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  1. Yes CB. Reasons are numerous. JD spent bucks on a WR Davis and Cole and we have Mims and Crowder, if we keep him. We are set this year with that group as our go to guys. He'll hopefully pick up a joystick WR later in the draft like Eskridge. JD signed Lawson to big bucks so we finally have a 'premier' edge. That's another position we can wait on after in the draft - round 4 Sleeper (Elerson Smith). Our weakest position is at CB. Surtain, Farley and Horn will likely be gone leaving Newsome as the next best CB and he should be there @ 23 but more than likely will be gone by 34. After Newman, the CB's fall into the 2nd tier. We can afford to wait until 34 for an OLineman. The draft is stupid deep at the OL position with excellent Guards, Centers and Tackles, OH MY! JD could even trade back @ 34 and get an extra pick and still get quality OLinemen in this draft. Did a PFN mock with 1 trade back in late round Qb Zach, CB Newsome, LB Collins, RT Spenser Brown, Edge Elerson Smith, WR Stevenson, RB Hubbard, C Trey Hill, Barnes LB,
  2. And why is that? Do we have a shut down CB? No. Tanny traded up to get Revis. How did that work out? Would love to get a CB @ 23. By 34, the premier CB's will be gone which is why JD needs to pounce on one @ 23. Plenty of good OL in this draft. @ 34, JD will have a number of quality OL (G, C, T) to choose from. He could even trade back @34 for an extra pick and still pluck a couple excellent OLinemen and an edge with their following three picks.
  3. No way that's enough. They'd have to add a 3rd rounder to get that done.
  4. Our OL SUCKS. I get what Sperm has been saying about taking two OL too early. But there is just no reason not to focus on getting at least 2 quality OL @ picks 23/34/66/86 that could be plugged in in a year or two. McGovern and Fant's contract are up soon and both those positions could be upgraded. Our guards, Lewis and GVR, are JAGS. We need two guards, a center and a tackle. That's all. A couple here and a couple there, a FA here and a FA there. There's no rush here.
  5. Yea you're right. He might just do that. I hope he doesn't mess with 23 and 34 though. We can get 2 prime players at positions of need without bouncing around. I would think next year he'd have more flexibility to wheel and deal. Regardless, we are in a good position to turn this roster around over the next couple years.
  6. JD is NOT trading up. Who do you think we are? The Chiefs? Trading back? Possibly.
  7. JetNation Forum for $100 He's the all time ****OFFICIAL THREAD LEADER****
  8. This happens all the time in the NBA. A team picks a player in the draft, another team covets that player and trades for him and strikes a deal.
  9. With the 69th pick in the 3rd Round of the 2021 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals select Spencer Brown OT, Northern Iowa @Matt39 OTC @section314 OD
  10. Neither does anyone else. JD must owe this guy cash or something.
  11. After its all said and done, Jimmy G will be a Patriot again.
  12. Dwayne Eskridge is a guy I’d look to fill that joystick WR role. Explosive, fast, good hands. Round 4. JD will be true to himself and fill the 2 most important positions of need @ 23 and 34 OL and CB.
  13. Gase went 7-9 before ultimately sinking. That 7-9 season was a total illusion. They stunk big time. Easy schedule and really didn’t play. My hope is they show progress in their overall competitiveness. Last year the Chargers lost several games by a few points. Their offense rocked under Herbert. That’s what I’m hoping for. An offense that can score points and a team that plays hard and is no pushover. Wins in time will come. Good teams find a way to win.
  14. Not so fast. Send @joewilly12 in to measure cookiemonsta's hands. He's an expert in these matters.
  15. Chad Pennington? How can you not have a 75% accuracy throwing 5 yards passes.
  16. It's a great year to stock up on OL in this draft. JD will grab a top prospect on the OL at one of the spots 23/34. Of course, he will probably trade back somewhere since he loves accumulating picks. My guess is he takes an OL @ 23 and trades back @ 34. A plug and play Guard is probably JD's target @ 23. Fant will hold the fort at RT as will McGovern until next year so it's a luxury to draft a RT and C as well to groom for 2022/2023. There's just an embarrassment of riches there for the pickings to ignore it. I see guys in round 3-5 talentwise that would go higher in other drafts. In fact, I could pick 4 players for the OL in this draft that could probably start or be backups in a year or two. Not that they would start 3-4 rookies, but the opportunity to groom a couple rookies and develop some depth would be a big step in improving this putrid line.
  17. Stokes was going to be my 3rd round pick. Kid is a playa. Great pick.
  18. Oh man. This is just NEVER going to end. Watson scrambles out the pocket....he’s hit, fumbles. Add line.....
  19. Shaking the Twinkie 21 times is the limit. 22 times and you’re asking for trouble.
  20. I’d tell a story that’s analogous to this but this forum is rated G.
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