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  1. This is obviously the condensed version.
  2. Wouldn’t we be stuck with sone portion of his contract for trading him? Where’s Sperm?
  3. Wonderboy

    Jerry Reese

    Or forward to the trade meetings in January 2020
  4. I wouldn't put it pass CJ and anyone who would is beyond moronic.
  5. Then we should bring Macc in for a farewell interview to satisfy that prerequisite.
  6. Wonderboy

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Send them all (Macc’s and Bowles picks) to Tampa for a lap dance 💃🏻
  7. He probably injured it making a smoothie and played it off like he hurt it in practice.
  8. Wonderboy

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Maynard was a stud. One of the best wr’s in football and was as feared as Bambi. Speed kills.
  9. Wonderboy

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    He’s in the HOF DUH
  10. Are those new uniforms to match our new looney toon uni’s?
  11. Leo has 17 sacks in 4 years (avg of 4 per year) with 7 in 2017 being his high. For argument sake, let’s say he gets 10 in 2019 and that’s generous considering he had only 5 last year. With 5 years into his career, somebody will give him a hefty contract, say 5 years 60 million. I just hope it won’t be us. Trade him now or let him walk and get a comp pick.
  12. He’s been the GM for a week and hasn’t addressed the OL. Unforgivable!!!!

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