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  1. If the Jets have the 3rd pick its Kayvon Thibodeaux. As the top 2 will pick Qb's if its the Lions and Texans.
  2. Douglas's 2020 3rd and 4th round were an absolute mess. Morgan and Perine were a waste. Ahstyn Davis was not on anyone's mind on this board. Zuniga is a waste. In the 3rd round we needed OL, WR, TE on this team. Damien Lewis started all 16 games for Seattle and graded out really well in his first season. We needed a center Cushenberry was still on the board, Duvernay at WR was still there. Lucas Niang, who will be starting in KC at OT was still there. Harrison Bryant was available also. The Jets needed 2 WR's in that draft and OL. What did the Jets get. Davis who has never seen a training camp, Zuniga, James Morgan and a dime a dozen running back in Perine. Joe Douglas's 2020 3rd and 4th round in 2020 was an absolute waste. Lets hope this was all on Gase.
  3. Just go to the game, If you worry about the one in a million chance that you will get into a fight with Joe Bro from Caldwell. You will never enjoy anything. Have fun, keep to yourself. You will have zero issues. Vulgar language will happen in any section you sit in. That is a given.
  4. Ammendola needed competition, Naggar was not it. Ammendola kicked well in Green Bay, but they were not pretty. It's very late now. It's Ammendola's job to lose at this point. If the Jets feel Borregales is better bring him in and cut Ammendola. Hoping The Jets finally find their Vinatieri. The Jets kicking situation has been shaky for a while now. Myers was an aberration for his time with the Jets.
  5. Vernon would be the person to try and get on a 1 year deal. Only issue, he is coming off his own achilles injury. This is most likely why he is still available.
  6. I follow all the same teams you do. I have been doing it for 40 plus years of misery. Put it behind you. The teams don't pay your bills, unless you work for the organization. Just enjoy it as entertainment and don't get to wrapped up in it. Everything will be fine. I got 2 wins from the Knicks, I was only 3 when the second one happened so I consider that 0. 1 from the Rangers and 1 from the Mets. Oh the joy. LOL
  7. This right here is a very concerning.
  8. Lawson has already torn an ACL twice, once at Auburn and once with Cincinatti. Hoping for the best.
  9. The Jets have a lot of missing pieces that need to be accumulated. There will be no trade up. The Jets are not 2 players away they are at least 10 or more. Starting with the whole offensive line not including Becton.
  10. Humphrey @ 23 , Wyatt Davis @ 34. Mcgovern kicks to guard. O-line upgraded to average. Corner @ 66 and the reason for the thread, chips in Tommy Tremble @ 86.
  11. Young Played for BYU. How many BYU QB's have won the Super Bowl. The Answer 2. Steve Young and Jim McMahon (I know defense wins championships) Yadda yadda yadda. How many USC quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl. Answer Zero. How Many Ohio State quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl. Answer Zero. If history says anything Fields will not be the 2 pick. The Jets might finally be on the right track.
  12. 23 Creed Humphrey 34 Tevin Jenkins The above with Becton starts the making of a good O-line. Protect the brand new toy at QB. OLB and CB next. With Lawson and Curry onboard Edge can wait a bit. This team has so many holes it will not be fixed with one draft.
  13. 13. Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama 23. Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota 34. Jaelan Phillips EDGE Miami (FL) 42. Nick Bolton LB Missouri 47. Creed Humphrey OC Oklahoma 66. Spencer Brown OT Northern Iowa 71. Javonte Williams RB North Carolina 73. Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State 86. Chazz Surratt LB North Carolina 107. Ambry Thomas CB Michigan 116. Kyle Trask QB Florida 146. Caden Sterns S Texas 154. Kendrick Green OG Illinois 185. Elerson Smith EDGE Northern Iowa 249. Jose Borregales K Miami (FL) Trade Details Received: Pick 2 - Zach Wilson Received: Pick 8 Pick 39 Pick 73 2022 CAR 1st 2022 CAR 2nd -------------------------------------------------------- Trade Details Received: Pick 8 - Caleb Farley Received: Pick 9 Pick 71 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trade Details Received: Pick 39 - Jaycee Horn Received: Pick 42 Pick 116 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trade Details Received: Pick 9 - Rashawn Slater Received: Pick 13 Pick 47
  14. If Joe Douglas can find a way to trade out of the 2 spot this year and move back later in round 1. Add a 3rd #1 for 2022 and a 2nd rounder this year and next year. The Jets would now have 2 #1's and 2 #2's this year and 3 #1's and 2 #2's next year. Turn around to Houston and offer them the 3 2022 #1's and Darnold for Watson and Houston's 2022 4th rounder. They get Darnold to place hold for 2021 and then Houston has 3 #1's next year to do what they want. If they get lucky Darnold becomes a player and they now have 3 picks to fix the rest of the team and the QB already in place. Houston gets rid of Watson who does not want to be there. One rumor is saying they want 2 #1's, 2 #2's and 2 defensive studs. I think Watson not wanting to be there will drive the price down a little. 3 #1's and a former #1 should be able to get it done. In this one can dream scenario, the cost would be 2 #1 picks and Darnold. Watson would be considered as The Jets 2022 first round pick. The Jets would now have a total of 10 picks this year, 6 in the top 96. In 2022 they would still have 9 picks starting in the second round. If Houston says no to the deal. The Jets are still in great shape with 3 #1's in 2022 and the ability to land the next big thing at QB. Darnold gets his last year to prove it. If he fails The Jets #1 pick in 2022 will probably be top 5 again. So they would have another chance at a top QB, with better talent on the team, via the 2021/2022 draft and free agency. The Jets still need a lot of pieces and I don't think swapping out Darnold for Wilson/Fields helps. Landing Watson and having 19 picks over the next 2 drafts helps more.
  15. Draft Sewell at 2. Let Sewell and Becton fight it out for Left tackle in camp. Becton has played right tackle in college. Build the wall. Whichever one ends up at right tackle, you have both for at least 4 years and you have time to draft their replacement. Eflein and Mcgovern have not been absolute disasters. They actually have looked Ok. I remember a lot of people here wanted to draft them when they were coming out. The Jets now have both. The only weak spot would be at right guard. If they can sign Thuney, Let Eflein and Van Roten fight it out for the starting right guard spot. Cut Fant and save 8 million. Keep Edoga as a cheap backup swing tackle. Draft Najee with the second 1st as Etienne will most likely be gone by that pick. Sam still stinks, but The Jets are stuck with him for one more year. Maybe Trask with the early 2nd rounder. I would prefer edge or corner with this pick. Tylan Wallace in the 3rd. To add another weapon. Sam looked terrible again today. Ugh. I had so much hope. He is only 23. That's the only thing he has going for him.
  16. Not very often only one I can think of that was a top 10 pick and than won a ring was Jim Plunkett. Most of these guys get the David Carr effect.
  17. All of the above. Allen has not played any world beaters yet. The Jets, Fish, Rams and Raiders. I feel that the bad teams do not care. As they are playing to no one, but the coaches and other players inside the stadium. It looks like they are just going through the motions for a paycheck. These games feel like glorified scrimmages. Yes he has looked better, but lets wait until he has to play in front of 67k people again. Sam is just lost.
  18. One thing I noticed yesterday, none of these Defensive Backs want to use their arms any more to tackle. They lead with their shoulders and when they miss it looks even worse.
  19. This team is bad. Gase is Bad,. 3 and and 1. Run Sam up the gut twice for 3 feet. What a waste. Getting torn up by the quick passing game again. Wow, 0-16 might just be a possibility. These games need fans, So I have now thrown this season away. Gase gets fired and Trevor Lawrence will be behind center. What utter trash. O-line has been the only bright spot.
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