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    Jets defeating Patriots in Divisional Round January 2011
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    Losing to the Steelers in AFC Championship January 2011
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  1. Curse of Namath

    SIGN UP SHEET: 2019 JN 7-round mock + rules

    The more time passes the more in really think it is a real thing.
  2. Curse of Namath

    SIGN UP SHEET: 2019 JN 7-round mock + rules

    I will take the Texans
  3. Curse of Namath

    One thing I am finding joy from tonight

    I think the one thing I find joy in is the delusional thought that the Jets will be the ones to end the Patriots dynasty. I know everyone will say they don't care how it happens, Bill and Tom retire or beat them it doesn't matter, but I think it would be some much sweeter to beat the Patriots on the way to glory. The Jets beating the Pats in the playoffs 2010-11 season was the best win I have seen and am old enough to truly remember. Unfortunately the Jets, like me, spent the week leading up to the game planning their super bowl trip.
  4. Curse of Namath

    Jury is Still out on these Jets Draft Picks

    I agree with you. I just cant even justify the position in that spot. The player just made it completely indefensible. You are right about this year too. It can't be a full OLine rebuild. I say add Paradis at C, move Long to G, and hopefully you can move down and pick up a T in round 1 or 2. The DLine was weak to begin with and with the switch to a 4-3 it is pretty much bare. Leo who has being very disappointing is the only true fit. The Anderson find is a lose now, Jenkins I don't think is worth anything at this point. I really think Flowers has to be a top priority this offseason. And you probably have to double down with a DT or DE and SAM LB too to play with Williamson and Lee.
  5. Curse of Namath

    Jury is Still out on these Jets Draft Picks

    RB Trenton Cannon: Cannon is still a raw running back, but he flashed electric speed and great improvement as a gunner on special teams. He may not be ready to be a regular contributor as quickly as some would like, but his skills make him worth keeping around as a developmental player. DL Folorunso Fatukasi: Projected as an NFL nose tackle, Fatukasi may have a hard time hanging around in Gregg Willliams’ defense which favors four man fronts after spending his rookie season watching Steve McLendon and Mike Pennel. WR Deontay Burnett: Okay, he’s not a Jets draft pick, but he warrants mentioning among this group for this topic. Burnett had a stellar preseason with the Tennessee Titans before Mike Maccagnan snagged him as a free agent when he was let go. Burnett impressed as a receiver last season but rarely saw the field in Jeremy Bates’ offense. Like Derrick Jones on the other side of the ball, Burnett looked impressive when he was finally given a shot in week seventeen and could be a quality slot receiver. Plenty of players to show what they can do, and now hopefully a coaching staff that will give them the opportunity to do it. If they pan out, it’s a win for the Jets. If not, cut bait and hold Maccagnan’s feet to the fire when the 2019 season closes out. The post Jury is Still out on these Jets Draft Picks appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... The Shephard pick is one that Mac should have lost his job over. To take a small school project at a position not of need after you draft your franchise QB, have no 2nd round pick and are desperate for pass rushers, OLinemen and playmakers on offense is extreme incompetence and arrogance.
  6. Curse of Namath

    New to the Board

    I don't get the negative responses to drafting Williams @ 3. I want to trade down and trade down again. Build the OLine. But at 3 I don't see a better option. Putting him next to Leo who hopefully has a fire under his ass could wreck havoc. Sign Flowers and have Jenkins play the other end. I think Josh Allen is Gholston 2.0, Jonah Williams is not worth the 3rd pick. 7, 10, 15 yes. 3 No. I question him over someone like Dilliard, Risner or Taylor. Need to see after the under wear olympics are over if the mock drafts start looking similar.
  7. Curse of Namath

    New to the Board

    Hi my name is Curse of Namath and I am a lifelong Jets fan and season ticket holder. My father is a Giants fan, I don't know how I became a Jets fan but it is in my blood somehow. Lucky me. I hate the new stadium I am pro Jamal Adams Anti Mac I supported the Gase hiring, loved the Greg Williams hiring. Full disclosure I wanted Kingsbury, I think he is an offensive genius. But only with a proven, no ego, DC to be the real head coach I was first against it but now am all in on signing Bell this offseason for the sake of Sam Want to trade down in draft this year. If can't and Bosa is gone want Quinnen Williams All time favorite Jets growing up was Al Toon, more recent was Laveranues Coles All time most hated Jet is Justin Miller That is my story, looking forward to talking Jets

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