Providence College in Providence. A win puts Cornell in the frozen four, LETS GO RED!!!!
  5. It’s always a great feeling the next day when the Yankees win and the Red Sox get smacked on the same night.
  6. Maybe he knows something we don't. Probably looked into the future, saw the Jets win the AFC east and he wants to go out a winner.
  7. Nice way to start the season for the Yanks but crushing the O's is expected. This is the year to go all the way, no excuses.
  8. Are injured people now offended by the IL?
  9. So do we now get a 30 for 30 called "This Was The AAF"?
  10. I don't hate the Giants either. As a Yankees and Rangers fan I didn't want to have the little brother syndrome that I hate from the islanders and Mets fans.
  11. I immediately thought jersey number but there are basically two different discussions going on right now.
  12. If Bell approved this then fine but we want this guy to be as happy as possible. We don’t need him blowing up at something dumb like this haha.
  13. My real problem with that one is the helmet. That fighter jet logo is awful but the rest of the uniform looks fine to me.
  14. If anyone else cares the hockey selection show was on today and here is what the brackets look like: Fargo ND 1. St. Cloud state 4. American international 3. Ohio st 2. Denver Manchester NH 1. UMass 4. Harvard 3. Notre Dame 2. Clarkson Providence RI 1. Minnesota st 4. Providence 3. Cornell 2. Northeastern Allentown PA 1. Minnesota Duluth 4. Bowling Green 3. Arizona st 2. Quinnipiac Hopefully I will be heading to Providence to cheer on Cornell this weekend. If you're not a college hockey fan I would suggest checking a few games out throughout the weekend starting Friday afternoon as the games are really fun, action packed and you never know what could happen. Last year the top seed (also St. Cloud state) lost in the first round to Air Force. I know this isn't a very mainstream college sport but it's more popular than you think and I ask that you give it a shot. As always LETS GO RED!!!!!
  15. Yea they don’t like each other. This is a very good point and I certainly didn’t think of it.
  16. Nothing would delight me more than to see the Jets smack the Steelers in front of what will be probably be a 50/50 crowd at Metlife. I hate that organization and their fanbase. It would be even sweeter if arrogant Ben gets knocked on his butt a few times. I hope he never wins another game.
  17. Why is Kirk Cousins weighing in on what the Jets are doing?
  18. I just can not believe that a true superstar is playing for the New York Jets of all teams. Wow.
  19. I wouldn’t put anything past Bell. I bet he does say it in his album but there’s no way I’m staying up to hear it.
  20. If only it took place in New York. Now that I say this the football gods will misinterpret what I’m saying and give the Giants more success.

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