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  1. Completely different game if they play. Seriously doubt either will though.
  2. The way the Medical field is these days with fear of lawsuits....... I would actually think the opposite is true. I would bet he could’ve been cleared medically last week and it was the Doctor who waited the extra week ( just in case) Same as the flax jacket. It’s a precaution.
  3. I think you’re a bit of a douche. Also perhaps pushing your chest out just a bit much for a team that has only made the playoffs twice in the last 25 years. Having said that. Can’t blame you for laughing. The way the Jets have played for anyone to suggest they’re going on any sort of playoff run is comical. With Darnold back if they can play 500 football from here on out and finish 6-10 that should more than please any reasonable Jet fan. They have a lot of work to do. Bottom line- the Jets ( when whole) are a lot better than they’ve showed without Darnold -as well as the other 6 starters - but are certainly not a playoff teams either
  4. Odd that he’s not even on the injury report that just came out at 4:00 pm?
  5. I get it. Not saying some of the criticism on AG isn’t valid- and history does seem to be repeating itself, I even get the knee jerk reaction to some saying they don’t want to waste 3 more years ( see Todd Bowles). I just don’t happen to agree with it. I also don’t agree with the fact everything would be fine now if the Jets hired MM. He showed warts too. I think the fact things have played out the way they have has much more to with why the Jets are where they are right now. I hate it as much as anybody, but think we have to trust the process and see what happens after at least one offseason to make ANY judgment one way or the other.
  6. It’s because they’re all a munch of Joe Benigno disciples and forget his record without Aaron Rodgers or even when he was there and times were tough. They are Jet fans and they want their pint of blood.
  7. I admit I was not in favor of signing him. I had the impression he was a “ me first guy”. I’m willing to admit I was wrong about him- dead wrong!! All he does is give 100% on every play regardless of score or situation. He deserves better!! I hope they can turn it around while he is still under contract here.
  8. He has to play- plus getting guys back next week. No way to salvage this mess now but as soon as they’re whole again things will resemble an NFL team. Like I said in the other thread..... If they’re healthy or relatively healthy going forward they should be able to play 500 hundred ball and finish 6-10. Lets give Joe Douglas at least one off season before most of you want to run h out of town too.
  9. Thought they were a 500 team when the year started. Horrible luck and injuries. They will be getting guys back starting next week. Think they go 500 from this point and finish 6-10.
  10. Fortunate to win opening day- and they’ve beaten no one yet. Enjoy your mediocrity. We’ve been there often and know what it looks like.
  11. Where did you see that stat? All I can tell you is what I see. I was at both home games and that’s not what I saw- and yes you’re right, very little time -not nearly enough to go through the progressions. however AG was saying earlier this week they worked a lot on NOT having to go to secondary and tertiary receivers. Faulk did have a clean pocket ( sounds funny saying that giving up 10 sacks) but there were at least 10 drop backs where he had time. All im saying is I expect my wr 1 to help out my 3rd string qb a little.
  12. It’s not really that. He has skill- he’s just never been coached well- or just doesn’t get it. He has size and speed but other than a ho route he doesn’t do much. Look at guys like Steve Smith. He played on some good Panther teams and some real bad ones. He was a much smaller guy but was a GREAT route runner and had a ton of heart.
  13. If he wanted to cash in perhaps he could get himself open once and awhile. Other than speed he has nothing. The entire offense blows and he’s part of it. Now.... I’m quite sure when he goes elsewhere and he’s a wr2 he’ll do just fine. A wr1 he isn’t

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