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  1. Tee Higgins to me is the better fit on this Jets team. Big guy, great hands, and a huge catch radius. Someone that’s going do work on short and intermediate routes and go up and make the tough catches with a defender draped over him. He should be the guy to target if we wanted to go WR in the first round.
  2. Watching the Clemson highlights and Tee Higgins is really the perfect WR to go with Darnold. Big guy with great hands that can make tough catches.
  3. Matt Rhule is going to have his pick of jobs next year. We might have really goofed up on this.
  4. Did you actually watch the game and think Dak and their offensive looked impressive? He had 334 yards of basically meaningless yards but hey that looks real impressive on a stat sheet. There's a reason why he has all those passing yards and his team is below .500. As Aikman said stats mean nothing in a game like that.
  5. I mean if anything we should have traded our first this year for Amari Cooper if we were just going to use it on a DT.
  6. Darnold basically had a Dak game vs the Bengals dinking and dunking didn't have any ints. Is that really what you want to wish for? I rather Darnold bust completely or be an elite QB not someone that will be just slightly better than ok.
  7. https://elitesportsny.com/2019/12/03/new-york-jets-sam-darnold-given-no-chance-in-cincinnati-thanks-to-offensive-line/
  8. So you've basically made up your mind on Darnold and anything negative just supports your theory and anything good that he does is an aberration. I just find it odd when I read he doesn't elevate his supporting cast since in the games he's not played the Jets haven't won a game. He was throwing to players last year that aren't even in the league or active rosters this year and his #1 this year is easily a #2 at best or #3 on most teams and a TE that was a last min signing this year that got rewarded with a nice contract recently playing with Darnold. I get we're in a results driven society and the expectations is for him to be a practically flawless superstar in his second year at 22 yrs old since that is why people call him a bust after every interception or almost int. But the fact is some times it takes time to develop into a really good QB, Drew Brees would be a bust in everyone's eyes here after his 3rd year. Ultimately the Jets really need to establish some sort of a foundation within the organization since everything is so disjointed right now it's hard to thrive and have long term success under these circumstances.
  9. To me the biggest issue in the Bengals game was the idiotic penalties by the OL at crucial moments. You had 2 penalties that negated big plays and killed drives when we had a good opportunity to get points and 1 that resulted in a safety and short field for the Bengals where they ended up with FG. Those are momentum swinging plays that could have changed the outcome of the game.
  10. Just checking in to make sure it was one of you Darnold sucks crowd that even first mentioned him in this thread that was nothing about him
  11. Well one would be too many for you in any game.
  12. I don’t think 90% of this board is saying Darnold was good this game
  13. No one did enough to win but hey that’s not important to you

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