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  1. Yama hama- it’s fright night
  2. And the second worse one still has a job in Vegas.
  3. Or....... that they’re moving on from Zack Wilson. . God I hope not- but would it really surprise anyone?
  4. I like Pitts for sure. I do not want Fields though.
  5. I liked Sam too and think he handles himself like a true professional and wish him well. Having said that.... It’s time to move on. Go Zack!
  6. Not even a little. What a waste of a pick.
  7. Where is the choice for blow this thread to bits ( and all threads like it). No offense to the Op intended. I get there’s nothing else going on- but this lead up to the draft this year has been brutal. Same thread over and over and over- just spun in a slightly different way.
  8. Are we there yet? JFC- this is beyond brutal.
  9. I actually do. I’ve coached it a number of years- not at the pro level obviously. I love it I study it. Just wish I could go way back in my life so I could’ve done for a living. I’m too old now, I’ve been in the Construction Management business for 25 years and absolutely hate it!
  10. This month can’t go fast enough
  11. So today I voted for the picks. Yesterday I voted for Wilson. Tomorrow I will vote for Wilson. The next day for the picks.
  12. Huh? Thought he liked his “ hagmallies”
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