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  1. Green Truth

    Mini Camp Thread

    I know its early and the only 2 throws I was able to see Sam throw. Ball was out in front and give your receiver a chance. All the other quarterbacks were directly on the body or behind.
  2. Green Truth

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    All but bad memories. Taking Cadigan with the 8th pick overall at guard over Michael Irvin in 88. Wesley was up there in years and we needed a replacement on the opposite side of Toon. If this happens they don't go after Rob Moore in the 90 supplemental draft and The Jets would have had Favre in 91 who Wolf wanted. Hindsight stinks.
  3. Sam is 6foot 3 inches that little dude would have to jump to even connect.
  4. They should have figured out a way to incorporate the word JETS inside of a jet. Oh well the clowns will prevail. On to drink number 5 Prez Mal. It is what it is. On to the new season. 2019 Here come the New York Green Beans
  5. The blacks are probably the Color Rush uniform. Chris Johnson said they will look partially like the Steelers. Well the Helmet should only have the logo on 1 side. What a dweeb. Billion dollar crackhead. Probably would have been better with no logo on the helmet at all.
  6. I have had 3 already. Bottoms up. After seeing this puke fest.
  7. Well as usual the clown car pulls up and the clowns come out. The helmet logo is absolutely putrid. The color of the helmet is is OK. Have to say zero imagination. So sad that the leak was the real thing. I love this team as much as I hate them. Cant wait for the first game they wear throwbacks.
  8. I don't think its real, where is the white stripe on Jamal's pants compared to Anderson., Leo is missing the green stripe to above the knee in comparison to Enunwa. The helmets are just a joke, also why would the home jerseys say New York. Everyone knows they are in New York. Away jerseys usually have the city name. Home jerseys usually have the team name.
  9. Green Truth

    Gronk Retires

    As a Jet fan I was not a fan. Good football player though. Glad to see him gone. Good luck in future endeavors.
  10. To Move down to 15 , I think it would take Washingtons 1 and 2nd this year a second and third in 2020 and a 3rd in 2021. It cost the Jets 3 2's to go from 6 to 3.
  11. Green Truth

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Well now that Poole is on board. I hope he will not be Mr. 3rd Down and 16. The Zebra see's defensive holding. First down. Skrine at his finest. I know everyone wants Bosa, Allen or Williams. If we can trade down and grab Greedy and an O-Lineman. I think that would be Ideal. Now we have a number 2 corner possibly move to one once TJ is gone.
  12. Green Truth

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    Safety is the least of the problems. Queue Tom Shane. Jamals biggest Fan
  13. Green Truth

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Well we may find out in 34 minutes. It has been a bad Day. The Brownies get better with a steal. Barr decides to wimp out as he was scared to come here. Paradis looks like the Jets said , Not Interested.
  14. Green Truth

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    At least he is putting on a show. Kind of amusing actually. Marketing at its finest.

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