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  1. Justin Fields might be even better. Will possibly be an epic season of tankage for the 1st 2 picks
  2. This is a good fit for both parties since playing with Darnold has elevated his play and he's a good athletic target that makes plays and tough catches for Darnold.
  3. McLaurin could have been our Robbie replacement next year
  4. We should be popping champagne bottles for winning a PI challenge 😂😂
  5. It’s 3rd and 20 you punt it and let our D go dominate like they’ve been doing all game
  6. Some of the usual suspects here just can’t wait to jump in when Darnold makes a mistake
  7. Watching the Skins is like watching the Jets. Ton of dumb penalties negating good plays.
  8. We need someone on the OLine like Pouncey. That man has his QB's back
  9. Wth is Garrett thinking there? He might have early stages of CTE already
  10. Not going to comment on the emergency but telling someone you’re taking your wife out to lunch beforehand shouldn’t be too difficult. I give a heads up to my supervisor anytime something comes up so if I can do it I’m sure Quincy can too.
  11. Jeez you saw that list and thought volleyball was the worst one?
  12. Considering how our interior DLine did today it also shows what a misuse of draft capital it was in drafting DTs that high
  13. He’s basically Romo where he can make great improvisation type plays while also make some mind-numbingly dumb ones at crucial times. It’s still a question mark if he can cut that down but with good offensive players surrounding him that’s where I see his career heading down.
  14. We really need an infusion of talent on this team. Everything seems like a struggle
  15. You know who else played at LSU Jamarcus Russell. Look we can all play your idiotic game
  16. Lol one play is all it takes? Let him play with the Jets OLine for several games and repeatedly get hit and see how his play is after that.
  17. You live in Highland Park I live in South Pas I'll personally go over to where you are and smack the sh*t out of you for this utter stupidity
  18. And 2 years from now they'll need another new QB

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