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  1. The Jets have a lot of missing pieces that need to be accumulated. There will be no trade up. The Jets are not 2 players away they are at least 10 or more. Starting with the whole offensive line not including Becton.
  2. Humphrey @ 23 , Wyatt Davis @ 34. Mcgovern kicks to guard. O-line upgraded to average. Corner @ 66 and the reason for the thread, chips in Tommy Tremble @ 86.
  3. Young Played for BYU. How many BYU QB's have won the Super Bowl. The Answer 2. Steve Young and Jim McMahon (I know defense wins championships) Yadda yadda yadda. How many USC quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl. Answer Zero. How Many Ohio State quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl. Answer Zero. If history says anything Fields will not be the 2 pick. The Jets might finally be on the right track.
  4. 23 Creed Humphrey 34 Tevin Jenkins The above with Becton starts the making of a good O-line. Protect the brand new toy at QB. OLB and CB next. With Lawson and Curry onboard Edge can wait a bit. This team has so many holes it will not be fixed with one draft.
  5. 13. Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama 23. Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota 34. Jaelan Phillips EDGE Miami (FL) 42. Nick Bolton LB Missouri 47. Creed Humphrey
  6. If Joe Douglas can find a way to trade out of the 2 spot this year and move back later in round 1. Add a 3rd #1 for 2022 and a 2nd rounder this year and next year. The Jets would now have 2 #1's and 2 #2's this year and 3 #1's and 2 #2's next year. Turn around to Houston and offer them the 3 2022 #1's and Darnold for Watson and Houston's 2022 4th rounder. They get Darnold to place hold for 2021 and then Houston has 3 #1's next year to do what they want. If they get lucky Darnold becomes a player and they now have 3 picks to fix the rest of the team and the QB already in place. Ho
  7. Draft Sewell at 2. Let Sewell and Becton fight it out for Left tackle in camp. Becton has played right tackle in college. Build the wall. Whichever one ends up at right tackle, you have both for at least 4 years and you have time to draft their replacement. Eflein and Mcgovern have not been absolute disasters. They actually have looked Ok. I remember a lot of people here wanted to draft them when they were coming out. The Jets now have both. The only weak spot would be at right guard. If they can sign Thuney, Let Eflein and Van Roten fight it out for the starting right guard spo
  8. Not very often only one I can think of that was a top 10 pick and than won a ring was Jim Plunkett. Most of these guys get the David Carr effect.
  9. All of the above. Allen has not played any world beaters yet. The Jets, Fish, Rams and Raiders. I feel that the bad teams do not care. As they are playing to no one, but the coaches and other players inside the stadium. It looks like they are just going through the motions for a paycheck. These games feel like glorified scrimmages. Yes he has looked better, but lets wait until he has to play in front of 67k people again. Sam is just lost.
  10. One thing I noticed yesterday, none of these Defensive Backs want to use their arms any more to tackle. They lead with their shoulders and when they miss it looks even worse.
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