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  1. Zach could be the greatest QB of all time with his ability to waggle, roll out, throw on the run…. IF!!! He was playing six on six flag football with no rush!
  2. Thought he was talking about Mosley, Sauce, and Ty. shows what I know.🤷‍♂️
  3. I heard a dozen doughnuts and a box of coffee
  4. I actually love the 4:00. Still home by 9:00 for home games - and can get a bunch of stuff done around the house before kickoff for road games.
  5. That is fantastic. So happy to hear this! 👍
  6. I get it. My issue is I have to be at work by 6:00 am! Taking ANY days off is normally a tough thing to do.
  7. Night games blow.
  8. That would be awesome! Yes! Let’s do that!
  9. Anyone willing to give up half the asking price for Lamar should have their head examined. quit on his team, gets hurt, has never been as good as his rookie year. That money and compensation would be ludicrous.
  10. Nope! Never will know. But think he would’ve for the money. Moot now. That said- this is playing out just the way many thought.
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