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  1. By year 3, Zach is going to get injured mid season and 56 year old backup Ben Roethlisberger comes in and looks slightly above mediocre for a couple games. Jets fans everywhere scream that this is damning evidence that Zach sucks. Zach ends up getting traded to the Colts in the off-season for a pile of scraps and ends up winning 3 Super Bowls with them.
  2. Lol this is quite comedic since Jets fans would be screaming for Wilson to start after the 2nd preseason game. Most fans already moved on from Darnold and seeing him keep Wilson on the sidelines would have been ugly for the organization. If anything they should have brought in a veteran QB to take the lumps while they groomed Zach.
  3. The Jets are playing an ex-Jets QB. We already know how this is going to turn out.
  4. Loss is on Judge with the conservative play calling after the turnover. Way too much time on the clock and their defense wasn’t stopping anything to just hand it off 3 times. He played to lose and they lost.
  5. Average probably around 200 yards per game and slightly more TDs than INTs. Think he'll have a year similar to Darnold's rookie year where he has flashes but also a lot of question marks. Ultimately I don't think he lives up to his potential/draft position.
  6. Let’s be real this is the Jets. How this is going to play out this year is Darnold will light it up in Carolina and Wilson will struggle and half the board will be on suicide watch.
  7. Arnold is more reliable than Herndon. Most of his catches went for first downs last year and he’s a huge red zone target. Herndon on the other hand couldn’t catch a beach ball at times last year and when he did he would fumble it. A new QB isn’t going to help improve his consistency. He played better the end of the season but he was truly unreliable for most of it.
  8. Saying he isn't as high on him is more to the fact that I feel that JT doesn't think Wilson is ranked behind Lawrence the way most analysts are thinking. He loves the physical attributes of Wilson but questions some of his in game decision making. Basically a very similar assessment of what people have had here with Darnold.
  9. JT isn't as high on Wilson. Watched his QB school analysis and his prevailing thought is that Wilson plays too fast and misses reads which doesn't really bode well behind the Jets OLine coming from BYU where he rarely got pressured.
  10. Gesicki and Pitts are going to be the new Gronk and Chico in the division
  11. Grier really showed how to masterfully do your job. He got a nice haul from SF and was then able to trade up to 6 and will be in good position to get the player he’s targeting. Just imagine if they drafted Herbert instead last year. Even if Tua doesn’t work out that team will be stacked for whatever QB comes in.
  12. If anything this makes the #2 pick even more valuable. The only reason SF traded up was to get a QB so that makes whatever team wanting to draft Wilson have to pay that much more since they have to trade for #2.
  13. Is he just watching the receiver get open without looking at the pocket? Some of these plays look like they’re taking a few seconds to develop which is asking a lot with our OLine.
  14. Adoree would be great if not for the fact we won’t have Berrios returning kicks
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