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  1. My apologies if this is already another thread, however is anyone else curious about the absence of Adam Gase on Draft Day? via NY Jets website: Gase does not appear in any of the phone calls to our draft picks Gase does not appear in any of the post draft press conferences while Bowles did last year Gase does not appear in the photos of Quinnen arriving at facilities: https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/quinnen-williams-arrives-at-1-jets-drive#bb11edc5-dc63-4c2c-80f7-628a5f41c506 Am i just over thinking this or is something going on?
  2. In the words of Ari Gold: Well, I was reading that and it's interesting cause what it says is, you don't know what the ___ you're talking about!
  3. Quoting Manish is laughable. He does anything to stir the pot.
  4. I may punch myself in the face reading some of these comments. They did a complete overhaul of the logo. THAT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL LOGO! Calm down, take a deep breath, and remind yourself you will see the real thing in 2 days!
  5. This is 100% just a placeholder right now. Between this and the logo we saw in the One Jets Drive, no doubt this is NOT the logo. Do you really think the Jets would allow the new logo to be shown in a promo video??? Come on now
  6. LEAK INFO>>> Jets water bottle on rewards website hinting towards new color scheme??? i think so!
  7. Ticket holder auction for tickets to the event is now at 57,000 points. I hope they hook this person up with new gear or at least something with new logo on it. As for the release, i already know we will have another 130 pages on every members opinion on the jersey. As for me, im cool with this one that came out on facebook, but not a big fan of the logo just plain NY. They can be more creative than that
  8. NY Jets Communication twitter also has this lighter shade of green all over their profile https://twitter.com/NYJetsPR
  9. Alot of things have to go right this off season to even entertain this as an actual possibility. But im excited to see what happens next few months!
  10. They have already confirmed there will be a new logo, so the one in the image does not represent our new logo. Do we really think they would show the new logo in a teaser video for all to see?
  11. i dont see any reason to sign antonio brown. unless we drastically upgrade our offensive live, get a legit RB to compliment darnold, then why waste picks and cap room on a 31 year old prima donna. if we were in a Superbowl or bust year i can see the add, but not right now. i rather find a younger wr to pair with darnold with years to come
  12. rank in order of anticipation... -free agency -jets new jersey reveal -draft -training camp
  13. this trade could of ended up bad if we didnt get darnold and took rosen or allen. Worked out for the best. Could you imagine we signed cousins?????? Trade would of never been in play A+ move
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