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  1. Isn’t Jamal’s middle name Dick?
  2. Look at the bright side. His trade stock just shot up through the roof!
  3. How can Namath not be on top of anyone’s list. Oh guess they weren’t born. Ok. Namath Martin Klecko Sauer Toon Crable Revis Mangold Chrebet Walker
  4. Wow didn’t know he was that old. And when did he last play? Hard hard pass. Not worth the risk unless he’s cut by Skins and can be signed for chump change/bonus incentive contract. No need to get desperate here. Our OL is a mess as is and there’s no need to be reaching for another Kahil here. If JD signs this guy and pays out the butt for him and he BOMBS, JD will look like a buffoon. As it was, the Kahil signing was a huge stain on his start as GM.
  5. OL. That is all. You want a WR, trade Adams, grab 2 OL in 1st round, then get a WR in round 2. There will be plenty available prospects.
  6. First, he’s not our best player. Second, he’s not even our 2nd best player. Third, he’s only regarded as ‘our best player’ because this entire roster sucks. And there’s alot more knocks I have regarding Jamal as a player, teammate, person but there’s not enough space on here to go into it. And a pox on you for questioning my allegiance to the Jets. I’ve been a Jets fan probably before you were a figment of imagination in your dad’s sperm bank.
  7. JD is not Macc. Let’s see what he can do before we project any future FA’s signed by JD are colossal mistakes. JD has one year to prove himself worthy of the GM position. Why one year? Because he”ll have to get this roster straightened out and filter all the nobodies Macc signed and drafted. Because he’ll have a good chunk of cash to sign FA’s and fill positions Macc continuously ignored. Because he’ll have some decent draft picks to acquire quality players in position of need. The list goes on. JD has his hands full. I’m not saying he needs to make the playoffs next year but this team better be more competitive and on the upswing. If it’s not, then he’ll be considered the 2nd coming of Macc.
  8. And a low life who tackles helpless mascots. How he came out of that unscathed is head scratching.
  9. I don’t think there’s much a fall off taking Beckton. If we can trade Jamal for a #1, we can then grab Jeudy or Lamb then go for Beckton or Blaise. Key is to get rid of Adams for that extra 1.
  10. One? We need to replace the ENTIRE line. All those guys are depth pieces that played on the OL this year. I’d keep Lewis and Harrison and be done with Winters, Shell and Beachum. We have to draft 2 OL and sign at least 3 OL. We just can’t put this group back on the field again.
  11. Byron Jones, Schreff, Conklin and Yannick. We got the cash. Get it done JD. Trade Adams for a #1 and #4. Draft Jeudy and Beckton or Blaise with the first round picks. We’d have our 2nd Rounder, 2 three’s and 2 Fours to fill things out.
  12. Of the 4 OL, Beckton would be left with Thomas, Willis and Wirfs going ahead as the top 3. So do we grab him at 11. Many feel that would be a reach. So If you had a choice of Jeudy or Beckton what do you do. The OL depth after those 5 falls significantly while the WR depth in the draft is through the roof. Beckton is a beast but needs to improve technique. I’d roll the dice with him and grab a WR in round 2. Or we could trade back, get a extra pick and take the Center from Wisconsin.
  13. If it falls like that, they have no choice unless you go with the C from Wisconsin in round 2 who I’m praying is there when they pick regardless of who they take in round 1. Wits or Willis and that C in round 2.
  14. That site SUCKS. Every time, the top 3 OT are taken. Every effen time. This better not happen.
  15. Lynch > >>>>> way way way better than Adams
  16. Joe Namath didn’t even throw a pass in 4th quarter in SB III. Remarkable.
  17. Oh you mean Jimmy G. The guy the Jets let slip right through their fingers. Only the Jets would let QB after QB after Qb go on to greatness with other teams. Watson, Mahomes, Garrapolo. Let me count the ways. Luckily we got Sam but the Jets should look in the mirror rather than laugh at the Pats for trading away JImmy G. It was the right move at the right time for both.

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