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  1. I mean I might as well be covering the Jets at this point since I have just as many sources as Manish now that Mac has been fired.
  2. They should have fired Mac along with Bowles. Like Woody said the GM position would have been really attractive at that point when you had the cap room, 3rd pick, the say in hiring a new coach, along with Darnold. Would have made so much more sense then instead of trying to find a GM before the season starts. And looks like we'll be reading a lot of bitter ex-wife like articles from Manish this season.
  3. Even though Mac deserved to be fired the timing is absolutely horrible. Really need to take a hard look at who is running this team.
  4. Mahomes and Watson being that much higher than Trubisky is definitely revisionist history.
  5. A bad team with a generational QB is going to do much better than an bad team with a generational RB. I mean how hard is it to understand? A QB has more effect on the game than a RB and that’s why it’s more important to find one. There is no argument there it’s you either get it or you don’t.
  6. If your argument that Barkley is already a generational talent and franchise RB and your team hasn't done much better the next year and Darnold who is a QB that hasn't proved or shown much and the Jets are drafting in a similar position that just shows how stupid it is picking a RB is that high. Imagine if Darnold showed half as much talent as this generational RB that would mean the Jets would be in a much better position than the team with this franchise RB.
  7. Edoga has the ability and measurables to play left tackle and he has played that position in college. Tyron Smith is an example of only playing right tackle at USC and a left tackle in the NFL.
  8. Lol guy trying to say we can trade up to #1 pick in the 2021 NFL draft to take Lawrence as if this was Madden. It's nice to know in your world drafting FQB are that easy.
  9. He’s a 6th round pick it’s most likely special teams player or he’s going to be cut.
  10. If drafting WR I’d rather take a risk on Jazz Ferguson than Harmon.
  11. Good trade we need to find more players that can contribute.
  12. Wow the Dolphins played that really well. They traded back, picked up another 2nd round pick next year, and got Rosen with that later pick as well as a 5th from the Cardinals.

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