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  1. With the 149th pick in the 5th Round of the 2021 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals select Marquez "Speedy" Stevenson WR, Houston OTC @Matt39 On Deck @JiF
  2. so you dont like it? What would you come up with?
  3. JD is taking an OL with pick 23. Period. I've done 100 of these LOL Rarely taking an OL @ 23 but after considerable thought, I believe JD will stay true to himself and go with best OL prospect @ 23 and probably trade back OR up @ 34. Anyways, made a few trade backs, got a couple extra picks and this is what I came up with. Heavy focus on the OL early - just to much talent there to pass up at our weakest position. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 23. Alijah Vera-Tucker OG USC 34. Jaelan Phillips EDGE Miami (FL) 66. Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame 87. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan 107. Trill Williams CB Syracuse 146. Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn 147. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech 163. Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma State 195. Camryn Bynum CB California 244. McPhearson K
  4. Numerous mocks have the Pats taking him. They’ve spent a fortune in FA and their next moves will be to upgrade their WR’s. Can’t let this kid go to the Dark Side.
  5. Zach in the draft room right after the Jets take him with the #2 pick.
  6. Screw ‘em. Maybe 49ers were smiling when they traded down to 3 because they have already finagled a deal with Wilson’s family to refuse Twinkie playing for the Jets. FINE. Trade Twinkie to the 49’ers for #3 and Bosa. If they refuse, eff em.
  7. At pick 11 JD did NOT trade up or back. He took Mountain Man because this OL desperately needed a top prospect at LT. Again, we are fortunate to have an extra top pick in round 1 @ 23 and JD will AGAIN take the best OL - (Guard, since that's what we desperately need - or RT - if one falls that's to good to pass on - he can move Fant to Guard). So it's G or RT. The OL needs to be improved. At first, I was open to getting OL later in rounds 2-4 but JD is an ole OL guy and knows the importance of establishing a strong foundation there, especially with Twinkie taking over at QB. I also look for JD to grab another OL in round 3 or 4. So many good ones to be had. Look for JD to trade back @34. He's a riverboat gambler and will add a pick.
  8. Nice! We'd just have to score about 57 points a game since opposing QB's would throw for around 600 yards a game against us.
  9. I downvoted this just to experiment and quantify the theory.
  10. Hmmm. Can you please throw out some LB’s in the draft that Saleh will have JD looking at. And where in the draft would you think it’s appropriate to utilize the pick. Since we have Mosley, Do you think they’ll use a high pick on a LB? Thx
  11. The Freak. Dynamic. Game changer. Instantly improves the defense. He’s just one of those guys whose play is so intense, it raises everybody else’s passion. He is just too good to pass up if he’s there at 23.
  12. My doggie says ‘It’s a doggie dog world’
  13. With the 111th pick in Round 4 The Cincinnati Bengals select....... Elerson Smith, Northern Iowa, Edge @oatmeal OTC @JiF On Deck
  14. Never liked that guy. Who wears a helmet in their home?
  15. Yes he did and that was behind a crummy OL. And Adams had a 5.2 YPC average I believe. He's a dark horse that will surprise this coming year. And we just signed Coleman. And we have Perine as a backup. There's only so many RB's you can have. We are set this year. This is the least of our problems.
  16. 2,000 now that Gore is no More
  17. That’s not a prerequisite for be a Jets backup Qb - see Luke Falk
  18. Newsome can play in all different schemes. He's that good. And if they don't want a CB that high then I hope they take Zaven Collins. Kid is a FREAK.
  19. Good idea. And we can just send the offense out there to play defense because they'd probably be more effective.
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