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  1. Hewitt has outperformed Lee easily. Outstanding post!
  2. Awwwwww poor Lil Lee. If he played the way he was hyped to we wouldnt have to rip him apart. Take no prisoners.
  3. Now sign McCown for 10 bucks as the QB coach. He owes us.
  4. Anybody have cyanide here. Just asking.
  5. Kraft will probably cash in on all this by being the next Viagra spokesman.
  6. Or he could fill in as the practice QB dummy for scheming defensive blitzes.
  7. Love the idea of Trevor backing up Sam. Kids got that swing, has starting experience and is young. Perfect compliment to Slingin Sammy.
  8. Free tickets to Jet game of your choice for Post of the week.
  9. A psychiatrist could be quite beneficial to his entitled personality.
  10. Lol ok youngster born in the USA and witnessed the only Jets SB. So much for your histrionics Canuck.
  11. Nah he only drafts scrubs. Don’t lose hope, he may draft your heroes from the CFL.
  12. I’d settle for 1 high draft pick made by Macc to make it. And don’t even try including Darnold into this conversation who was sent by God to us. Out of the countless picks made by Macc, Herndon has only emerged. Macc’s draft record rivals Idzik. Quail or Quavle whatever, and Tomlinson did absolutely nothing and do nothing to make this team better. Joke’s on you.
  13. And his hands out his ass. Crowded in there.
  14. J A G S jags jags Jags. Both these guys SUCK. That's how.
  15. I wouldn't doubt Rosen is traded. He was horrible last year and showed his true whining colors. Murray is perfect For KK's offense. Just don't see him passing Murray up. Rosen could easily be traded as many teams still lack a QB. Cards would obviously lose value in the deal but selecting Murray more than makes up for it. They'd get the #1 pick in Murray and probably get a top 20 pick for Rosen. No brainer.
  16. If they cut Lee they face a possible lawsuit from Toys R Us. Could negatively impact ticket sales!
  17. We’d probably have to throw in a few pounds of weed to consummate the deal.
  18. Ed Podolak, #14 true heart https://youtu.be/MHjL8jy7-Kc
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