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  1. I understand that’s how some of these guys operate but it doesn’t mean they aren’t pussies for it. Robinson easily could’ve gone to ownership and said “I’m unhappy here, is there a way we can fix my problems or can I get traded?” That’s not hard at all and if you don’t have the stones to do that then I don’t want you on my team anyway because you’re a ******* loser.
  2. I hate when players do this crybaby high school bs where they delete stuff off their social media to show they don't like their team. What happened to going to your boss/coach/front office and outright telling them you want to leave or don't like the teams direction? So immature.
  3. How are we a bad team? Didn't you guarantee the Jets would not only blow the Bills out week 1 but that we would win the division?
  4. That’s perfect lol. They’re going to rip him apart when it’s over.
  5. Don’t forget Woody and Chris. I’m sure he’ll beat up on them too.
  6. I know that San Fran lost today but we’re not nearly as good as the Cardinals. Next week the Jets are probably going to get pounded even worse so I only see things getting worse from here.
  7. Very nice stadium, too bad when the teams are bad nobody will show up. LA isn’t a football city.
  8. Nobody is safe from Joe's wrath. I assure you, everyone will get what's coming to them.
  9. Don't forget Ira from Staten Island who will try to say something positive and then Joe crucifies him.
  10. It's therapeutic honestly and I always look forward to it. He almost makes Jets losses worth it. Almost.
  11. You sure you don't want to give em a listen Tom? Sounds like you're on the fence about it.
  12. 11 people gave Baker an A in a game which his team lost 38-6. What the hell are they smoking?
  13. Every time i saw Q Williams his face was in the dirt. He can't stay on his feet. Pathetic ******* waste of a pick.
  14. Joe and Evan's rant is going to be epic. Especially Beningo who will no doubt unleash his fury on Gase. This was the open to the show after week 1 last year.
  15. I really like the guy and I so badly want him to be good but my confidence in him right now is at a 2-3. When he throws the ball I just don't feel like it's going to be completed like I do when i watch other QB's. Also this might just be me but it seems like Darnold doesn't have the same zip on the ball as other guys. I don't see him throwing 20 yard fastballs like Brees does.
  16. So he did nothing to stop the pass as per usual, lol.
  17. The Jets defense didn't look any different without him today. Maye had a really nice game, we got a ton for Jamal and not to mention a huge headache/ego is gone and that's something a time like the Jets doesn't need right now. The trade Douglas made is still a great one and I don't regret Jamal being gone for a second.
  18. Idk what Lincoln Reilly’s contract situation is at OU but I’d give him a blank check next year.
  19. Redzone is awesome no doubt but TVG was the original redzone. Every race from almost every track although there are some commercials.
  20. No we’re not. The whole team was bad, it wasn’t just Darnold. This team blows.
  21. Worst game in years? This game was bad but the pats game at home last year was worse. 33-0...
  22. Because the Jets are always a bad team. Face it bro we suck again this year. We’re not winning anything.

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