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  1. It may well be. I don’t see a jump similar to the Bengals just yet though.
  2. Scout.. Didn’t they buy Jets Insider and run it into the ground?
  3. Me and my son will be there again. we’ll also be going opening day and will stop by. Thanks Max!
  4. Jax at home- too hot down there week 1. Tired of starting 0-5
  5. I honestly don’t think anything they said is inaccurate. I could definitely see a scenario where they play much better and actually pass the “ eye test “ and only win 6-7 games. The AFC is stacked and their schedule is very difficult.
  6. All anyone needs to know is they didn’t go tackle. If they think he’ll be ready that’s all we need to know. Non- issue at this point.
  7. They could still be right. Let’s see what he does this year. He needs to make a big leap.
  8. I still can’t believe you said the words “ Jets win a Super Bowl” yes- there was an “ if”- still. I’m real old, and when they won I wasn’t even born yet.
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