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  1. I am almost embarrassed for him watching him talk to the draft picks on the phone. After JD, Saleh & Woody are through they're basically ready to hang up and then they catch CJ out of the corner of their eye and are like "wait, wait.........there's one more person who wants to say something".
  2. I would prefer they give 35 & 38 for him because I feel like then you would get your top OT, a top Edge & a premeir WR.
  3. The only time that I truly felt he was the guy was after the Cowboys game in 2019. So much so that I told my wife to reschedule our daughter's Christening because it was scheduled for the Sunday of the AFC Championship game and I was "pretty sure" I would be going lol.
  4. But LT is more important to right-armed QB and Fant played the position at an elite level last season.
  5. When else would they trade him? And you certainly wouldn't get a first for him at this point.
  6. So long Becton. It feels to me that they are going ship him for, what they hope, is a 2nd day pick. I still believe they are planning on taking Ekwonu or Neal if they're still on the board at 4.
  7. 1.) Ekwonu/Neal 2.) Thibodeaux
  8. Also, as someone stated earlier in the thread, covid was fresh during the pre-draft screening process which I'm sure skewed his perception of these guys a bit
  9. Trade Becton and a mid-round pick for Ridley
  10. Get him off the team!!!! The 2020 draft class as a whole was a whiff. I'm sure Douglas will get decent value in return for him. I know he's young and rich, but there seems to be a level of immaturity from him that will not be improved in the near future
  11. What about Berrios? Jets Twitter was pounding the table for fans to vote for him because he led the league in return average!!! Granted he had 11 punt and kick returns combined.
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