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  1. This team is going places. I for one cant wait to see Sam next year fully healthy with all of his offensive weapons. I think this win is great for team morale and will project us head first into a brick wall where we break our necks and die.
  2. Probably looking forward to signing Gurley in the off season
  3. darnold just needs more time and some fresh weapons
  4. The jets will not be beating the seahawks. As bad as they played yesterday, we are not the Giants and Gase is not Joe Judge
  5. Honestly I think this worked out for both of us. We didn't need Leonard or his salary hit. The giants just closed out 2 big wins on the back of huge plays by Leonard. I'm sure if we asked any Giants fan right now they are very happy with his production. I don't know why we are saying his production is going to automatically fall off next season. Maybe if they loose their defensive coordinator, but as of right now he is getting the absolute most out of his players.
  6. I'm not a Giants hater but its hard for me to root for them. Might be an underlying jealousy thing, but I selfishly take pleasure when they aren't doing well. That being said they honestly seem to be moving in the right direction. They have a young team that lost some heartbreaking games earlier in the season and didn't give up, even when it looked like they would be in the running for Trevor. I know we have a lot of draft capital and yada yada yada but hooking your wagon to that is all still speculation. Its not a 100% thing that Trevor will be here and its not a given that the next coach wil
  7. The problem is what can we realistically get for a guy that contracted mono from licking a toilet seat?
  8. Since its pretty much decided we are going with a QB in the draft, I wouldn't be against trying to ship Darnold off for some picks. I think we could get a 5th and a 6th.
  9. 1st Year Head Coaching Records Tom Landry 0-11-1 Bill Belichick 6-10 Bill Parcells 3-12 Andy Reed 5-11 Freddie Kitchens 6-10 Freddy Kitchens 1st year record is right up there with the greats. I think his personality and physique fits this organization perfectly. I can truly see him leading gang green next year
  10. I wouldn't hate Freddie Kitchens. He is already living here in NY and I just think he is a fitting jets coach.
  11. Honestly just the guy we need to help Sam turn the season around. Finally an optimistic post! Also stoked about them releasing Bell. Am I the only one who is excited to see Gore get turned loose!
  12. Waaaaay to soon to call Darnold a bust. Lets surround him with an all pro offense, then make our decision. Id give him another 4-5 years honestly.
  13. I honestly cant tell at this point. Barkley has been injured and Sams situation is not ideal. Id love to see Sam behind the Cowboys offensive line, with the chiefs offensive weapons, and the Pittsburgh defense backing him up. I think he would be a pretty solid QB in this scenario.
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