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  1. It’s all the Jets can hope for at this point. Saved by Covid!! Until next year when the season is over after week 1 again.🤣
  2. Dude! Omg- you any many others just don’t get it. Tell ya what.... look up the word troll. Perhaps a lightbulb goes off.
  3. 🤣 He was brought here as a veteran presence in case Sam went down. Thinking at the time there could actually be a season to save. What a sh*tshow again! Move em to Idaho and slap a potato on the side of their helmet and call em the spuds.
  4. It makes absolutely zero difference who plays at this point. I am sure I’ll be just about as entertained as I was the other night when my wife forced me to watch Alexander Hamilton with her.
  5. You’d think because she is a delicious guest on the teams official website each week she’d give em a chance. 🤣
  6. I still remember the last game of that season and this is what he looked like on SNY in the post game right after the game ended. I think he was in his car before the first guy took the podium. 🤣
  7. I’d do it for Sean Peyton. Watch how quick Sam turns around then.
  8. If you go back and read my post over the last two weeks- this is essentially what I’ve been saying. If he indeed wants to be a franchise QB??? Start making the players around you better.
  9. Oh hell no! Different time and place and personal. Here’s wha we will continue to see. 1) no pre snap motion - other than moving the tight end to a 1985 conventional fullback position. 2) A -gap-halfback dive 18 times. 3) No outside zone at all! No inside zone - typical run plays in a 2020 modern day offense- zero pulling center or guard!!! His run game is prehistoric- it’s ridiculous. 4) short bubble screens, simple out routes - absolutely nothing to take advantage of a linebacker covering Chris Herndon. Zero throws to Ryan Griffin. 3) 3 and out at least 5-6 times. going to be ugly as hell and very hard to watch again.

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