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  1. They don't really have a set plan yet. I'm pretty sure they just came out and said that the season could start as late as January.
  2. I understand where you're coming from but come on, it would be nice if the place had a little personality.
  3. Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio never played at the new stadium yet they're pictures are everywhere. The Garden was renovated a few years back but there is still pictures of Messier plastered everywhere.
  4. 1.The concourses might be wide but when 80,000 people are walking through them it feels just like MSG, which I don't have a problem with btw. stadiums are supposed to be jam packed. 2. The lines aren't short. I have spent the whole halftime and then some waiting to get food and too many of the people who are working behind the counter have no idea who ordered what.
  5. Not only is metlife a dump but you can't even tell who plays there. When I walk through Yankee Stadium and MSG I can feel the history. There's a sense of pride for the teams that play there and the events that have taken place at those venues. When they decided to build a new stadium they ****ed it up in every way possible.
  6. On a list of greatest players ever id put all those guys ahead of Revis. Revis might be the greatest CB you’ve ever seen and that’s fair but to say he was the greatest PLAYER is asinine.
  7. Even if he was there's a long list of players better than Revis. One right now would be Pat Mahomes. I understand they play on different sides of the ball but Mahomes is already better at QB than Revis at CB.
  8. No offense but it’s not our fault you missed the draft man. Sometimes things aren’t fair.
  9. Well that's not saying much. I'm better at molecular engineering than the Jets are at football.
  10. Either way it’s immature. Wait until you’re on a new team.
  11. Gio and Stanton back tonight but Torres isn’t in the lineup again. He’s probably got another DL trip doesn’t he.

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