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  1. Metha would be perfect for Fox News when the NY Daily News goes under.
  2. Cager is to Hill as Hill was to Calvin Johnson
  3. And he’s a box safety. What part of that don’t you understand?
  4. Yes because all free safeties are created the same
  5. Liking the report on Davis having elite range. Obvious need with our box safety.
  6. Well we should def stand firm on that offer of 7th round pick
  7. Fitzpatrick/Romo - Basically his floor is what it is right now where he gives you wow/wtf moments like Fitzpatrick and ceiling is Romo where he's a top 5 QB at his peak but will have his boneheaded moments that you scratch your head about.
  8. Yes let me mind my business on an open forum 🤔
  9. You got triggered by a joke maybe you should just sit down and take a breath.
  10. With the depth at WR in this draft we better be taking 2 in the first 3 rounds.

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