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  1. First.... and your welcome to go back and check.. I was actually on Watson back in like week 5-6 ( before he was reported to be disgruntled)- I started a thread that was later merged. I did see things going south down there. But three number 1 picks is too much - especially given the present roster. My Preference would be to draft Sewell. The Jets have a rare opportunity to have an elite tackle on both sides. The secondary is a complete mess and they have to find an edge rusher- it’s only been a decade plus since they’ve had one. Ive said this in many of my post over the last few months... My feeling is they need to build the foundation of this team first. Then worry about the quarterback. Whether it’s Watson, Fields, Trevor or Wilson. This is a 6-7 win team in 21- ( best case scenario). I would be willing to give up our Seattle pick and next years 1 for Watson- but want to keep the #2 overall this year.
  2. Agreed. I’d like him too- but this is way too much.
  3. Anyone who thinks JD is paying attention to anything on this site is fooling themselves. “ When you start listening to the fans- you wind up sitting with them”.
  4. No matter who is under center. After waiting as long as we have for a Super Bowl..... If they ever did make it- and wear those piece of sh*t black jerseys??? I’d puke!
  5. It really shouldn’t be. First. If the Jags do go with Fields? That opens Lawrence back up. They would definitely take him. I don’t think it’s that crazy of a possibility. From what we’re hearing Fields wouldn’t fit this offense anyway. Taking Wilson is a bit of a gamble. Just because Sam is back next year doesn’t necessarily mean he’s here forever. If he shows improvement in the new offense ( and finally plays 16 games) That’s when they will address his extension. My guess is they either have him play as a lame duck or give a very responsible team friendly bridge deal. This team is not a “ win now team” anyway. Regardless of who is under center ( including TL) we are likely ( base cast scenario) looking at a step in the right direction 6-7 win season in 21.
  6. I agree. No matter who is under center- including Trevor if that somehow happens. This team has a ton of holes.
  7. Wow!! That’s awesome! Congratulations!
  8. So I never had high hopes for this season. Once I saw the schedule my prediction was 4-12. I am happy to see Gase gone. As far as this up coming season?? Whether it’s Darnold, Fields, or Wilson... I still don’t see a very high win total. This team needs a lot. I am optimistic however JD get this right.. I just think it’ll take a few years.
  9. Cool! I’m pretty damn old and wasn’t even born yet. For the record I came to terms long ago I’ll never feel what you and your cousin felt that night. My hope is my 15 year old son ( who is now infected with the Jet disease) thanks to me. Will some day experience it.
  10. Mr Contrary at it again I see. You’re high if you honestly believe that.
  11. Agree on Maye for sure. Jury definitely still out on Davis IMO.

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