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  1. Josh Allen is the same size as Jedaveon Clowney, with more short-area quickness. Let’s allow that to settle in.
  2. Ha! Maybe. If we could draft a dude who could pull those stats in one game we should trade up.
  3. Truth. He also had 3 picks last year (one for a TD) and 5 PDs to go along with his 5 TFL, and 74 combined tackles. This was out of 12 games.
  4. Heard. If I set the over/under line at 150 pages for AFTER the new unis are realeased, what do you take?
  5. Is BMW coming out with a new look, or are we just fluffin the thread?
  6. If we slide back one spot with the Raiders, get Rodney Hudson, our choice of Allen or Bosa...AND pick up their 2nd rounder.... I feel that’s the best case scenario.
  7. TheGoose

    Update on Justin Houston

    But the alternatives at this point are worse.
  8. Raiders are looking for linebacker help, and they have a Center they were supposedly shopping...
  9. I like the idea of having veteran depth. Better than youngn’s
  10. TheGoose

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Dude is ripped.
  11. You know, compared to the LBs being courted by the Raiders... Vonteze Burfect, Mante Te’o, and Aaron Lynch.... I wouldn’t be surprised if we pull off a trade with them, Darron Lee for Rodney Hudson, PFFs #4 Center, who they’ve been “shopping”. ...maybe swap #3 for #4, and toss in a 4th round pick to get their 2nd round pick?
  12. TheGoose

    Easton to Saints

    Rodney Hudson it is, then.
  13. Neither of the Chief’s second round picks are very desirable, #61 and #63... they’re practically third round picks. I’d imagine Macc has to match an offer from a late-picking team.
  14. TheGoose

    Free Agent Centers

    I’m hoping Bosa and Allen both slide to #3, and we swap out with Raiders, moving us to #4 in exchange for Hudson, leaving us ONE of the two premium pass-rushers. (Cause, p.s., I’m okay with either)

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