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  1. It’s real nice to not hear the head coach use the term “ our side of the ball”. He has the pulse of the entire team. Offense, defense & special teams. You know. Like a real head coach does!!
  2. Not even possible. Darnold was the best qb the Jets have ever had! Didn’t you hear? It was all Adam Gase’s fault! That and a lack of talent around him.
  3. You mean “ retire” like Brett Favre retire? It’ll take 6-7 more times before we can even start to take him seriously.
  4. Hey! I’m a glass half full kinda guy. 14th in turnovers? pretty, pretty, good!
  5. Wtf took so long? Either way. Have to have a veteran. Not fair to the rest of the team not to.
  6. Yes. That’s how @Maxman sent them last time.
  7. Digitally. Do you have a smart phone? All tickets for that matter are digital now.
  8. My son and I are in. Had a blast last time! Thanks for arranging this Max- especially given how much is on your plate at the moment. This does not include parking pass- correct? Thanks again. Go Jets!
  9. Bills take a step back this year ( probably still a playoff team) but Pats win the division yet again. Sorry.
  10. Sad truth…… The Jets would be no better off than they’re now. You could change any one of your choices - perhaps it nets a win here or there… They would still be 50 some odd years and counting.
  11. Very sorry to hear this news. Nothing but positive thoughts coming your way.
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