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  1. One thing about the Ravens, their special teams are terrible
  2. Its not that he cant make it. He just would never throw it. I just dont see it in him.
  3. The missed passed before the touchdown Mclendon was blocked in the back. No call. But Harrison gets called for hitting a guy right in the numbers. I know they have a good team but you have to make the calls.
  4. Makes no sense, you want long play drives. dink and dunk, keep Mr 6 for 9 55 yards off the field. So he cant run all over you. Anyone think Brad Smith with these new pansy rules would be like Lamar Jackson. I do.
  5. Don't these announcers know the Jets are playing with 1 starting linebacker. No starting CB's and 1 Starting safety.
  6. So far Sam is showing me that he wants to be recognized as a player in this league. I still have my doubts, but he is looking good so far.
  7. Non-Story, no reason to waste his legs or get him hurt. Its all about Joe Douglas Year one and possibly moving Leveon after the season.
  8. Sam is still learning the ropes. He is no where near a Franchise QB. When I hear Franchise QB, I think Brady, Brees, Rothlisberger, Wilson and Rodgers. These are franchise QB's. Franchise QB's are consistent winners. Can you lump Sam's name in with those guys right now. I have to say no. Does Denver all of a sudden have a Franchise QB in Drew Lock, after he carved up the Texans. This was the same team Sam carved up last year. The answer is no. Lets call it what it is. Possible future Franchise QB. At the moment I only see one FQB in the making and that is Mahomes. Watson is no where near what Mahomes is and Jackson will eventually fizzle out as RGIII did.
  9. My biggest issues with Sam. his deep ball accuracy is terrible. That pass to Robbie was under thrown, the pass to DT was overthrown. The second problem is he will not run when necessary, I do not know if its the foot injury or if he is just afraid to get hit. His short to intermediate game is OK. He also can not press when things are not going well. When he presses bad things happen. It's like he is trying to score 14 points on one play. He had one of those moments on Sunday and the defender dropped the ball. Would I call it a bad game no, more mediocre than bad. If he comes out of the season after the illness with 20+ touchdowns and limits the TO's he may be on his way, he is still a baby in NFL years. So lets see if he turns the corner in year 3 with better personnel in front of him.
  10. Who cares if the team posts the fines. We all paid for it in one way shape or form. We should know every salary down to the water boy. TV contracts would not exist without the fans being shilled numerous Bud lights and crappy Hyundai's. Oh and who could forget the Ford F150. Shaq and Dominos peddling the worst pizza on the planet. The $14 dollar beers and $8 hot dogs. The Tickets and all the Hats and Jerseys are sorry 9 to 6 jobs can buy. We have to put it into perspective. He is acting like a child. Man up pay the fine and be quiet.

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