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  1. Maxta_p


    I hope yo guys are right. My brother in law is a big Giants fan and he's been giving me nonstop guff about us letting Thibs slip to the Giants. He said we took the safe choice because we don't know how to handle star players.
  2. Maxta_p


    I'm very happy with our draft and couldn't be happier where we are headed. That being said, part of me worries that we should have taken Thibs. I know its all speculation until the rubber meets the road but I can shake the feeling he's going to be the next LT for the Giants. Anyone else had these thoughts?
  3. I own a catering company so draft night and superbowl are always at my house. Don't like to toot my own horn (toot-toot) but I'm doing some great French inspired fusion. Current lineup includes: La Nouille du Triomphe A meal of pure bliss and flavor - a delicious plate of ramen noodles boiled in the purest of water. Noodles can be flavored with either chicken or beef seasoning. Le Repas du Fromage Dolicieux A mouthwatering bowl of easy mac cooked to perfection in a microwave. Served with a side of peanut M&Ms. Le Repas de la Faim de Grande Personne A delectably and savory microwaved TV dinner. The dish comes with two pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, freshly grown vegetables and a satisfying brownie that is heated to absolute perfection. Le Sandwich Rouge A truly phenominal sandwich consisting of ketchup spread over a carefully microwaved piece of bread, and then topped with another piece of bread. Comes with a side of mayonnaise for dipping.
  4. I would probably swap 3rds and a fourth...maybe take their 6th for our 5th
  5. If the Giants are a dead franchise....what does that make us?
  6. Exactly...at least we could see some enjoyable games on Sundays, not utter embarrassment week after week, year after year. And the people saying they would rather have a bust??? I guess that's what being a Jets fan does to us over the years. We would rather have a bust than a competent QB. Its the Jets Way Baby!
  7. This team is going places. I for one cant wait to see Sam next year fully healthy with all of his offensive weapons. I think this win is great for team morale and will project us head first into a brick wall where we break our necks and die.
  8. Probably looking forward to signing Gurley in the off season
  9. darnold just needs more time and some fresh weapons
  10. The jets will not be beating the seahawks. As bad as they played yesterday, we are not the Giants and Gase is not Joe Judge
  11. Honestly I think this worked out for both of us. We didn't need Leonard or his salary hit. The giants just closed out 2 big wins on the back of huge plays by Leonard. I'm sure if we asked any Giants fan right now they are very happy with his production. I don't know why we are saying his production is going to automatically fall off next season. Maybe if they loose their defensive coordinator, but as of right now he is getting the absolute most out of his players.
  12. I'm not a Giants hater but its hard for me to root for them. Might be an underlying jealousy thing, but I selfishly take pleasure when they aren't doing well. That being said they honestly seem to be moving in the right direction. They have a young team that lost some heartbreaking games earlier in the season and didn't give up, even when it looked like they would be in the running for Trevor. I know we have a lot of draft capital and yada yada yada but hooking your wagon to that is all still speculation. Its not a 100% thing that Trevor will be here and its not a given that the next coach will be able to right the ship. What we see from the Giants is that they have a coaching staff that has seemed to successfully change the demeanor of an organization that has been spiraling down with no fight or pride for the past 5 years. I don't like the giants or giants fans but it hard to sh*t on a team that is trying to claw out wins and are not leaving anything on the field. Beats watching a bunch of guys staring at the clock and waiting for it to hit double zeros so they can go home.
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