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  1. I agree. 12 picks is the line between a bad and good quarterback. Its pretty easy to see that. Jameis winston- over 12 picks, russel wilson-under 12 picks Baker Mayfield- over 12 picks, drew brees-under 12 picks i could go on and on. its just facts
  2. Would have never amounted to anything. We have Bell and cant get a running game going.
  3. Typical classless Revis watching the game in some basement somewhere.
  4. I believe in Slam Darnold and fell he will navigate us through this tough schedule. Im not worried about the west coast trips. Sam will be returning to his gold coast and will mop up the floor with the westies. #sonofsam
  5. The giants were already in negotiations with judge yesterday. They cancelled their interview with Rhule because they knew they were hiring Judge
  6. not surprising. the giants have been a rudderless team for the past couple of years
  7. I dont think this realy helps us. We already have Darnold. I dont want Tua
  8. andrew thomas is not falling out of the top 4.
  9. If the ball bounced our way a few dozen times, everyone stayed healthy, and Darnold developed a bit faster we would easily have the bills playoff spots
  10. The Son of Sam is lethal on rollouts. Still need to see more work from the pocket though.
  11. The jets will easily win this week. Sam Darnold is really revving up! What he has done after recovering from that disease should have him in the running for comeback player of the year!
  12. The Sam man is coming through big time this week. Write it down #beastfromtheeast
  13. I fear we will never truly see this bright young stars potential

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