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  1. I am a 48 year old Jet fan. The Jets sucked last year- they will suck this year. The Jets have been a miserable disappoint to me since I was 6 years old. Having said that. I am optimistic every single year and hope one day they will surprise me. Go Jets!!!
  2. First.... I hate Peter King. I do disagree with where he has the Jets ranked for this year. However I do agree with a good portion of the narrative. I believe in terms of wins and losses..... The Jets will be right about the same place they finished last year.
  3. The only thing Schein ever been good at doing is waving the Buffalo Bills pom poms.
  4. At this point in his career Bell is a very average back.
  5. Agreed- he was real good in 18 but was a ghost last year.
  6. Allow them to go back to onside kick formation. Problem solved.
  7. Just logged on saw Jetlaws post and was wondering if anyone would pick up on this- was going to post something similar but clearly you beat me to it.
  8. It’s a passing league. As long as the line blocks committee will work.
  9. There is an entire thread here on the site for this.
  10. “ explosive Jet offense” isn’t that an oxymoron??
  11. If they play baseball this year- and have no issues- the NFL will play. Somehow, Somewhere, with or without fans in the seats.
  12. It’s already been stated all states need to be ready to open before any team is allowed to report.
  13. So- what about the preseason? I guess no one can get sick in games that don’t count in the standings?

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