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  1. This is fine, I get it he is a great back, but he maybe has 2 years left in him. Give the guy a chance to win a ring. Just get a 3rd or 4th for him so we can get a decent back in this draft. I actually kinda felt sorry for him this year.
  2. Any OL we should be keeping an eye on in this game? We know the best Defensive players in Delpit and Simmons and all the offensive skill positions hitting the draft. Any Offensive OL coming out that are worth a look?
  3. Jefferson has to show up here, if he wants 2nd round looks.
  4. I really don't understand the love for Watson. I do not really ever see him playing in the Super Bowl. Fun to watch him dance around make people miss tackles and than get sacked 10 seconds later.
  5. The only hope I feel The Titans have is that they can run the football and eat up clock. They cant win a shootout against these guys.
  6. That place is one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. There is no way you fake punt. Play the averages punt the ball and let them have to go the length of the field.
  7. They also picked up Myers from the Rams, Nathan Shepherd is still here. Williams can go without any damage what so ever. Draft a big body in the 6th to eat up space. Re-sign Jenkins keep Williamson and get an edge in FA . You are looking at a pretty good front 7.
  8. Instead of trading Adams how about Joe D look to move the biggest mistake, Q Williams. If he can land a late 1st and 5th for him you take it. Williams was not needed. I will go to war with Anderson, Mclendon and Phillips and be fine with it. Find a way to sign Bud Dupree if he is not tagged. That is 2 more picks for the mistake and you get the edge you need. Draft a OL and WR in round 1. Round 2 another OL and round 3 another OL and WR.
  9. Lets play the what if game. If Miami does not nix the trade for Brees because of the shoulder, The AFC East may have looked totally different over the last 14 years. The Pats may not have all 6 Super Bowls because Brady would have had to duel with Brees to win divisions. I know could have, would have, should have. It would have been interesting though. If this deal goes down, the dynasty may have never existed.
  10. I did not even realize it. The man's last pass was a pick 6 to the other team. I like it.
  11. Tom Brady will walk off into the sunset. The man has 6 rings, he will go down as one of the greatest of all time. It took 18 years to finally end this mess, but it is officially over. Mo Lewis started it and Derrick Henry ends it.
  12. That goal line stand by the Titans may have been the momentum changer. Lets go Titans.
  13. When Henry came out of Alabama I felt he would never be good in the NFL because he ran so upright. Well I was wrong.
  14. Screens and pick plays, nothing has changed. Unless you get after him, same crap every game. They are so well coached to set up their blocks, its actually pretty special.
  15. Well even if the Titans dont win, the Pats will have to play there next one on the road in KC.
  16. I hate Jim Nantz. Can we get a plane to fly over CBS. This dude loves the Pats.
  17. YES. Right on the screws. Road Tannehill to my fantasy football championship.

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