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  1. JD is taking an OL with pick 23. Period. I've done 100 of these LOL Rarely taking an OL @ 23 but after considerable thought, I believe JD will stay true to himself and go with best OL prospect @ 23 and probably trade back OR up @ 34.   Anyways, made a few trade backs, got a couple extra picks and this is what I came up with. Heavy focus on the OL early - just to much talent there to pass up at our weakest position.

    2. Zach Wilson QB BYU

    23. Alijah Vera-Tucker OG USC

    34. Jaelan Phillips  EDGE Miami (FL)

    66. Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame
    87. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan

    107. Trill Williams CB Syracuse

    146. Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn

    147. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech

    163. Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma State

    195. Camryn Bynum CB California

    244. McPhearson K 

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  2. 1 hour ago, jetstream23 said:

    Yup, I think a trade back from EITHER 23 or 34 is likely.  After seeing JD in action for a couple years now it just seems like what he wants to do.  It'll obviously all come down to who is on the board in those spots.  If one of the Top 5 OLinemen is there at 23 I think he'll stick and pick, then trade down from 34.  If it's too much of a reach for OL at 23 because all of his targeted guys are gone then I think you're right, he'll trade back from 23 and grab some OLine later (but not much later).  Since the Jets don't have a need at LT it does seem like their options are pretty good for finding either a RT or OG later, even as late as 66.

    At pick 11 JD did NOT trade up or back. He took Mountain Man because this OL desperately needed a top prospect at LT. Again, we are fortunate to have an extra top pick in round 1 @ 23 and JD will AGAIN take the best OL - (Guard, since that's what we desperately need - or RT - if one falls that's to good to pass on - he can move Fant to Guard). So it's G or RT. The OL needs to be improved. At first, I was open to getting OL later in rounds 2-4 but JD is an ole OL guy and knows the importance of establishing a strong foundation there, especially with Twinkie taking over at QB.  I also look for JD to grab another OL in round 3 or 4.  So many good ones to be had.  Look for JD to trade back @34.  He's a riverboat gambler and will add a pick.  


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  3. 13 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    2 - qb zach wilson

    23 - OT tevin jenkins

    34 - wr terrence marshall

    66 - rb kenneth gainwell

    86 - te tommy tremble

    Nice! We'd just have to score about 57 points a game since opposing QB's would throw for around 600 yards a game against us.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

    See, the bold is part of the problem. When downvoted, some people feel the need to go downvote back in retaliation, which leads to neg bombs, which leads to more b*tching and fighting, which leads to Max having to post more threads like this. I swear, he created more threads like this last year than the total amount of TDs Darnold threw. That's the type of behavior that's childish. There's nothing wrong with downvoting itself, it's the people who abuse the system. If someone downvotes a post, just accept that they didn't like your post and move the f on.

    I downvoted this just to experiment and quantify the theory. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

    I come here to provide entertainment and to be entertained it's usually pretty good.

    Honestly if people are such losers that they actually have to get in arguments on a football message board they should find some bigger fish to fry.

    I come here to have good conversation and good laughs and there are so many people on this board who I've never met in person and don't know their real names but they Enlighten my day all the time.

    What was that line from that Batman movie.... some men just want to watch the world burn?

     It's always a good thing here, let's just keep it that way.

    Live Long and Prosper


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  6. On 4/11/2021 at 4:14 PM, clayton163v said:

    Collins projects as a Rush outside linebacker for a 3-4.  Playing stand up on the weak side ala Lawrence Taylor.  In the Saleh defense, he would have to play defensive end.  A position for which his skill set is not a good fit.  While he runs well, he is too big for a 4-3 linebacker.  Even on the strong side.

    Do not get me wrong.  I like the player a lot.  But we no longer play that defense.

    Hmmm. Can you please throw out some LB’s in the draft that Saleh will have JD looking at. And where in the draft would you think it’s appropriate to utilize the pick. Since we have Mosley, Do you think they’ll use a high pick on a LB?  Thx

  7. On 4/11/2021 at 4:01 PM, peebag said:

    If you haven't seen any highlights of Zaven Collins, you need to educate yourself.

    The Freak. Dynamic. Game changer. Instantly improves the defense. He’s just one of those guys whose play is so intense, it raises everybody else’s passion. He is just too good to pass up if he’s there at 23. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

    Yeah yeah I know it's Pats news but the guy was a pretty damned decent adversary for a decade. No way you can't respect his little bearded tough ass.

    Morso and on a side note I worked in the same industry for 22 years till I got rear-ended when I was sitting still. Obviously injured I was released from the company six months later to the day. That's not easy s*** for any man to choke down.


    My doggie says ‘It’s a doggie dog world’ 🐶 

  9. On 4/10/2021 at 9:17 AM, Jet Nut said:

    I think thats wrong.

    Didnt Johnson go over 100 this year?

    But still, yes the rush attack has been non existent 

    Yes he did and that was behind a crummy OL. And Adams had a 5.2 YPC average I believe. He's a dark horse that will surprise this coming year.  And we just signed Coleman. And we have Perine as a backup. There's only so many RB's you can have. We are set this year.  This is the least of our problems. 

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  10. On 4/9/2021 at 5:15 PM, slats said:

    This system makes stars out of nobodies. Watch Ty Johnson rush for 1000 this season. It’s both crazy and well within the realm of possibility. 

    2,000 now that Gore is no More

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  11. 7 hours ago, choon328 said:

    This is a zone based coverage scheme on defense so a premier CB is not necessary. The most important aspects of this defense is having a strong pass rush from your front 4 and Lbers that can play off the ball in space. Gone are the days of man cover guys for this team. 

    Newsome can play in all different schemes. He's that good. And if they don't want a CB that high then I hope they take Zaven Collins.  Kid is a FREAK.

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  12. 17 hours ago, Barton said:

    Are some of you guys crazy? We just watched Darnold fail partly because he lacked protection AND weapons......and you want to use a 1st rd pick on a corner?

    How about this? All offense the first 3 rds. 

    Good idea. And we can just send the offense out there to play defense because they'd probably be more effective.

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