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  1. Kacy Rogers never talked to the press, and he SUCKED. I don’t just want to hear from Gregg, I want to hear from our ST’s coach, our Strength & Conditioning guy, the third-string ILB, and CJ’s favorite secretary.
  2. BT played 11 years, at a different position(OLB/DE), and only had 3 seasons where he had 3 or more sacks. Leo has played 4 years as a 3-4 DL, and has had 3 seasons with 3 or more sacks. I guess I’d have to say that “it hasn’t even been close” also.
  3. Apparently they’re still buds. In that Rangers pic the Beard is sitting two guys to his right.
  4. TheGoose

    OTA Thread

    Never in my days have I seen an OTA thread, so void of info & insight on the OTA itself.
  5. It would be great to get a guy in here who has a SB ring. Recently at that. Any and all disagreements with Gase would end with Joe tapping his ring.
  6. Wish I could buttfumble this twice. For knowingly making me scroll.
  7. “Gase hasn’t said anything...but it’s not hard to connect the dots” #thisisdotconnecting
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/17/rumors-fly-of-the-jets-pursuing-peyton-manning/ Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson wants a “great strategic thinker” to run the football operation. He needs someone who can work with coach Adam Gase. And at the intersection possibly resides one and only one name. Peyton Manning. Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities. And Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one of th
  9. Yeah, but it will be like a reeeally early 7th rounder, so there’s that.
  10. Will I get a promotion to management? I started my new job yesterday.
  11. This trade frees up $3.2M Hopefully this is precursor to trading for & signing a high priced Center.
  12. 69 is something teenagers dream about. Then they grow up and realize that multi-tasking is something nobody really does well.
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