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  1. This could really come back to bite us. How hard is it to keep your hands off of people?
  2. If it is Parkinson’s that would be a real shame. I love Al. And you’re right about MSG, they should let him go as long as he wants to.
  3. Great career. Thanks for the memories CC.
  4. Did anyone else notice Al Trautwig last night? He looked and sounded horrible. I hope everything things ok. If anybody knows what’s wrong lmk.
  5. Panarin scores the first Rangers goal tonight but he’s not going to return after the groin injury. Hopefully just being super careful but if it is serious I hope there’s a return policy.
  6. Gase lost me on those last two plays. Fire him now. I’m absolutely disgusted.
  7. Wtf is with this halftime performance? Pathetic. They seriously can’t talk about anything that’s going on in football?
  8. This team ******* sucks the refs ******* sucks and the nfl ******* sucks. I’m already done with this and it’s not even halftime.
  9. So why are you upset? Darnold will be back in just a few weeks. If the playoffs mean nothing to you than this is just a few lost games for Darnold.
  10. I have no hatred towards NJ (except the devils) but I just feel that if you’re going to name your team the New York Jets they should play in New York. Let’s agree to disagree.
  11. I can get to the stadium from my house it's not about the distance it's about the identity. I cringe every time an announcer says "here at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey." We are called the New York Jets not the NJ Jets. The stadium sucks it's literally an air conditioner. Woody needs to sell to a real fan.
  12. 1. Would you rather have the stadium in NY? 2. NJ is not our home it’s a patch of land that happens to have space.
  13. I’ll agree with you that CJ has done a nice job but that doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re talking about. The point is that the Jets belong in NY and they play in NJ. Idc how close MetLife is to the Manhattan skyline it’s not NY and it’s not the same. I think even you would admit you’d rather have the stadium in Queens or Manhattan or even LI.
  14. What we need is a real New Yorker to buy the team from the idiot Johnsons and put the New York back in New York Jets.
  15. Does anyone know if Mosley could have returned and Gase was just playing it safe or if he really was done for the day? We would have won this game had he remained healthy.
  16. I feel absolutely sick. Idk why I ever felt good about things. I mean we were up 16-0 but nope Mosley gets hurt offense stalls again and it all goes to crap. What a shame.
  17. And the two times he decided to take shots to Robbie downfield he overthrew him and there was a missed PI that for whatever reason Gase didn’t challenge.
  18. All this talk about how the Jets are a 10-6 playoff team maybe give the pats a run for their money but not after today. This team looked awful and Sam did not look like a franchise QB.

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