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  1. Ok didn’t know about the bonus stuff payouts but still JD this needs to take drastic measures to improve and balance this pathetic roster and place emphasis on key positions such as WR, CB and OL. QW is a Leo clone. Move forward now before investing anymore in him. As for Adams, I’m sick of his schtick. He’s the best asset we got right now to improve the OL.
  2. I was strictly referring to clearing Bell’s salary. Cut Beach and Winters and that’s additional salary that can be used for better means.
  3. First hire a Pres of Operations to control EVERYTHING. Then....Fire Gase and everyone else and hire the best available HC and there should be some who'd be willing to work in NY with Sam since he's an attractive piece to have for an up and coming HC. Next.....Trades..... QW for a 1st, Adams for a 1st (if not more take the 1st, Bell for whatever you can get say a 3rd to clear his salary off the books. Right there you've got 3 # 1 picks to go along with the other picks to redo this pathetic roster. With the picks, you can get a #1 WR prospect, an edge, a RB and another OL and a CB with the first 5 picks. FA...sign 3 top OL and a #1 CB. We have a boatload of cash to use in FA.
  4. I guess we’ll be drafting defense with that first pick again 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Bell is an absolute waste in Gase’s system. Gase hates to feature the RB, let alone a premier one. To add injury to insult, this OL isn’t doing Bell any favors. It’s great he’s been an class act but he’d be better off elsewhere for himself and for the Jets. Even if if the OL is improved next year ( how could it not) Bell will be underutilized. What’s the point of paying him all that money to get a few measly touches a game. Get what you can for him, free up his salary and use it towards the OL and WR.
  6. We worked out a deal with the Giants and will foot the bill with chewy.com for cat food and cat treats.

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