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  1. There’s been a number of FQB’s that have never won a SB let alone even been to one. It takes more than eggs and milk to make a cake. I had Chinese food today - that was the fortune cookie 🥠
  2. That would be senseless since we're in prime position to take a QB prospect at #2. It's a calculated risk you have to take. Trading back this year, only to trade back up next year doesn't guarantee you will get as good a prospect as Fields.
  3. We're in no position to surrender our assets. We would truly be asses to do so.
  4. Its January 20th. April, draft day, not to far off. They don't have forever to make a decision as to whether they keep Darnold, trade him or go after Watson, or roll with Fields. Curious what everyone thinks will be the deadline regarding the QB position will be.
  5. I'm going with two #1's, a Sam Darnold and a 3rd Bob. Bob: By golly Wonderboy 'The price is right'.
  6. Does Watson currently have a no trade clause? That could work in our favor and bring the price down. If JD is seriously considering this, I'd hope he doesn't offer more than 2 1st rounders, plus lets say Darnold and another pick (2nd or 3rd).
  7. You should do this with every team trading with us at 2. It would keep you busy.
  8. From reading these posts, its hard to determine who is hated more, Belicheck or Brady. My distaste goes further with Belicheat since he screwed us royally.
  9. Texans>Jets but not by much last season AND that's with Watson a top 5 QB ooooohhhh wow. cant wait to get Watson and go 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 over next 3 years.
  10. Lucchesi was impressive in spring camp, allowing two runs over 11.2 innings with a 9/5 K/BB and just five hits allowed. As noted in his pre-season report he was statistically dominant in High-A and Double-A last year with excellent ratios across the board. He has a respectable fastball in the low-90s and both of his secondary pitches are very effective. There’s deception in his delivery and he has stood out since his college days for mound presence and pitchability.Lucchesi has no experience above Double-A but is close to being a finished product and I don’t think the earlier-than-expected promotion presents any undue development risk. About the only thing you can nitpick is an occasional command wobble but that’s certainly true for most 24-year olds. He’s often projected as a fourth starter but once Luchessi settles in he could exceed that expectation. Not getting my expectations hyped up. Its a shot in the dark.
  11. Our biggest hole is pretty much the entire roster. A top 5 QB named Watson is doing zilch with this roster which is even worse than the Texans roster. How'd they do this past season with their top 5 QB? Watson is very good. No doubt, no argument. BUT he's going to cost a fortune in picks. Slow and steady as she goes. In three years, JD will have this roster kicking ass.
  12. ok we'll see. If he bombs no great loss. Was hoping for a better option. Bauer seems like a pipe dream at this point.

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