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  1. Haven’t you heard. Sam is the truth................the light and the way.
  2. These human joystick QB’s are great and entertaining for awhile until they get CLOBBERED. See RGIII. Murray, Jackson and even Allen are going to get clocked sooner or later running around and will never be the same. Sam stays in the pocket or rolls out and is selective when he runs. Burrow is similar. He is a pocket passer and not in the mold of these Mexican jumping bean QB’s. These guys just never have a long shelf life in the NFL. Even Vick, who was the best of these, had limited success. Trevor falls into this category. He runs way to much. No thank you. Stick with Sam. Keep improving the OL and WR positions. Go play video games if you want a Bobby Douglas clone.
  3. Just ridiculous to even entertain the idea of drafting Lawrence. This team has way to many needs besides drafting a rookie QB. Ain’t happening. JD spent a 4th on Morgan. He’d see if Morgan developed before moving on from Sam. I trust JD will strengthen this team through the draft and FA in the next 2 years. If Gase falls flat on his face, then he’ll get the right coach as well. This is not going to be an instant pancake mix solution. This year is rough. The injuries, the lack of time playing together, the lack of overall talent, the lack of cohesiveness on the OL, the crummy coaching. Patience boys and girls. Patience.
  4. They were all called up and then they were sent down and then they were all called up and then they were sent down and then they were all called up and then they were sent down
  5. Bowles would have punted. Gase would have gone for it ....ran it up the middle.
  6. Right. He’ll be re-activated only to be sent back down by Max an hour later to open up a spot for Senor Gato.
  7. I have a friend named Ira, he’s an old timer and I gotta tell ya, it’s a strange phenomenon- all Ira’s sound the same. 🙃

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