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  1. The way I am reading this is you are saying it so subtly and calmly. Freaked me out a bit.
  2. Lundqvist isn't getting traded. He's never going to wave the no trade clause. As for Kreider trading him for a nice return and then signing him to a good contract would obviously be great.
  3. @Beaver I think the only problem with your assessment is that you said all noobies would be town(except boozer) because that would basically make the game noobs vs vets which would be totally unfair and probably not very fun.
  4. Somebody(CTM) is getting the Michael Corleone treatment today at 3 and that's all I really know.
  5. Watch some hockey. Exciting things are happening with both the Rangers and islanders.
  6. If there's no player with enough votes at the deadline is the person with the most votes lynched or does nothing happen and the mafia kills somebody during the night time without taking a hit?
  7. The Who’s your hockey team? Again the wrong answer could be fatal.
  8. The answer to this vital question could very easily sway my vote. The wrong answer could prove to be fatal.
  9. My God I step away for a few hours and the thread advanced 5 pages.
  10. Supposedly who they are targeting.
  11. Vote CTM @The Crusher told me to so lets get this mofo.
  12. How much time do I have to study before this thing gets going and I sh*t the bed?
  13. What the hell I’ll play. Lmk what I have to do from here.
  14. I’ll play if someone can give me a quick summary of the rules. I’ve played it in person with friends and family but I don’t know how it works online.
  15. Obviously the Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of sports but I still think the Lombardi Trophy is nice.
  16. It’s actually insane that Mahomes is pretty much already a hall of famer. Let’s appreciate this guy for however long he’s playing.

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