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  1. Darnold's main top 2 WRs targets this season are both 5'9" and could possibly work at Willy Wonkas and then he has a TE that couldn't catch a beach ball. No one is saying Darnold is playing well this season but to dismiss the weapons excuse when it's been a revolving door of garbage is half laughable.
  2. I would also be dejected playing for this franchise and fanbase
  3. I’m sure we all imagined the OL being adequate as well but we can all just hope
  4. Is McGovern even playing? He looks like Kalil out there.
  5. Just like Baker Mayfield and Daniel Jones? Why don't we wait for more than a few games and when defenses figure them out before you already write the book on their career.
  6. Wait we really trying to discount the Chargers weapons because of Tyrod Taylor and Phillip Rivers in 2019? This is beyond comedic considering Rivers threw for 4600 yards last year with the same weapons and Taylor is just garbage in general. No one is saying Baker Mayfield is a franchise QB because he outperformed Tyrod Taylor in 2018.
  7. LMAO this sounds like something that clueless fool Gettleman would say
  8. You already know once the Jets draft Lawrence it will guarantee Trey Lance will be the best QB from that draft.
  9. I really hope they trade Darnold soon. There’s zero benefit and growth he can have staying on this car wreck of a franchise.
  10. Darnold, his situation will be a course taught to all future GMs how to not catastrophically **** up in developing a franchise QB. I’m sure Lawrence will be in the same conversation on this forum 3 years from now.
  11. Build the team up for the next QB. This team has a ton of holes it doesn’t hurt to solidify the other positions especially since they look like a D3 college team out there every Sunday.
  12. They want to start tanking for Lawrence then trade Darnold. And honestly I think Darnold deserves better than what this team is doing so this would be beneficial to him as well.
  13. Robby also tweeted that the 4/40 was inaccurate so not sure why this is even being brought up.
  14. He look like how he’d look in this Raiders game all the time
  15. And what's the alternative had we not done the trade? Ya'll think Maccagnan was drafting Quenton Nelson lol? We would be watching Josh Rosen and have two 2nd round picks that either would have been cut or doing nothing.
  16. He should have been fired the day he traded Hopkins for the scraps he got in return.
  17. It's only fair we ruin him since Peyton recommended Gase
  18. He's a bust for the Jets since it's doubtful he'll finish his rookie contract here. Best for both parties to move on
  19. Hopefully Cager will get some opportunities. I think here's the type of WR that fits well with Darnold so interesting to see how much action he will get.

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