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  1. He knows he needs a QB next year. He will draft a QB this year, Lance or Jones or some other QB and have him sit under Cam. Not rocket science.
  2. Trent Dildo. Keep Darnold LOL. Worst QB to win a SB. Best QB in handing ball off in SB.
  3. So stay at 2. Wilson turns out to be a bust. Becton's shelf life could becomes a major issue due to his weight. There's a reason he wasn't taken top 5. Not sold on Becton. Not sold on Wilson Fields or Lance. They are all CRAP Shoots. Sewell was the Outland trophy winner at age 20. Remarkable. He'd be a definite upgrade to Becton. And you're not moving DOWN 3 spots. DUH. You take Sewell at #2 and trade Becton, who was a #11 pick, to Cincy for their #5 and another pick. Thats a jump from 11 to 5 which is equivalent to 900 points.
  4. I see you were saving this for the right moment
  5. Ok so by that logic we already have our QB in Darnold.
  6. Fields Wilson Lance. No one knows which will be viable NFL QB's. Its a total crap shoot between these 3. Darnold was taken 3rd and was considered a cant miss QB. LOL. Sewell is an absolute BEAST. The more I think of these QB's, the more they scare the living daylights out of me. Fields - cant process through progressions. Wilson - has the body of Gumby. Lance - raw as an oyster. I'd trade back and take Lance and let him sit a couple years. He's by far the best athlete amongst the 3.
  7. How about you try and think outside the box. Becton was a #11 pick. Very good but you have a chance to upgrade to a generational LT AND still get a QB and a pick. Becton just scares me. He's injury prone and his weight will ultimately be an issue.
  8. Are you the guy who predicted Mahomes would be a Superstar?
  9. You have to look at Sewell. He's considered the best LT to come out in years. Cincy would jump all over him at #2 as would Miami. The trade would really be Becton for Cincy's #5 and a 3rd. You're looking at it like we are losing our #2. Becton was taken at #11. Sewell will go top 5. What's the point value between 11 and 5? Its 900 or which equates to a mid 1st round pick. In other words, to move up from 11 to 5 you'd have to surrender a mid 1st round pick. Essentially you're switching a better prospect out for the other and I'm sure they'd be able to add a pick or two to the deal. As for the QB's in this draft, there is no sure thing. And you'd still have the #5 to take one of Fields, Wilson, Lance. They all seem to be pretty much on the same plane, young, raw, unproven. Of course Cincy would have to first trade for Becton first before the draft.
  10. Take Sewell at #2, trade Becton to Cincy for their #5 and a 3rd rounder. You've just upgraded the LT position with the best LT prospect in ages and traded the value of a #11 pick for the value of a #5 pick. They would bite like a shark at the beach. They are desperate for a LT. Take whatever QB is there at #5 or trade back and get more picks. If JD is not absolutely sold on a QB in this draft then just add playmakers. Sooner or later we have to luck out on a QB. Herbert, Mahomes, Watson, Rodgers, Brady, etc etc etc were not top 5 picks. Our roster STINKS and I'm not a big fan of how JD has brought in FA's. He seems to be better at drafting. But it's still early in his GM role so hopefully he hits pay dirt this year.
  11. Attention Walmart shoppers. Low tier FA's available in the toilet aisle.
  12. Periman, Fant, McGovern, Van Roten, Flacco, Gore, Davis, Mann, Mims, Becton 2-14 Woop De Do JD better ace this FA and draft. Or else.
  13. Many writers have WR Fuller signing with Jets. He's just a walking injury. HARD PASS. I'd rather just draft a rookie high in draft. No one wants to come here. If we get Watson then I can see something breaking our way in FA but that trade would have to happen sooner than later.
  14. Let the trades begin! @kdels62 I'll give you my Sam Darnold Bobblehead for the Jets pick.
  15. If they could pull that off now way I'm taking a RT. There's plenty quality OL in round 3 that will be there. I'd trade back and get more picks and take Best EDGE on board in 1st round. Was reading up on prospective FA's and their landing spots. They have Jets signing Trey Hendrickson and everyone else signs elsewhere
  16. 4-8 range? And who's the Seahawk backup that would be next in line? HAHAHAHHAHA Geno Weeeno Smith HAHAHAHHA More like 1-4 range.
  17. WFT Bengals Steelers Titans Ravens - in order of availability thanks
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