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  1. Maye and Adams. The best of the worst wannabe should be tandem in NFL.
  2. Anybody see the Marvel NFL helmets? Just search on Google. Pretty cool stuff. Of course our Jets gave the lamest helmet design uggggh. Packers helmet is awesome.
  3. Leading with the safeties as your main strength is as preposterous as ranking the Jets at 31 overall. Darnold, not Adams, is the strength which this team will be led. I believe we are better than numerous teams like the Bucs, Dolphins, Bills, 49er’s, Bengals, Raiders, Cardinals, Giants, Lions, Broncos, Redskins, Titans. We’ve added some good offensive weapons, have a better HC and DC and Sam is going into his 2nd year. I’d rank us at 20.
  4. Smart move. Winters isn’t worth 7.5 M. Hopefully JD will get this line straightened out.
  5. I’d hold tight and not trade any picks away. I believe we have a nice amount of cash to spend next year in FA. Also, JD will have draft picks to improve the roster. And of course some contracts expire after this year freeing up more money. We’ll get to see soon how this staff plays out.
  6. Lets not take chances and be sure. Make it a burning lake of fire.
  7. Jamal’s right there above The Invisible Impact Man
  8. What if we cook frog legs at the next tailgate. 🐸 🧐
  9. I think he’s still running after Alex. 🏃🏻 🏃‍♀️
  10. Name 1 safety who made the pro bowl in his first 2 years that ONLY had 1 interception. I dare you! Oh wait Jamal 😂
  11. Minority Report couldn’t help Jamal make an interception

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