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  1. If it shook out this way. I would not complain
  2. New one for the week Since the 2 top edges were off the board and I am not crazy about Karlaftis. Traded down got the Jets/Wilson another weapon on offense and grabbed the 4th best edge in this class. Grabbed another edge later. If the defense Saleh runs, is predicated on the d-line being dominant and Carl Lawson being a question mark. The Jets need to double dip here in a deep edge class. Took Salyer as a RG. Listed as a tackle on PFN, but he is rated as a top 100 player at guard. Can play tackle in a pinch also.
  3. New one for this week. Made some crazy trades that are not realistic, but I would be happy with this haul.
  4. I like a bunch of the picks. Ojabo, Gardner, Hill, Smith, Mcbride and Patterson Will JD shy away from someone like Derion Kendrick, due to the off the field issue. JD is into team guy, captain types.
  5. I am getting a Dion Jordan vibe with this guy. Another Duck who was supposed to be a stud.
  6. New one for the week. With the 2 big Edge rushers off the board, and not wanting a safety early, went in a different direction this time around.
  7. Nathan Shepherd, Jamison Crowder, Jarrad Davis, Marcus Maye. No surprises here
  8. This is good news. I said it against the Packers in pre-season, that Amendola's kicks were shaky. Maybe this guy is better not having that extra muscle mass. Less stiffness in the right leg. Haha
  9. The color commentator on Sunday said, "Becton was out for the season". I was confused. I said he was an idiot. LOL. He never retracted the statement. Good to hear he will still play this year.
  10. Kick Becton to right tackle which he has played in college. Move McGovern to RG or sign a vet. Neal goes to left tackle and Linderbaum takes over in the middle. Zack will be very clean. No excuses if he stinks after this. LT - Neal LG- AVT C - Linderbaum RG - McGovern or FA RT - Becton. I would roll with that O-line.
  11. Play Elijah Moore week one in Draft Kings. I am expecting a big week with this news. Only cost 3k against the cap. He is on multiple entries already for me.
  12. Oh that's good, he gets 2 negative tests in a row, He can come right back. Now we can put him on defense. All he has to do is say Sam I'm open.
  13. He will be fine. Stinks he most likely will miss week one. We could have thrown him out on defense and Sam would definitely have found him, since they have great chemistry.
  14. Joe D may have signed him off this video. The thud when his foot hits the ball is ridiculous. The Jets grabbed him out of Kicker camp.
  15. Vaccinated/Unvaccinated, same outcome if he is healthy. Problem is now he is shelved for 14 days. That sux
  16. If the Jets have the 3rd pick its Kayvon Thibodeaux. As the top 2 will pick Qb's if its the Lions and Texans.
  17. Douglas's 2020 3rd and 4th round were an absolute mess. Morgan and Perine were a waste. Ahstyn Davis was not on anyone's mind on this board. Zuniga is a waste. In the 3rd round we needed OL, WR, TE on this team. Damien Lewis started all 16 games for Seattle and graded out really well in his first season. We needed a center Cushenberry was still on the board, Duvernay at WR was still there. Lucas Niang, who will be starting in KC at OT was still there. Harrison Bryant was available also. The Jets needed 2 WR's in that draft and OL. What did the Jets get. Davis who has never seen a training camp, Zuniga, James Morgan and a dime a dozen running back in Perine. Joe Douglas's 2020 3rd and 4th round in 2020 was an absolute waste. Lets hope this was all on Gase.
  18. Just go to the game, If you worry about the one in a million chance that you will get into a fight with Joe Bro from Caldwell. You will never enjoy anything. Have fun, keep to yourself. You will have zero issues. Vulgar language will happen in any section you sit in. That is a given.
  19. Ammendola needed competition, Naggar was not it. Ammendola kicked well in Green Bay, but they were not pretty. It's very late now. It's Ammendola's job to lose at this point. If the Jets feel Borregales is better bring him in and cut Ammendola. Hoping The Jets finally find their Vinatieri. The Jets kicking situation has been shaky for a while now. Myers was an aberration for his time with the Jets.
  20. Vernon would be the person to try and get on a 1 year deal. Only issue, he is coming off his own achilles injury. This is most likely why he is still available.
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