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  1. I believe they have 2 6ths next year and no 7th. They got a 6th for Cashman and traded the 7th to Tampa in the Mclendon deal.
  2. Wilson over Williams. My only gripe. Wilson is under 6ft. Williams is 6 foot 2. Just as fast. Runs great routes. If he wasn’t hurt he would have been 10. Detroit came up 20 picks to grab him. It’s not about 2022. 2023 is when this team hits home. Rest of the draft was great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ross, Drummond, Rambo, Weatherford, Monday, Domann. Get it done Joe.
  4. 2 Trades That gave The Jets 3 firsts next year 2 seconds and 2 3rds. 10. George Karlaftis EDGE Purdue 24. Nakobe Dean LB Georgia 35. Christian Watson WR North Dakota State 56. Kyler Gordon CB Washington 69. Kerby Joseph S Illinois 111. Matt Waletzko OT North Dakota 117. James Cook RB Georgia 146. Tyquan Thornton WR Baylor 163. Jamaree Salyer OG Georgia 2023 DEN 1st 2023 SEA 1st 2023 DAL 2nd 2023 DAL 3rd
  5. JD and the GM in KC may have pictures of each other not doing nice things. They gave us LDT for nothing, then cut the player we sent them and we resigned him. Joe helped KC out to get KC the best deal possible, knowing Hill wanted to go play in Florida. HIll's response here proves it. The Jets were never going to be his destination.
  6. Williams was WR numero uno before the injury, do the Jets have the ability to wait until he is ready. If Moore, Davis and Berrios could stay healthy until he is ready. Which is a big if. Williams is the guy. The teams that have the ability to wait for him to be healthy will reap the benefits.
  7. Toon was awesome. Career cut way to short. Walker was getting up there in age by then, but what an unreal combo, before the concussions.
  8. Hill was a 5th round draft pick. He proves you can find excellent players later in the draft. Longshot yes, but not out of the realm of of possibility. If he would have stayed at Oklahoma State he may have gone earlier, but drafted out of Western Alabama. There is a sub 4.4 burner at 6'4 in this draft from North Dakota State. One of the greats of all time came out of Mississippi Valley State, Division 1-AA
  9. Are we allowed to name him the landscaper?
  10. 1) Garrett Wilson 2) Nakobe Dean
  11. Jets were never going to get someone that did not want to be here. KC used the Jets as pawns. DK will cost the Jets a first. That’s as real as it’s going to get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. They would to get their first round pick back. Metcalf for 10 or Lockett for a 2nd this year and a 3rd next year. They may pull the trigger.
  13. Getting an established vet would have been ideal. The Jets are going to have to do their homework and find someone in the draft. They have 3 guys that can play if they can stay on the field. I really think they have to draft 2 WR's. Mims is a mess, can he revive his career? If he does, The Jets only have him for this year and next. The rest of the room are castaways. At this point, you have to bring Cole back on a one-year deal and Draft 2. One in the first 2 rounds and one in the 4th or 5th.
  14. Don't know the answer. If he had a no trade clause, then yes.
  15. I don't want to push this off-topic anymore, as this is a thread about the miss of snagging Hill. I do not believe that players care about losses 6 years ago when they're still kissing their High School girlfriend. Zach will win games. The team just needs to get better around him. Especially on defense. Would Hill have been a nice piece. Absolutely. Do I believe the Jets are lamenting about this? Absolutely not.
  16. Can't live in the past. Yes, there is no good loss or moral victory. Beating a total trash team does not make a winner. It is a team they should have beat and that's it. The players change, and I am sure they are not thinking of past losses. Past wins or losses mean nothing. It is the games that have not been played yet that are important.
  17. Fully understand. Players are different. Do you think they care that they are 10-2 against another garbage team over the last 6 years? Odds makers may care, but Zach is 0-1 against them. The past is the past. Zach will make it 2-1 this year in his favor.
  18. And where did that get them? Playing golf right along side the Jets. Beating the Jets is a moral victory I guess.
  19. What have the Dolphins won in the last 49 years? Last time they went to the SB was 38 years ago and were embarrassed. They have been just as much of a joke as The Jets. At least The Jets have been to an AFC championship game in the last 13 years. The Dolphins have not sniffed the AFC Championship game since 1993. The Dolphins with Tua will still be mediocre at best. The Jets will surpass them this year. The Jets missed out on a person who may be physically gifted, with very low morals. This is not a loss. You cannot lose what you never had. The Jets missed out. The Dolphins are a destination due to weather and taxes. Not because they are a great team. Their fans still live upon the days of Marino and Shula. They have been terrible for a very long time and it will continue. Stay the course. The Jets are on the way up. Hill picked the wrong horse in this race.
  20. Why Not? LOL 4. Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan 10. Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon 35. Christian Watson WR North Dakota State 38. Breece Hall RB Iowa State 69. Chad Muma LB Wyoming 111. Zyon McCollum CB Sam Houston State 117. JT Woods S Baylor 146. Jelani Woods TE Virginia 163. Jamaree Salyer OG Georgia
  21. 35 - Jaquan Brisker 38 - Christian Watson
  22. I don't see Carolina coming up to 4 for Willis. The Giants are sticking with Jones for this season. It would totally destroy Jones if the Giants picked a QB. Carolina will have the pick of the litter at 6, if they want a QB. The only team I can see coming up now is Atlanta.
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