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  1. He will not get 15 million from any team unless they are desperate. It will be at most 10 million. He has not played in over a year coming off a second straight ACL to the same knee.
  2. I have not seen this posted yet, if it has please remove
  3. Actually that could be Michael Carter. He was flat out bad last year. Hopefully it was due to being injured.
  4. JD must be on the get all the stars tour, because Woody gave him the get in the playoff mandate. This is one he needs to stay off of, unless for the vet minimum.
  5. I dont know about this.
  6. Very good point. I forgot Mike's brother was the head guy at GB.
  7. Who knows why, but maybe JD was trying to send GB, Moore and a 3rd this year for Rodgers. Plus something next year, and GB wanted a 2 this year and did not want Moore in the deal. Well, JD finds someone interested in Moore to get that 2nd that he needs to end the Rodgers saga. He will use 13 to recoup that 3rd and possibly could end up being another 2nd. This year's number one was never on the table for a possible 1-year rental. All hypothetical. Crazy day in Jet Fan land.
  8. Trade for Rodgers included, moved back in the first to get a second round pick back, that was sent to GB in the Rodgers trade.
  9. NE, Chiefs, Buffalo on Thursday night Football, Eagles, Chargers It's all about the QB's
  10. Yes it is, and Thank you. Should have never been let go in the first place.
  11. This was a wasted topic, deal is done. Jimmy G is Raiderholics new savior like many before him.
  12. I still think Becton will be the starting LT. Williams may be able to play RT, I know that he wants to stay at left, the reason for the trade request, but he may do it for another team as the Bengals told him you are not good enough by signing Brown. So if he could be had for a 4th or 5th, I would take a chance if he is willing to play on the right side. Mitchell is a total question mark at the moment. Also fat Jonah Hill would be a great run stuffer.
  13. Now that they signed Brown, Williams wants out. Any interest?
  14. I was thinking the same thing, He also has to go as far as saying there is another team involved without him naming the team. What a jerk. He is butt hurt.
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