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  1. When The Jets finally do find a player that has ability, they let him walk. Goes to Atlanta and lights it up for a few years. Terance Mathis.
  2. And Josh Bellamy. What a waste that was.
  3. Rob Moore was Ok. To this day still disappointed he is the reason The Jets were unable to draft Brett Favre. The Jets did not have their number one pick in 1991 because they took Moore in the 1990 Supplemental draft.
  4. Martin was a great seasonal player. The Jets Needed him in the biggest game in 98 and he came up small. Also he destroyed the 99 season fumbling and Vinny T blows out the Achilles. Maybe it would have gave out eventually but darn it had to be week one. Pennington had the great mind to be able to see what was in front of him. His limited physical tools caused him to be just average. So for greatest in season player Martin - Yes Pennington not so much. Just my opinion.
  5. This right here. These folks get paid way to much for what they do. If they ever worked a real 9-6 than they would just shut up. I have not missed the current sports at all. There are people that need pro sports as an outlet. I get it, but in the grand scheme of things pro sports mean nothing. I would definitely miss seeing The Jets on Sunday though
  6. Do not count the 49ers game as a loss, Its early in the season and at home. They could have a Super Bowl hangover and they have to fly out east early in the season and have to play at 1PM. If it was on the left coast it would be a definite loss. What the 49ers do best is run the football and play defense. What the Jets D does best is stop the run. This could be a low scoring ugly game that the Jets may be able to squeeze out a win at home. The Cardinals at home. I do not know who wrote this. Healthy Sam equals W. The Colts game. Philip Rivers is a hundred years old. That game is going to be tight. Only 2 guaranteed losses I see are KC and Seattle. Another most likely loss The Rams due to it being on the road. All the rest they have to play the games.
  7. He got destroyed in his bowl game, plus also had the hip injury which looks to have hampered his mobility.
  8. This team is no place to draft projects, they need players that can play. Next man up. JD 4th round was abysmal. Perine, they could have signed any scrap heap running back to fill that role. A QB that will be out of the league in 3 years and an OT that cant pass pro. Absolutely terrible.
  9. Lets Recap, the pick he moved was a pick he got for moving back in the second. We wanted Mims at 48, got him at 59. He flipped the 101 pick for 2 more 4th rounders and a 6th next year. The Jets have pick 120, 125 and 129. So not a bad trade, he has to make those 3 picks. Just feel his 2 3rd round picks were not the greatest value for team needs. We could have had Hennessy from Temple and Lewis from Alabama. Which I think is better than what they took. This draft would look a heck of a lot better with Becton, Mims, Hennessy and Terrell Lewis. Than with the 3 picks in round 4. He would like like a genius. He has to make all 3 picks in round 4.
  10. JD trades the pick. Jesus. To the arch nemesis none the less. Better have gotten 2 fourths. Trader Joe

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