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  1. Numerous players I’d be happy with in a trade down: Metcalf, Sweat, Williams. Would be thrilled with 2 extra 2nd rounders and one of these three.
  2. Daron Lee and a 5th for AJ Green. DOI T!
  3. Haven’t had fun as a Jets fan since Testerverde tore his achilles But onion rings help.
  4. Lol onion rings please. Is it out of the question? I mean the trade and picks? Oh Macc! Yea I guess so.
  5. Trade back. Get a couple 2’s at least and take Montez Sweat. Then Center and Tackle with the two 2’s. With the other two 3’s, get a G and CB. That’s 5 primary positions that must be addressed with elite to very good prospects.
  6. Bring back Hack. At least he looked industrious on the bench.
  7. Substance abuse? He’s so small he probably gets blitzed on a puff of weed.
  8. Why not. He’s abused the fan base for 4 years with his dumb draft picks.
  9. Definitely should have taken a center over the course of the last two years. He’s been a horrible draft GM which causes one to pause that he’ll fix this OL through the draft. It’s just not his forte. Coffee ️ YES- evaluating draft picks NO!
  10. Good approach you make. But the problem is we have a young QB that needs to be protected NOW not in 2-3 years. It has to be a combination of FA, draft picks and possible trades to upgrade this hole in the wall OL. So far Macc’s made 1 move. Crossing my fingers and toes he sees the light.
  11. Love the guys name. Mark Barron. Sledgehammer like. Jamal Adams. Sounds like some southern pancake mix.
  12. https://www.kentucky.com/sports/college/kentucky-sports/uk-football/article160685344.html
  13. Wasn’t this guy a really good prospect? What’s his injury status? Where’s he at on the road to recovery? He went UDFA because of injury concerns. Was tabbed as a 3rd/4th rounder. If you can play, you can play! Definitely an intriguing option.
  14. Absolutely. Sam was constantly under duress. His development early in the year was totally hindered by our pathetic OL. Sam adjusted mid season but was still constantly running for his life and dealing with way too much pressure. Macc has made some nice moves this FA period but he has to upgrade this band of bozos. The OL is probably the hardest group to upgrade, especially if they all stink. 5 players, practically half your offense and we need a good blocking TE, that’s 6. So far he’s gotten 1. These guys are hard to replace due to numerous factors (dead cap money, finding a better player, cost, risk vs. reward, etc.) Regardless, Macc has to build a fortress around Sam this year and next.
  15. Yes we should trade Lee. At the least we can get an 8th and 9th rounder for him.
  16. Who’s Skrine? Do you mean Scrub?
  17. Johnny we’re sorry won’t ya come on home. RIP
  18. I’m a newbie too. Klecko75 did you read the fine print before signing up? You’re responsible for ALL the food for JetNation’s Opening Day Tailgate. 🌶 some suggestions WELCOME
  19. No Knicks. I’m a big Knicks fan. Although I haven’t watched a game since Ewing retired. There’s only so much torture I can take. I mean there’s only 16 football games and psychotropics are expensive.
  20. We signed Eric Berry? You go Macc!
  21. Only the Semen Master can get away with that statement.
  22. He’s busy spending all that gap he just signed for. He ain’t no dummy.
  23. Yes he can throw the deep 5 yard bomb accurately.
  24. You know he gets his wardrobe free. Who would buy that stuff, wear it once and toss it. P Diddy will take Jamal under his wing and start a clothing line. It’s inevitable.
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