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  1. Walton should have never been the coach. It was Michaels team. Walt made overtures to the ladies on the plane and was canned. If Michaels was still the coach the Jets would have made a Super Bowl in that era.
  2. I definitely agree with number one, The Jets were the better team at that point in the season. Dolphins had the 2 seed in a strike shortened season so this is why the Jets had to go down there. They destroyed Cincy, squeaked a glorious win over the Raiders on the back of Lance Mehl. David Woodley Vs. Todd. LOL they were both not great but Todd was better. This is why Michaels was fired, the tarp not being on the field . He was pissed, got hammered. Saying stupid things on the flight home to the wrong people. Mangini knew Favre was hurt and did not pull him. I did not care if they let Brad Smith run the wildcat every play or Kellen Clemens come in and throw 3 yard passes all game. You do not put an injured player out there just to throw interceptions. You give yourself a chance to win and Favre was hurt enough down the stretch to sit him. They lost to the Seahawks who were terrible that year 5 - 11. Than they get beat by Chaddy cakes. 1 and 4 down the stretch after 2 big wins, one over the Brady less Pats and another over a 10 and 0 Titans team. So Walton gets the nod.
  3. After the first six on my list not one of them has taken the jets to the playoffs. 2 of them got there on another coaches sweat. Rex taking Mangini's team and Walton taking Michaels team. If Michaels does not get canned for being a belligerent drunk on an airplane. Michaels would have been banging on the table for Marino in 83.
  4. Chaddy Cakes and his folly floaters would have probably ended up in a pick six. They were most likely going to sit on the outside routes. I hear what you are saying. I don't care how tough it is to kick in the open end of that place. You are making money for a reason. You have to make the kick. Its all past history now, but Herm was top 5 for this miserable franchise,
  5. I understand Herm should have slammed it up closer with Jordan, the thing is Dougie had 2 chances to seal it and he blew it twice. Herm has the most coached playoff games behind Rex. He was not that terrible. Considering the mess that was before Parcells.
  6. I will give it a shot. Left the Titans coaches out. 1. Weeb - Only because he has the only trophy or this would have been Big Bill 2. Parcells 3 Rex 4 Herm 5 Walt Michaels 6 Walton 7 Mangini 8 Groh 9 Carroll 10 Coslet 11 Bowles 12 Winner 13 Holtz 14 Shipp 15 Holovak 16 Kotite 17 Belichick 18 Belichick
  7. This right here. Everyone had this dude in the late rounds. The genius of Macc took him in the second.
  8. Great news. He deserves a chance. Welcome back Bilal. Good Luck.
  9. If you are not going to take the job, why interview in the first place? Should have just pulled a Paton and declined. Whoever Marc Dominic is. That's a pretty silly thing to say.
  10. The biggest issue with the roster for a while. No star power. Bell now on offense with possibly Sam. The defense maybe Mosely, possibly Adams and Q Williams. Winning teams have star power. The Jets have had absolutely no stars for quite sometime, You know, the kind of players that the media talks about on a regular basis. The roster has taken an uptick.
  11. I believe this will be his last draft. The 2 picks with 5 surgeries between them sealed the deal.
  12. Williams Adams Darnold Williams MAC think outside the box. Ughhhhhh Well cant complain no more. Welcome to The New York Jets Qdub
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