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  1. Kelly green is fine…. As long as it’s the original NOT the 80’s disco crap. Not that I was born yet in the Namath era, but was for the 80’s. The best thing Parcells did was bring back those jerseys albeit in hunter green. I’d love to see that style back with Kelly green
  2. Agreed. He’s hauled in 8-20 targets. Not good by anyone’s standards. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining. Put the kid in the slot and be done with it already. He may be a weapon in time- but right now he’s not. End of story.
  3. I’ll be 50 in December. Just old enough not to be alive for their only one- but old enough to witness a lot of really awful football- seemingly with no end in sight.
  4. Ain’t gonna happen. Same rhetoric same boring ugly results. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  5. Exactly! Go hug a dick Revis- you mercenary. You wanted the money- you bailed, you got it and a championship. Leave us loser Jet fans alone. far as we’re concerned you’re not one of us.
  6. I just saw him at Buffalo Wild Wings with Muhammad Wilkerson.
  7. Ahhhh. Like always. We are constantly “ told” how good players are.. As oppose to them showing us. Elijah Moore= adequate back up slot guy. If he works hard he might be as good as Berrios someday.
  8. Win or lose. Don’t care. Rebuilding I get it. Does it still have to so predictable and boring? We get it! Your only mission is to be a contrary troll.
  9. It will help for sure- having said that. This team needs to be at the very top of their game to have any chance at all vs any team not in the top 20 of the league.
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