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  1. so whats Thuney worth? Zeitler approx 7.3 per year. Is he worth twice as much 15M per 4 years, 40 M guaranteed?
  2. Golladay, Thuney, Lawson, K'wan and trade for Lattimore. Draft #2 Wilson QB, because they will, #23 Edge Paye, #34 LB Collins Thats a good start to rebuild this roster
  3. 6. Justin Fields QB OSU 23.Kwity Paye EDGE Michigan 34.Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 41.Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 66. Elijah Moore WR Mississippi 84.Tyson Campbell CB Georgia 86.Spencer Brown OT Northern Iowa 107.Ihmir Smith-Marsette WR Iowa 112.Trey Sermon RB Ohio State 146.Michael Menet OC Penn State 154.Tre McKitty TE Georgia 185.Damar Hamlin S Pitt 249.Evan McPherson K Florida 2022 IND 2nd 2022 PHI 2nd
  4. Jones just resigned with Packers. Dolphins will make a splash. Get it? Splash
  5. Samuel and either JuJu, Golladay or Fuller. We desperately need another 2 WR's. We can get another TE later in the draft to replace Griffin and go with Herndon who had a decent rebound this past year.
  6. Watson could stick it to the Texans if they don't trade him and opt out though Covid protocols. Sitting out because of management issues just doesn't sit well. Best to trade him. Favorites are the Fins IMO. 3, 18, Tua + couple other picks/players. Thats a haul. Dolphins are not shy making big trades and they are further along in their rebuild than we are.
  7. Wilson scares me. And I'm not talking about his basketball shaped head. He looks like Gumby and hasn't played against ANYONE. Can you imagine the nubers Fields would put up against the level of competition Wilson played against. If we can pull a trade off with Cincy, that's a difference of 900 points. 2600 to 1700. Their 2nd rounder is worth 520. Still 400 points short. So any ideas? 2nd rounder this year and 2022? or have them throw in a player? Really would prefer going with Fields. Wilson has been talked up so much its a guarantee he will go #2 to someone.
  8. Right so Trade Back with Cincy and take Fields or Lance. One of them will be there at 5,maybe even Wilson, and we'll get a nice pick from Cincy. They wont hesitate to trade for Sewell.
  9. Was feeling JD just lacks insight on talent but it's apparent this is a logical reason JD is forced to just fill in the gaps with low tier players. It will be awhile for JD to develop this team through the draft before it becomes competitive and attracts top talent.
  10. Just listened to Texans Culley on NFL Network regarding the Texans. He made it 1001% CRYSTAL CLEAR that Watson is not in their plans. A 3 year old would be able to read through this moron's anal diatribe. He continuously blabbed about "moving forward, moving forward, moving forward'. Just listen to it and hit fast foward. OMG what a DOPE. No wonder Watson has INSISTED he will never play again for Texans. Now the question is: To WHO and for How Much?
  11. Exactly. All three have varying strengths and flaws. And all three are strangely unique. It's hard to compare one against the other and find prototypical traits. Each one is really a distinct talent. I'd be happy with either of the three. Thus, I wouldn't hesitate and trade back - not to far as to miss out on one of them.
  12. Chris Simms claim to fame : being the son of Phil Simms.
  13. Thought so. In that case, my idea has merit!
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