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  1. Hate to sound this way. MVP on a 5-11 team? Dare I say they could’ve gone 5-11 with or without any of them.
  2. Good job Greenbean! I’m right where you are. My 14 year old son sides with Nico btw. Not that he ever visits the site- but Sam can do no wrong- ever! I still think Sam can be a real good Jet. Not seeing HOF level here - but if Douglas can build the core of the team the right way....Sam will be just fine.
  3. I hope this means no more than 1 next year. I hate them- start too late. Good news is- when they’re getting destroyed by mid second quarter I can go to bed normal time.
  4. I can’t argue- really thought QW was the “ safe pick” I knew you couldn’t go wrong with Oliver but if the Jets took him he would’ve been is good as he is now. Their front 7 is much better and that’s helping him too.
  5. Totally agree. His style doesn’t work at all with the way this team is presently constructed. He makes a ton of money and will be hard to move. For that reason I wouldn’t be at all shocked if he’s back next year. But NO. It’s not an ego or a personal thing that he’s being used the way he is.
  6. Playing out the string again! No juice at all. Going to watch cuz I’m an addict. Really hope Douglas can spend the money that the Johnsons ( to their credit are ALWAYS willing to spend - wisely. Believe me I get the knock on them as owners- but they’ve never been cheap. Historically the Jets as an organization as a whole are dysfunctional and never know what the hell they’re doing. Does it change with Joe Douglas???? No clue- but I sure hope so. Ive had quite enough of meaningless December to last a lifetime.
  7. Honestly don’t get the negative reaction to your post- you’re not wrong on both counts. Bell though a great soldier this year( has said and done everything right) It simply did not work. He makes a ton of money- if there’s any way to get out of his contract and move on??? Take it and run!!!! As for Robby? Not totally oppose to having him back- but no where close to the money ( he) thinks he deserves.
  8. Kinda does. So much different now than it was when I started watching early 80’s. Use to be such a great game too.
  9. Put on IR!! ?Already?? Kind of a knee jerk reaction - no?
  10. That’s not wrong. It’s so hard to watch these games with all the penalties. Also funny how you mention it’s a “watered down league” my brother and I spoke about that Thanksgiving Day. When we were growing up there were 28 teams. Thats over 200 more men in the league that would otherwise not be.
  11. Odd thing is I’m seeing a lot of posters saying the same things that have been going through my head the last few years. losses like yesterday use to bug the sh*t out of me..... I actually turned yesterday’s game off in the 3rd quarter- at least the fourth time ive done that this year alone- know I turned a few off last year too. There was a time I’d never give up. perhaps it’s just progress? 🤣 Also know a Super Bowl ( not that I ever expect one at this point)- probably wouldn’t feel near as gratifying as it would’ve say a decade or two ago.
  12. It’s part of your job as a coach. I saw a bad hold on one of the passes to Boyd.
  13. The Jets have played poorly for sure. Case needs to adjust - he also needs to at least lean on the refs once- ask how a 0-11 team not committed 1 penalty??? come on??!
  14. You're are what you're record says you're. No point in thinking what if. Lets hope Douglas can fix the leaks in the boat and reload next year. Just continue to play well finish strong.

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