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  1. He’s regressing weekly and has fumbling issues and the pocket awareness of a boulder that no receiver can help.
  2. The jokes on you if you thought Maccagnan was using any of those 1st or 2nd round picks on OL that he traded away
  3. Well guess they got the memo that they’re suppose to be tanking
  4. The Bills FO also thought EJ Manual was a good QB
  5. The Cards should just run the ball every time against this Giants D
  6. I mean at this point it’s probably better to find a taker for Osemele with all the drama going on
  7. And similar to like Darnold and the hype he got after his Rose Bowl game performance his freshman year they're going to pick apart his game and really dive into his weaknesses. He's got a big arm but his decision making at times makes you question especially with the talent he has surrounding him.
  8. Rosen needs a career reset. Probably best for him to go to a contending team with an established QB and just sit a couple years.
  9. You don't think the Browns forums talk about Darnold? I guarantee if Darnold keeps playing you'll see a ton of his threads on their forums. Mayfield, Darnold, and Allen are going to be among topics of conversation on our boards moving forward.

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