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  1. Do not know the rules about posting external links. If its a no-no please take it down. Cashman interview was pretty good about 25 minutes. Talks how the game is slowing down for him and how CJ is working with him. Thought it gave some insight to the rookies development. Falk looks like a 15 year old without the porn stache.
  2. Jets looking to cover the spread. HAHA Does Brady come back in?
  3. I know people say Leo is terrible. On that last catch by Gordon he was tripled teamed.
  4. I have had enough of Tom Brady. Guy has been great had a fantastic career. Will go down as the best ever. Just tired of him at this point. Cant wait until Brown is in and out of court, Gordon implodes as usual leaves the team for personal reasons. Edelman get tagged for dirty pee again. This team is missing both their starting left and right tackle this week. Williams is going to blitz on both edges all game and get after him. This will be Tommy's last year. Yes the Jets will get beat, but Tom is walking out of there all bruised up. Its time to let the new guys start to become the face of the league. Jackson, Mahomes, Watson, Goff, Wentz, Allen, Darnold, Dak, and Mayfield. I would like to see Brees, Ben, Eli, Philip and Brady leave as their time has come.
  5. Walter Payton, Lester Hayes, Ronnie Lott, Dan Fouts, Tony Dorsett, Charlie Joiner, John Stallworth, Eric Dickerson. Just to name a few. List could go on for a while.
  6. Hewitt confirmed in his post game interview that play was on him. Bart Scott was correct.
  7. Watching the postgame. Bart Scott says on the big OBJ touchdown that Greg Williams was pissed due to the fact that they had the perfect defense called and Neville Hewitt's inexperience caused him to peek into the the backfield. He said if Mosely is in there that is a pick 6. As Mosely would have jumped that route.
  8. BB is going to lay the hammer on Gase next week for that trash that happened in Miami last year. Book it. We have no QB at this point. The defense will be Ok out of the gate but will eventually get torched.

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