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  1. Couldn’t agree more with the 3 top guys to chose from. I am actually excited at the names still available. At this point if you could move Lee for a high 4th (not great value I know) but come away with Butler (give Sam a young big target to grow with, guy is a 1st round talent) and Love (CB is a huge need on this team right now) and to get one who can come in right away and start would be great for Round 4, at the expense of Lee, it’s a win.
  4. I am a huge advocate of trading down but if the Jets are to stay put this has to be the best case scenario. I saw this the other day online and came away ecstatic at the thought of the draft playing out this way. The Lock pick made me question the credibility of the mock though as that would be a truly shocking move in my opinion.
  5. The Houston Texans select Benny Snell Jr. running back from Kentucky
  6. Texans select Trayvon Mullen Cornerback Clemson
  7. Texans select Yodny Cajuste Tackle from West Virginia
  8. My thinking is he will fit what they are looking to do offensively. He is not a road grader type but is elite is pass protection. Looking to move back into the first round been sending out fliers. If anyone is looking to move out.
  9. With the 23rd pick the Houston Texans select Andre Dillard
  10. Would you be interested in 54 & 55 (710) for 22 (780) ?

  11. The more time passes the more in really think it is a real thing.
  12. I think the one thing I find joy in is the delusional thought that the Jets will be the ones to end the Patriots dynasty. I know everyone will say they don't care how it happens, Bill and Tom retire or beat them it doesn't matter, but I think it would be some much sweeter to beat the Patriots on the way to glory. The Jets beating the Pats in the playoffs 2010-11 season was the best win I have seen and am old enough to truly remember. Unfortunately the Jets, like me, spent the week leading up to the game planning their super bowl trip.
  13. I agree with you. I just cant even justify the position in that spot. The player just made it completely indefensible. You are right about this year too. It can't be a full OLine rebuild. I say add Paradis at C, move Long to G, and hopefully you can move down and pick up a T in round 1 or 2. The DLine was weak to begin with and with the switch to a 4-3 it is pretty much bare. Leo who has being very disappointing is the only true fit. The Anderson find is a lose now, Jenkins I don't think is worth anything at this point. I really think Flowers has to be a top priority this offseason. And you probably have to double down with a DT or DE and SAM LB too to play with Williamson and Lee.

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